How To Link Your Instagram Post To Your Snapchat Story With 5 Steps

How To Link Your Instagram Post To Your Snapchat Story With 5 Steps

Many of your friends might not be active on some social media apps, and you send them different posts but they don’t even see it. This might annoys you or be saddening for you that you are sharing different posts with your friends and they don’t even view them. Don’t be sad, I have good news for you all. Do you know you can also share your one social media post to another social media platform? 

In this post, I will tell you about sharing one platform’s post with another platform. These two platforms are Instagram and Snapchat. We know these two apps so well as everyone is using these apps throughout the world and are so engaged in putting their lives on social media. So if you also want to share an Instagram post with one of your Snapchat friends. You will have to continue reading the article it will let you know all the steps to share an Instagram post on Snapchat.

But there is a note to remember-

You can only share Instagram posts to your Snapchat friends indivisually, you cannot share it as a story on Snapchat.

How To Link Your Instagram Post To Your Snapchat Story With 5 Steps

There will be some steps that you have to follow to do this trick-

  1. First of all, go to your Instagram account.
  2. Now, find the post that you want to share on Snapchat.
  3. You will now see three dots in a vertical line opposite the username of the particular profile.
  4. Tap on those three dots, a swipe-up screen will appear.
  5. There tap on the Share to, again a swipe up screen will appear.
  6. Then choose the Snapchat icon displayed in the options.
  7. Now your Snapchat will be open and you can choose the friend to whom you want to send that particular post.
  8. And, tap send.


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And, you’re done sending an Instagram post to your Snapchat friend. There is one more trick to sending a post on Snapchat. That is quite similar to the above trick, The difference is just that when you tap on share to on Instagram, on the swipe-up screen a link will appear you can also copy that link from there and go to Snapchat and paste that link to the chat of a particular friend. This trick might work well with one friend, not with many friends, if you will do it like this it will be a lot of time-consuming procedure. So, if you want to send multiple friends the same post you can perform the first trick to send them a post.

Wrapping Up!

These were the super-easy ways How To Link Your Instagram Post To Your Snapchat Story With 5 Steps. If you have any queries you can ask us in the comment section and we would love to answer your questions and solve your problems. I hope you liked this article and this might also solve your problem. You can also share the links to your favorite posts here in the comment box.

Till then Happy Learning!


Frequently Asked Questions


Can anybody know that you have put a private story on Snapchat?

Yes, somebody can disclose if you have a private story on Snapchat. If you have a private story, the name of your story will be gray rather than black.

How can we see that someone has viewed our story on Snapchat?

If we want to see who has glimpsed at your story on Snapchat, open the app and swipe down. This will display you a list of all of your current stories, as well as who has viewed them.

Can you see if someone removed themselves from your private story?

Yes, you can see if someone drew themselves from your private story. If you’re the originator of the story, just go to the “Members” tab and scrutinize for the person you’re thinking about. If they’ve left the story, their name will be struck out.


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