How To Use Files On iPhone And iPad | How Exactly It Works?

How To Use Files On iPhone And iPad | How Exactly It Works?

We all sometimes forget where our important documents are on the phone. This becomes very frustrating especially when you need them urgently. So, in this article, I am going to share how to use files on iPhone and iPad to manage your important documents. Files are important so that you can keep every important document centralized and don’t lose them.

Fortunately, you can keep these documents on your iPhone and iPad also. Files have many amazing features that I will be discussing later in this article. But many users are not aware of how to use files on iPhones and iPad and share documents easily from the files application. This post is all about how to use files and share documents. I will also talk about how to connect all your cloud apps in one place without any hustle & bustle.

I have also talked about how to find the downloaded files on iPhone in my previous posts. You can click on the link and go through this post if you are struggling to find downloaded files. And if you are looking for an answer to how to use files on iPhone and iPad simply go to files app>on my iPhone or on my iPad>edit. This way you can manage files on your iPhone and iPad. To learn more about how to use files on iPhone and iPad, keep reading this article.


How To Use Files On iPhone And iPad?

How To Use Files On iPhone And iPad?

Apple gives this amazing feature on your iPhone and iPad where you can have access to online services like iCloud, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc. With the updated iOS 16 and iPad OS 16, Apple has added some new and interesting features to the Files application.

To make it more convenient to manage your files, you can sort them into groups. This way don’t have to go here and there on your iPhone and iPad to look for that one important document that you need at the moment. Let’s get into the main answer that you are looking for.


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What Is Files Application On iPhone And iPad?

How to Use Files on iPhone and iPad 1

Did you know Apple first added files application to only iPad devices so that you can replace big and heavy laptops with tablets, a mini form of laptops? However, this app is now available on iPad as well as on iPhones. In fact, their work is almost the same on iPhone and iPad except on iPad you will also find an option/feature of drag-and-drop.

In the Files application, you can store everything, from photos to music, from important documents to downloaded files. With this application, you don’t have to waste your time finding anything important that you need urgently at the moment.


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How To Use Files On iPhone And iPad?

If you want to manage files on your Files application then you can click on the files app>on my iPhone or on my iPad. Here you can view options for local files. If you have an iCloud drive then you can easily click on the iCloud drive to see or manage your documents/files.

In case you are using other online services then simply press the edit button. You can only view options for their services if you have installed their apps.


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How To Share Files/Documents On iPhone And iPad?

How To Use Files On IPhone And IPad

Well, you can share important documents very easily from your Files application. This is something very interesting and important feature that technology has added to our devices. We don’t have to wait for days and months just for that one document to deliver or receive like we used to do a few years back. It can be done in just a few seconds now.

You can share files via email, whatsApp, etc. If you are thinking that sharing files is only limited to one single document then you are wrong. You can even share folders very easily without any hassle. You can also generate a link to documents or files and share them via message or Email. Now follow the steps to share documents/files from the files app on iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Click on the file that you want to send and keep holding it.

Step 2: Now you can click on the send button.

Step 3: You will see options like airdrop, messages, whatsapp, or email, and tap; done.

Did you see how easy it is to share documents/files on iPhone and iPad? Now let’s jump on to the next feature which you can use and learn more about how to use files on iPhone and iPad.


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How To Connect All Clouds In One Place?

I have already told you that the files application is not only limited to iCloud drive files. You can easily connect with other clouds in one place like google drive, outlook, etc. All you need to do is activate these apps within the application. This is an important step if you want to download files or move them to internal storage to easily work with their services.


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How To Organize Files On iPhone And iPad?

How To Use Files On IPhone And IPad

1. Create Folders

The best way to organize your documents or files is to sort them into folders. You can enter all the photos in one folder with “photos” on it or all the important documents in a folder named “documents”.

This way you can easily access anything that you are looking for because now you know where to find them with the name that indicates what particular files you have in the folders. To make folders follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the files app and then click on the browse tab at the left corner at the bottom.

Step 2: Under the location section you will see the iCloud drive. Click on it.

Step 3: Now press the add folder icon.

Step 4: Now your new folder has been created with the name new folder.  

Step 5: Press the done button.


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Wrap Up!

Now that you know how to use files on iPhone and iPad you can use them to store your important documents. But to use the new features of the Files application you must keep your iPhone and iPad updated. You can easily update your device by going to settings>general>software update. I hope you liked this post. To learn more about such topics keep visiting AmericBuzz!


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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1 How to use the Files app on iPhone and iPad?

Ans. The files app is used to store everything like photos, music, important documents, etc in one place.

Q.2 How do I manage files on iPhone and iPad?

Ans. To manage files on iPhone and iPad you can sort everything into folders. I have already mentioned the steps to make folders in this post.



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