Most Dangerous Sports Around The World

8 Most Dangerous Sports Around The World (2022)

Generally, every Sport is considered dangerous. Every sport requires one to push his/her limits in order to master the nature of sports. It requires discipline to push the limits of our bodies that we can achieve new heights of fitness.  But as they say, excess of everything is bad, and sometimes when we do something in extreme it can turn out pretty bad and hurt us in the process. There are many dangerous sports practiced all around the world. For different sports, there are different factors responsible for any injury and burnout.
Such injury can have very prolonged effects on the player, not just physically but mentally as well. If you are a keen watcher of any kind of sport and follow it religiously you might also be aware of the fact and the possibilities of injuries related to the sport. Every athlete can suffer from even the smallest scratch to a life-threatening injury with can even proceed to one’s own death as well. Each and every sport has its own risk and rewards.
Many people don’t care or know about the possible injuries related to the sport they are more focused on how to achieve glory, fame, pride, and money. Being a famous and professional athlete is always the dream of every sportsperson. Broken bones, comas, paralysis, and even death are all potential outcomes of playing some of the world’s most dangerous sports. This article will bring attention to something only a few people notice and consider while playing a sport and how dangerous it can be.
So we decided to list down 8 sports that are considered dangerous and have high possibilities of injuries.

Here Are The 8 Most Dangerous Sports Around The World (2022)

1. Soccer

Most Dangerous Sports Around The World
Soccer is a sport that is widely renowned for its riots rather than its players. Soccer is considered dangerous for many reasons. Soccer player takes their sport very seriously, as a low-scoring sport, every score is considered important and counts. It is a fact that it is the most popular sport worldwide. Soccer may not be a sport of contact but it has many instances where harm can be done resulting from contact. Even when you look at the players are wearing shoes with spikes they look more like weapons than a piece of sporting equipment.
 Many people have to end their careers on a soccer field due to field injuries.  It is not seen as a tough sport because it is so common all around the world.

2. American Football


It is indeed hard to believe that football is one of the many dangerous sports. We are actually so habitual to seeing or watching football That we don’t even see it as dangerous anymore. In reality, the count is above your imagination if you see all the victims of American football over the years.
Football in the in the part was even more dangerous than it is today. The Head to head collisions were often the major reason for most of the deaths and life-altering injuries due to less developed headgears. Even today broken bones, neck, and head injuries, and various other concussions are normal in football.

3. Bull Riding

Courtesy – Andy watson
Bull ridingmay not be considered an extreme sport, but without a doubt, it is very dangerous. Some professionals even have this in their head that either they have to walk out with their own legs or on an ambulance. The Bulls can weigh up to 1800 pounds and you can imagine how many bones can be broken, one can literally be crushed under them.
Earlier Bull riding used to be even more dangerous. There were no protective vests or helmets to protect the players as of now. But we always consider it courageous if someone would want to sit on top of a pissed-off bull.

4. Boxing

Boxing is one of the most hurtful sports. It is so dangerous that on average, 13 boxers die in the ring every single year. It’s always been extremely dangerous. Though much more developed forms of protective gear have been developed from the last decade, for example, softer gloves Better helmets, etc. but still boxing is a very hazardous sport.

It has also been estimated that almost 90% of all professional boxing players have some kind of life-threatening injury. It can be brain damage in most cases. A professional boxer is prone to develop severe neural problems in the later stages of their life, for example, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. In America, After baseball boxing is the next favorite sport.
Even though historical Reforms such as The Mohammed Ali Boxing Reform Act have been implemented to protect boxers, but still serious injuries are still common. Majorly injuries affect the player’s head or eyes largely.
Do you know a professional boxer’s punch is the same as a 13-pound bowling ball traveling 20mph?
More serious injuries in the brain can result in speech difficulty, stiffness, and memory loss.
Such hard hits result in cuts, bruises, broken ribs, internal bleeding, broken teeth, and even damage to internal organs.
For sure the damage this sport can cause can stay with a boxer for the rest of their lives.

5. B.A.S.E. Jumping


  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 43.17
  • Probability of dying: 1 in 2,317
Base jumping without any doubt is the world’s most dangerous sport. The chances of dying are far bigger while base Jumping rather than doing some other activity. There are a lot of dangerous sports out there, but base jumping seems to be the most dangerous and life-threatening of them all. B.A.S.E. stands for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth which as the name suggests translates into jumping from everything that’s high enough for a parachute to fully deploy before hitting the ground.
Base Jumping is considered illegal in many countries across the World and if Base Jumping is allowed in any country it is a compilation to practice it in the presence of official safety teams and medics on-hand.

6. Downhill Mountain Biking

Many people practice mountain biking as a leisure activity, how can riding down the road be considered deadly? But on the extreme side of it is downhill mountain is to ride down a steep and narrow mountain trail, rock formations, and trees as fast as possible. This kind of fun can also end up with the person having major fractures, head, and spinal injuries, internal bleeding and organ damage, or even worse.

7. Racing

Everything is deadly on a race track with a speed of 200+ mph. Even though the security practices in racing have grown more than any other sport around the world but still racing is considered one of the deadliest sports in the world.
In the last 20 years,  more than 40 deaths related to car racing have been reported till now. The death toll is nearly the same in the case of two-wheel racing as well. People who fly around with just two wheels are having higher chances of life-threatening injuries.

8. Skiing

For some people, skiing, or activities related to it on snow or ice, are a profession and they are trained to do so. But some people consider this as a hobby and Don’t really consider taking any professional assistance. They do it majorly for the adrenaline rush which one gets from high speeds. Unfortunately, due to ignorance skiing and other snow-related activities carry a real possibility of severe injuries.

Wrapping up-

Here are some of the most dangerous sports around the world. comment down which one of the above-mentioned sports you have tried and what was your experience?

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