Checkout The Pet Simulator X Codes Guide | Free Diamonds & Coin Boosts

Checkout The Pet Simulator X Codes Guide | Free Diamonds & Coin Boosts

Are you also looking for pet simulator x codes? Creating a collection of feathery and furry companions, then developing them to be big and strong, is the main objective of this well-known companion-collecting game. Pet simulator x codes begin with you purchasing eggs and raising them until they hatch, just like Adopt Me! or any of the other well-known pet Roblox games.

When they do, you can exchange them with other players or even combine them to make new ones. However, it will cost you money to purchase fresh eggs and maintain a steady supply of animals. In the roblox game pet simulator x, you can gather cash and diamonds to purchase eggs that will eventually give birth to a variety of cute and occasionally harmful pets.

Without a wallet full of gold, some of these monsters can be challenging to acquire. That’s where we come in. You may quickly accumulate more diamonds than you can hold and a wide variety of adorable creatures with the aid of our pet simulator x codes.

Make sure to bookmark this page and return later because we often update this list with the most recent freebies. To save you from wasting your time with expired codes, we will also erase them along the route.


Here’s The List Of The Pet Simulator X Codes

 The Pet Simulator X Codes Guide

The most well-known and most recent game in the Pet Simulator series is Pet Simulator X. This particular rendition of this popular Roblox game has a lot more pets and in-game stuff than the previous one did.

You can gather and hatch legendary pet eggs while playing, such as dragon and unicorn eggs. Along with collecting eggs, you go to various locations and find floating islands. As you go, you encounter new people with whom you can trade pets and eggs.


Active/Working Pet Simulator X Codes

Check back later as there aren’t any Pet Simulator X codes active right now.


Expired/Not Working Pet Simulator X Codes

  • 404Roblox – Eight triple coin boosts
  • tonsofcoins – Three triple coin boosts
  • 1mplus300k – Two ultra lucky boosts
  • yaydiamonds2 – 50k diamonds
  • 1billion – Five triple count boosts
  • happyholidays – Three triple coin boosts
  • its1million – 100k diamonds
  • santapaws – Four Triple damage boosts
  • bandsundrbidn – 30k diamonds
  • im2lucky – Three ultra luck boosts
  • 1Mfollowers – Five triple coin boosts
  • happysaturday11 – Three triple coin boosts
  • VoiceChat – Triple coins boost
  • steampunkpets – Triple coin boost
  • 700kDiamonds – 25k diamonds
  • alienpets  Two ultra lucky boosts
  • yaydiamonds – 50k diamonds
  • xmas – Four Triple damage boosts
  • pumpkin333 – Free diamonds
  • Underworld – Free diamonds
  • halfamillion – Free diamonds
  • big1234 – Triple coin boost
  • sorry4thewait – Triple coins boost
  • triple800 – Triple coin boost
  • easyboosts – Triple coin boost
  • Back2Back – Free diamonds
  • SuperUltra1 – Ultra lucky boost
  • morecoins4u – Two triple coin boosts
  • anothertriple – Triple coin boost
  • Clouds – Boost
  • plaid1234 – Triple coin boost
  • morecodes3 – Ultra lucky boost
  • FreeDiamonds0
  • Ultra225k
  • EzDiamonds150k
  • Release
  • blamedavid – Triple coin boost
  • FirstUpdate – Boost
  • TripleCoins999 – Triple coin boost
  • Triple275k
  • Triple80k
  • MoreCoins180k
  • Lucky50k
  • Easy125k
  • Super25k

 The Pet Simulator X Codes Guide


Q1. What are the pet simulator x codes?

Pet owners utilize the pet simulator x codes to provide other players in the game access to the data about their pets. Using the pet simulator X codes, pet owners can provide other pet owners access to their pet’s data. Pet Simulator X Codes are very easy to utilize.


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All pet owners need to do is hand over the pet simulator X codes to other pet owners. The details of the pet owner who is sharing the pet simulator x codes will immediately be available to the pet owner who receives them.

Q2. How can we find more pet simulator x codes?

The official Pet Simulator X Twitter, Discord, and YouTube channels are the finest resources for additional codes. These are the finest places to find freebies as soon as they arrive in addition to being a wonderful method to remain current with the game.

Q3. What are the pet simulator x merch codes?

Before they run out, grab your Pet Simulator X merchandise codes. Do you know what Pet Simulator X Merch Codes are? By purchasing the limited edition Cat Plush toy from the Big Games Shop, you can get Pet Simulator X Merch Codes.

Due to its limited availability and great demand, the Cat plush toy may run out of stock soon. To obtain Pet Simulator X Merch Codes, take your plush cat from Big Games Shop.

Q4. Are there any active pet simulator x merch codes?

Active pet simulator x merch codes-

  • xmas – 5,000,000 Gingerbread
  • happyholidays – 3 Triple Coin Boosts
  • santapaws – 3 Triple Coins Boosts
  • 1Mfollowers – 5 Triple Coin Boosts
  • tonsofcoins – 3 Triple Coin Boosts


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Expired pet simulator x merch codes-

  • Release – 1,000 Diamonds
  • Lucky50k – Super Lucky Boost
  • DiscordDiamonds – 10,000 Diamonds
  • Easy125k – Super Lucky Boost
  • Super25k – 5,000 Diamonds
  • MoreCoins180k – Triple Coin Boost
  • Triple80k – Triple Coin Boost
  • EzDiamonds150k – 10,000 Diamonds
  • SuperUltra1 – Ultra Lucky Boost
  • Ultra225k – Ultra Lucky Boost
  • Back2Back – 8,000 Diamonds
  • FreeDiamonds0 – 5,000 Diamonds
  • morecodes3 – Ultra Lucky Boost
  • blamedavid – Triple Coin Boost
  • Underworld – 13,000 Diamonds
  • big1234 – Triple Coin Boost
  • TripleCoins999 – Triple Coin Boost
  • Clouds – 2 Triple Coin Boosts
  • morecoins4u – 2 Triple Coin Boosts
  • plaid1234 – Triple Coin Boost
  • halfamillion – 10,000 Diamonds
  • steampunkpets – 25,000 Diamonds
  • anothertriple – 2 Triple Coin Boosts
  • 700kDiamonds – 25,000 Diamonds
  • halfamillion – 3 Triple Damage Boosts
  • easyboosts – Triple Coin Boost
  • Triple800 – Triple Coin Boost
  • VoiceChat – 2 Triple Coin Boosts
  • sorry4thewait – Triple Coin Boost
  • pumpkin333 – 20,000 Diamonds
  • its1million – 100,000 Diamonds
  • bandsundrbidn – 30,000 Diamonds
  • yaydiamonds2 – 50,000 Diamonds
  • happysaturday11 – 3 Triple Coin Boosts
  • alienpets – 2 Ultra Lucky Boosts
  • im2lucky – 3 Ultra Lucky Boosts
  • 1billion – 5 Triple Coin Boosts
  • 1mplus300k – 2 Ultra Lucky Boosts



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