12 Unique Long Distance Dating Ideas To Keep Attached (2022)

12 Unique Long Distance Dating Ideas To Keep Attached (2022)

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Long-distance date nights are vital for spending quality time with your partner. How amazing does it feel when you hear the incoming video call music and see your partner’s face in the notification. While separated by distance this feeling will never fade but sometimes your long-distance date nights can become a bit repetitive.

In any relationship spending quality time is important. Planning or scheduling the perfect date is not an easy task and planning a long-distance date is very tricky. For some who doesn’t know that much about online or long-distance dates, here in this article, I have mentioned the 12 unique long distance date ideas for couples:

“Here are the 12 Unique Long Distance Dating Ideas To Keep Attached (2022)”


1. Have a T.V. Night Together:

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This is one of the most common ideas for a long-distance date. You guys can watch your favorite movies, T.V. shows. You can even binge-watch some of the romantic movies and T.V. series which will help to connect you two. You can use discord for hosting your first long-distance T.V. night date.

2. Audio Call:

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This is might not be one of the creative ideas for this purpose but it is one of the easiest and simplest ways of long-distance relationships or even dates. You guys can hang out while talking to each other.

3. Video Call:

Long distance dating ideas

This is the best way by which you can organize and make the idea of your long-distance date successful and romantic. You guys can see each other by this and can be more expressive with your actions and this method requires pre-planning as you guys require privacy.

4. Online Compatibility Test:

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This is one of the newest and most bizarre ways of long-distance dating. This doesn’t require any type of vigorous pre-planning. You can just open your computer and take these tests as long-distance date activities. These activities only improve your trust in your partner.

5. Take a Virtual Vacation:

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This is might be the new norm because of the current pandemic situation but for long-distance relation peeps, this is the only way of hanging out with their partner. You guys can even use virtual reality simulators for your long-distance date.

6. Long Distance Dinner:

Long distance dating ideas

In this, you guys can have your favorite dinner while on a video call with each other. You can enhance your date night by planning a themed-night dinner. You can have the same food and same background as it can give the illusion of being together.

7. Music Date Night:

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This way of long-distance dating is quite impressive as music lets us express our emotions and we can enjoy the date to its fullest and it strengthens the bond between the couple. The couple can choose a specific night and can listen to the songs which they like.

8. Gaming Together:

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The best way of online and long-distance dates is you can play games. There is a variety of games from which you can choose. You can play a couple of games that are quite engaging and can help you in strengthening your relationship with your partner. Thi


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9. Ask Each Other Deep questions:

This is another activity for making the long-distance date more engaging. These questioning can help you in understanding your partner better and you will for sure explore what your partner likes and know more about your partner.

10. Go For a Walk Together:

Instead of calling from your couch, take the call outside! I often go for a walk through the neighborhoods or local forests. The change of scenery can boost your mood and be a wonderful way to mix up your normal calls. It might also give you new things to talk about as you describe your local surroundings to each other.

11. Sending Gifts To Each Other:


Sending presents or care packages can be expensive, especially if yours is an international long-distance relationship. But the occasional package can really make a difference. It’s so fun to receive, and even better if you open it over Facetime together. You don’t need to go all out – include simple things such as:

  • A lotion that will remind them of your smell.
  • An old polaroid or photos together.
  • A ticket or memorabilia from past travels together.
  • A handwritten note.
  • Your favorite sweater that they always love to wear.
  • A candy, tea, or treat local to you.

12. Writing Stories:

This can be one of the most exciting and very impressive activities in long-distance dating. You can write your perspective and what you think about your partner. This activity will surely help you in understanding your partner better.


In the above article, I have mentioned the 12-unique long distance dating ideas. If this article helps you then please comment your thoughts about the article and tell us how we can improve in our future articles.

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