How to Convert a Photo to PDF on an iPhone (2022)

How to Convert a Photo to PDF on an iPhone (2022)

There can be a number of reasons one would want to convert and save a picture into a PDF format. For example, sometimes we have to convert a photo of a document which we have taken through a camera in order to send them to some other contact or even save it for our easy access. We also find the need to convert pictures and screenshots into a format so that we can print them easily.

This article will guide you to convert your valuable pictures into a PDF format directly on your iPhone. no third-party apps will be required anymore to perform this as this function is built into your iPhone. There’s not only one but actually a number of ways you can do it on your iPhone.


Here’s How to Convert a Photo to PDF on an iPhone (2022)


1. Photos App  Pinch-Out Gesture

This is one of the most convenient methods if you want to convert any photo into a pdf on an iPhone. This method doesn’t really mean you have to print a photo but instead, you have performed a pinch-out gesture on your iPhone in the print option to convert it into a PDF. This is a fail-proof option to convert not only one but multiple pictures into a PDF format and allows you to share it with your contacts or transfer to other apps or even save it to your local storage.

Follow the steps given below in order to convert an image into a PDF format.

 Note: This method also works for both iPhone as well as iPad

Step 1- Open the iPhone photos app. ( You can find it on your home screen if not you can always search)

Step 2- Visit the album which includes the picture you want to convert. Find the picture you want to convert and “Tap on the photo”. If you want to convert multiple pictures tap Select at the upper-right corner of the screen this will make you enter into the selection mode. Then you can tap on other pictures you want to convert and add them to your selection.

Step 3- Tap on the share option. You can find it in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Step 4- Tap on ‘print’. You can see it next to an icon of the printer in the list. It is usually in the bottom of the row of the share menu and if not, Tap on ‘more’ to find it there.

Step 5- Zoom in or pinch out when the Photo will open on your screen and this will allow you to save your photo as a PDF. By doing this the photo will open in a PDF viewer.

Step 6- In the upper right corner, you’ll locate the share icon. Tap on the “share” icon and then tap “save to files” (it is a folder shaped icon located at the bottom of the menu, next to the “copy” icons)

Step 7- Tap to select the location wherever you want your PDF to be saved (On your iPhone directly or on your cloud service )

Step 8- Tap “save” you’ll find it on the upper right corner of the screen. By doing this the converted photo will be saved in your selected location on your phone.


2. Photos App — Copy to Books

Another super-easy way to convert your photos into a PDF is through sharing photos with the Book app on your iPhone. If you have turned on iCloud syncing for the books app then the converted files will be saved automatically on your iOS device.

Follow the following steps to convert your photos into PDF-

Step 1- Open the photos app on your iPhone and search for the picture you want to convert from the albums.

Step 2- Then long-press the picture that you wish to convert and select share on the context menu. If you want to select multiple pictures then you need to enter into the selection mode as explained in the previous method and this will allow you to convert and share a number of photos into PDF in one go.

Step 3- Find and Tap ‘Book’ present on the upper row of the share sheet. Following this, your images will be instantly converted into a PDF file. You can find it in the library section of the Books app.

Note: The cherry on top of this method is that you can perform any other action with the converted files. Such as renaming the file or performance markups etc.

3.1 Convert Image To PDF Using Files App (single image)

In comparison to any of the above methods converting an image into a PDF is very easy and quick. There is zero interaction with other share sheets. And the best part is the converted files will be shared in the same location as the photo which makes it one of the most convenient methods.

The only drawback of this photo is that we can’t have access to the Photos app through the files app on the iPhone. So it makes it a little tricky, but it works well for the downloaded Stuff which is directly saved into the files app such as images, screenshots, etc.


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Follow the steps below to:-

Step 1- Open the files app, find and long-press the file you wish to convert into a PDF file.

Step 2- Among the number of options, you’ll see on the screen Tap ‘Create PDF’. And that’s it your files will be converted and simultaneously saved in the same location. You can also preview it or send or share the PDF file with others.

3.2 Convert Image To PDF Using Files App (Multiple Images)

While converting multiple images into PDF format one needs to keep in mind that the files app will convert the selected items in alphabetical or numerical order. This can be very confusing but unlike the photos app, you can rename the files in the desired order before converting them which is a relief.

Step 1- First of all, in order to avoid confusion, you need to rename the photos you want to convert in a proper desired order. You can rename an item by long-pressing the file and tap on Rename among the given options following that Tap ‘Done’ to apply and change the name.

Step 2- Now that you’ve renamed the items you want to convert, entire the selection mode (as we’ve mentioned in the 1st method) and select the photos you wish to convert into a PDF format.

Step 3- Following that you need to Tap on the three-dot icon, which you can locate in the bottom corner of your screen.

Step 4- Then Tap on ‘Create PDF’ from the options on the menu. And your files will be converted into PDF and saved in the same location as the parent file instantly.

Pro Tip: You can also move it to another location if you wish to do so. Adding on you can also share it with other apps and contacts.

Wrapping up!

These are the few easy methods to convert any image into a PDF on your iPhone. We hope you find our article helpful. If we anyhow missed any other method which can be of same help kindly comment down to bring it to our knowledge.

Thank You For Reading!


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