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One can get embarrassed when he/she is tagged in a horrible group photo and as you know tagging a person is a free will on Instagram. With that many have this question How can we hide Tagged Photos on Instagram? Anyone can tag their family and friends and coworkers and acquaintances in pictures. And there are situations when you are tagged on a picture you don’t like and don’t want your very own followers or friends to see it. Well if you use Instagram you know that one cannot do anything about keeping himself out and away from being tagged in that embarrassing photo of you passed out on the floor but instead you can do one thing you can hide that picture from everyone to save you from further embarrassment.

In this article, We will learn how to hide Tagged Photos on Instagram real quick other than that we have also jotted down steps for you to reverse the process or how to unhide tagged photos on Instagram. As we all know Instagram is a great platform to share and interact with each other and how we do it by sharing photos on the platform and tagging people who are on it. But there are times when this could be a moment of embarrassment and how can reverse it? Well, Instagram allows its users to hide Tagged Photos, just by following a few simple steps we have listed down below. So without any further ado Let’s get started.

How To Hide Tagged Photos On Instagram?

There are two fail-proof ways to hide tagged photos on your Instagram feed. Instagram allows its users to hide Tagged Photos directly from their profile and the 2nd is by hiding multiple pictures all at once by Manually approving them. We have explained both the method down below in the form of steps so continue reading to know how to hide tagged photos on Instagram.

Method 1: You can Hide tagged photos directly from your profile.

If you want to remove yourself from the photo on which people have tagged you, well you can do so by following a few simple steps by going to your profile and tapping on the photo you don’t wanna see to hide your tagged photos from your Instagram profile. Follow the steps below to Hide Tagged Photos on Instagram:

Step1: Install the Instagram app and log in to your Instagram account on your device.

Step2: You’ll notice your profile icon located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen Tap on it.


1 4


Step3: Once you’ve reached your profile page, you need to tap on the tagging section located just by the reel section or you can refer to the picture given below.


1 10


Step4: Following that you’ll see all the Instagram-tagged photos. Select and Tap on the picture/photo you wish to hide.

Step5: Then you need to Tap on the picture and then on your user name and by doing so it will lay down a few options for you in the pop-up menu.


1 12


Step6: Among all the options you need to Tap and select Hide from my profile.




1 20


And that’s it this is how you can hide Tagged Photos on Instagram.

Note: The moment you hide/remove the tag the photo will not be visible again in your tagged photos section unless someone would mark you again.

Method 2: You can hide multiple tagged photos or videos at once.

Follow the steps below to hide multiple tagged pictures all at once:

Step 1: Install the Instagram app and log in to your Instagram account on your device.

Step 2: You’ll notice your profile icon located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen Tap on it.

Step 3: This will lead you to your profile from there you have to Tap on settings (it is represented by three horizontally stacked lines) located in the upper right-hand corner of your profile page.


1 5



Step 4: From the options, you need to Tap on “Settings.”


1 6



Step 5: Then Tap on Privacy, then tap on posts among the options given.


1 15


Step 6: Leading to that tap on ‘Approve Tags Manually’.


1 14


Step 7: Following that you need to Tap on Edit next to Tagged Posts and select the images you want to hide or remove.


1 17


Step 8: Once you’ve Chosen the photos or videos you want to remove from your profile, then tap Hide.


1 18


And this is how you can hide Multiple tagged photos from your Instagram profile.


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How can I choose whether photos and videos I’ve been tagged in appear on my Instagram profile?

If somehow you find yourself in a situation where you are frequently hiding pictures from your profile and you what a permanent fix to it. Well, don’t worry Instagram is kind enough to allow us to solve that problem as well with a very easy solution. How? Well for that you need to turn on tagged photos approval. It will bring you to a screen where you can switch “Manually Approve Tags” on. You can locate this option under the Privacy section in-app settings. Follow the steps below to enable or turn on Manually Approve Tags.

Step 1: Launch and open Instagram on your device.

Step 2: Tap your profile picture located at the bottom right to go to your profile.


1 4


Step 3: Then you need to Tap in the top right(Three horizontally stacked lines), and. Among the options tap Settings.



1 6


Step 4: Tap Privacy, then tap Posts.


1 15


Step 5: Following that Tap Manually approve tags.


1 14


Step 6: Tap next to Manually approve tags to turn this on.


1 16


How to Unhide Tagged Photos on Instagram?

Follow the steps below To unhide photos on Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram and login into your Instagram account

Step 2: Open your profile page by tapping on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Tap on the tagged icon.

Step 4: Select a post that you have been tagged and don’t want to see anymore.

Step 5: Following that Tap ‘Edit’ in the top-right corner Select ‘Pending tags’ and then choose a post in tags.

Step 6: Click on the 3 straight lines in the right corner of your screen Select ‘Tag Options’ Tap the ‘Show on My Profile’ option.

And that’s it this is how you can unhide your hidden tagged photos on Instagram.

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So we hope by now know the entire process of How to Hide tagged pictures on Instagram. As Instagram is a privacy-oriented App it allows its users to Hide their tagged pictures and it also allows you to Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram itself. We hope this article was helpful enough for you to hide your tagged photos on Instagram. If you have any other quires related to the comment down in the comment box we will be happy to help!

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