Exact Password Requirements to Create Facebook Account (2022) | Step By Step

Exact Password Requirements to Create Facebook Account (2022) | Step By Step

Password Requirements to Create Facebook Account. Facebook is one of the most used social media apps with over billions of downloads on Google Play. The social media app is used by almost every other person across the world. Every day several people join Facebook and get started with their Facebook journey online. With that number of profiles are made or in other words number of people sign up on Facebook by creating a brand new account. With that Facebook lays down a number of requirements it needs to officially sign you up on the social media network. There are only a few simple requirements to sign up for a Facebook account few of which are password requirements. From this, the question arises what are the password requirements to sign up for a Facebook account?. In order to create a Facebook account, you need to have a password for its safety and it is kept mandatory by Facebook, one cannot log into his/her Facebook account if they do not know or remember his/her passwords.

Facebook asks its users to have a unique password with numbers and symbols to ensure the utmost safety of their accounts. There are a few simple password requirements and other requirements asked by Facebook in order to create an account on Facebook and this article will put some light on it. So, without any further ado Let’s get started.

Here Are The Password Requirements to Create Facebook Account (2022)

Just like any other social media platform, even a Facebook account requires a password in order to protect your Facebook account and keep it secure and it applies to business accounts and pages as well. Every Facebook password should be unique to your Facebook account and should be difficult to guess if someone other than you wants to barge into your account. And why it is important? Because your Facebook account Includes your valuable information such as your chats, your personal details your favorite film, etc. So it is considered important to have a strong Facebook password in order to protect your privacy. And Facebook as a company largely focuses on its user’s privacy it has laid down a few password requirements you need to fulfill in order to create a strong password and create an account. Some of which are:

Password Requirements to Create Facebook AccounT

1. The password must be at least six characters

Your password should include at least six characters or more than that. Facebook doesn’t allow you to have a password with less than 6 words.

2. Your password should be a mix of uppercase and lowercase characters

By this Facebook means that it is mandatory for you to include A mix of capital letters and small letters for example instead of ‘miracle’ it should be or you can write it as ‘MiRaclE’. Notice the inclusion of capital letters in the password, this will in turn make your password more strong.

3. Your password should include numbers and punctuation

By this, we mean that it is mandatory to have a password with a mixture of Numbers (123..) as well as punctuation or symbols ($@#!?..). This will make it even harder for the invader to guess your password and will fail to barge into your Facebook account.

4. Your password should not be your email address, phone number, or date of birth

Facebook has also given tips in order to create a strong Facebook password and one of which is your password should not match with your email address or your phone number or your DOB (Date of birth). The reason being it is very easy for anyone to guess your password through these public references.

5. Your Facebook password should be different from your other account passwords

Facebook recommends that your Facebook password should not match with your other account passwords for example your email or your bank account. Why? Because God forbid if someone was able to crack open one of your accounts on other apps there are more chances they’ll be able to open your Facebook account as well. These are the password requirements given by Facebook in order to create a  password for a Facebook account.

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Other Requirements Are Given By Facebook To Create A Facebook Account

  • You must be 13 years old

In order to create a Facebook account, you must be 13+ which means you cannot make or sign up for a Facebook account if your age is less than 13 years.

  • Name Requirement

Facebook really does not enjoy giving made-up user names to their users just like many other online services. Facebook wants you to use your real name while making your Facebook account, it is also urged Facebook to add your full legal name but is not necessary. There are instances that users do use false names but Facebook does have a strict policy in such cases. Facebook uses a variety of techniques to detect false names and routinely purges these accounts.

  • Confirmed Email or phone number

Facebook’s most important requirement is adding your correct email in order to link it with your Facebook account. It gives out a time period of three days in order to confirm your account by your email ID. Other than that adding your phone number in order to verify your identity is also important to create a Facebook account. The phone number must be valid and actively used by you in order to get instant updates and messages.

  • Valid DOB

Facebook asks its users to add a valid and correct date of birth so that it can verify the top criteria of only allowing people who are 13 and above.  If you add your valid date of birth it will give out a correct notification to your other friends on Facebook about your birthday so that they can wish you on time. Also adding your correct date of birth will allow you to recover your account in post if the cases.

  • Gender requirement

In order to create a Facebook account, it is mandatory to add your gender during signup. You can add your gender accordingly as per your wish it has 3 options namely male, female, and custom. One can select according to their sexual orientation.

  • Facebook password requirement

While you are creating a password for your Facebook account you should note that the Facebook password is not case sensitive. The password requirements to make a Facebook password are:

It should be at least 8 characters long or even more

  • Should include upper case letters

  • Includes lower case letters

  • Add numbers such as 1,2,3…

  • Symbols such as @_&

  • Your password should be different from your email, DOB, Name, Bank account number, etc.

  • For example, mAjorLy@45_678 can be considered as a strong Facebook password.


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Wrapping Up!

So, in a nutshell, we can say that there are a number of requirements laid down by Facebook, and some of its password requirements are mandatory inclusion of upper case and lower case letters, numbers, alphabets, symbols, etc. We hope that our article Password Requirements to Create Facebook Account was helpful for you to create a strong Facebook password for your Facebook account. Drop a comment below if you have more queries related to the content.

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