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Latest Warrior Season 3 (2022) | Release Date, Cast, Story Line, Etc

Warrior is an action-packed drama series drawn and inspired by the martial arts legend Bruce Lee’s first concept. The show debuted with its first season in April 2028 and has gained popularity ever since. Jonathan Tropper who is the showrunner of the Martial arts criminal drama series has been praised a lot for his Commendable job of putting goal-oriented material and philosophical family in this series together and throughout.

As the second season of the show was concluded, fans were eagerly waiting for Warrior season 3. Is there going to be Warrior Season 3, if yes when will Warrior Season 3 Released? Who will be in Warrior Season 3? And what will be the plot of Warrior season 3? In this article, We will cover all these questions and will clear the smoke around whether there is going to be Warrior season 3 or not? So without ado Let’s get started.

Warrior is a martial arts series and it was first aired on Cinemax, it gained a lot of popularity across the world. There were doubts about whether there will be a renewal for the Third season of Warrior, well we have good news for you. It has been confirmed that Warrior season 3 has been renewed and it will now be streaming exclusively on HBO Max in 2023.

Cinemax has received an unlikely renewal for a third season therefore it will move from Cinemax to HBO Max. But when will Warrior season 3 be releasing? What is the release date of Warrior season 3? Continue reading further to know more about Warrior season 3.

Warrior Season 3 Release Date Is There Going To Be Warrior Season 3?

If you’ve watched previous seasons of Warrior you know the show is jam-packed with energy, entertainment, and action. The show is enough to give you a high intense adrenaline rush. The program has grown to two seasons since its April 2019 debut. The everlasting timepiece is based on Bruce Lee’s novels about the violent Tong Wars of the time, set in 19th century San Francisco Chinatown. The first two seasons aired on Cinemax, and if we talk about the present it is now available to watch on HBO Max. The show creators confirmed the news of the renewal of Warrior season 3 in April 2021.

Fortunately, HBO Max shared a video to its Twitter account in which members of the Warrior crew confirmed that the series will indeed be back for more. Though HBO is yet to confirm the premiere date. But We can say that Warrior Season 3 will be out on HBO Max in late 2022 or early 2023.

Warrior Season 3 will be released on HBO Max. It was announced by the executive producer of the show Shannon Lee who is also Bruce Lee’s daughter. She announced it on the zoom call with Inverse. She said that she feels elated about the show. She further added “It feels like a confluence of purpose, of timing, and coming together. It feels like what should be. I’m excited to put our voice back into the middle of things happening right now.”

As said before the first two seasons were produced by Cinemax as a network original, but after that Cinemax decided to withdraw and denied to produce of new TV series following Warrior’s second season.

Thus, it was canceled simply under a shift in network strategy. It was in January 2021 Warrior got an entirely new life when it was added to HBO Max’s streaming library, and the confirmation of Warrior season 3 was set out to the world. We hope that Shannon Lee’s effort to bring Bruce Lee’s idea of having a TV series idea to life doesn’t go to waste.

“Here Are The Warrior Season 3 Cast”

  • Andrew Koji in and as Ah Sahm
  • Olivia Cheng will be playing the role of Ah Toy
  • Jason Tobin will be playing the role of Young Jun
  • Dianne Doan will be playing the role of Mai Ling
  • Kieran Bew will be playing the role of “Big” Bill O’Hara
  • Dean Jagger will be playing the role of Dylan Leary
  • Joanna Vanderham will be playing the role of Penelope Blake
  • Tom Weston – Jones will be playing the role of Richard Henry Lee
  • Langley Kirkwood will be playing the role of Walter Franklin Buckley
  • Christin McKay will be playing the role of Samuel Blake
  • Perry Yung will be playing the role of Father Jun
  • Joe Taslim will be playing the role of Li Yong
  • Dustin Nguyen will be playing the role of Zing
  • Celine Buckens will be playing the role of Sophie Mercer
  • Miranda Raison will be playing the role of Nellie Davenport
  • Chen Tang will be playing the role of Hong
  • Emily Child will be playing the role of Lucy O’Hara
  • Graham Hopkins will be playing the role of Byron Mercer
  • David Butler will be playing the role of Russell Flanagan
  • Patrick Baladi will be playing the role of Robert Crestwood

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What Will Be The Plot Of Warrior Season 3?

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Even though Warrior was set out in 2019 but it has its roots in the past few decades, it was Bruce Lee’s idea that remained just as a concept after his death in 1973 and now his daughter is making it happen. For warrior’s successful seasons all the credit goes to Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee to bring that idea to life. The story of Warrior begins with a Chinese martial artist who immigrates to San Francisco in the late 1800s. We can see a constant ongoing conflict between San Francisco’s tongs, which are supposedly community centers specifically for Chinese immigrants.

In the recent season, we can see Zing (Dustin Nguyen) appears to have broken out. Season 2 of Warrior ended with two loose ends and we believe in warrior season 3 we can see those plot strings coming together. Zing’s renters as the head of the Fung Hai tong, combined with his refresh introduction, will most probably spark new tong conflicts.

As the show proceeds, we can see we got to know Sahm is Mai Ling’s sibling. As a result, the influence information will have on Warrior Season 3’s legislation debates is expected to reach a critical point. Mai Ling is pestering Samuel Blake (Christian McKay), who happens to be the leader of the city hall in San Francisco for information about his past. With that, we can see a continuous collaboration between these two which will eventually add fuel to the fire. The director of the show Justin Lin is famous for directing multiple entries in the Fast & Furious franchise with that we can say that in Warrior season 3 we can expect to see a lot of conflicts lot of combat and bloodshed.


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Where Can I Watch The Trailer For Warrior Season 3?

The official trailer of Warrior Season 3 is yet to be released. The official trailer of Season 2 was released on 9th September 2020 by Cinemax if you haven’t watched it yet you can watch the Trailer Below We highly recommend it.

Where can I watch Warrior season 3?

Seasons 1 and 2 of Warrior are made available on HBO Max. The Warrior Season 3 will premiere on HBO Max by 2023. The first two seasons aired on Cinemax, and if we talk about the present it is now available to watch on HBO Max.

Is Warrior available on Netflix?

Warrior is not available on Netflix and it does feel devastating to know that one of the most loved Bruce Lee-inspired martial arts period series is not available on one of the most famous online streaming platforms. You can watch Warrior seasons 1&2 on HBO Max and Warrior season 3 will be premiering on HBO Max exclusively.

Wrap up!

So the end of the line is there is going to be a Warrior season 3 and it will most probably be airing in the late months of 2022 on HBO Max, moving away from Cinemax. The show will be full of action and combat fights and will be a treat for all action movie lovers and Bruce Lee’s fans. We’ll return to you with another detailed review and news about See season 3. Till then stay tuned with us and if you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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