4 Attested Ways To Unlock iPad Without Password Easily

4 Attested Ways To Unlock iPad Without Password Easily

It happens that sometimes we forget our passwords then we try to know how to unlock iPad without password. This thing happens only when we enter the wrong password again and again in a hurry and due to this our iPad gets locked. So now it comes to how to unlock iPad without password and fix it? If you also have the same question, then you are in the right place. Today we will talk about 5 such ways by which you can know how to unlock iPad without password or without remembering your forgotten password.

Using an overt password example 123456 would provide no sense of online security. When making a word, even for a website, don’t worry about it, take words and figures which are not commonly used by everyone else. Although remembering passwords can be difficult, the best approach is to trust yourself rather than a program or app. Many people choose to have their browsers remember their passwords but this makes it easier not only for you but for others to get your password.


4 Attested Ways On How To Unlock iPad Without Password

There are bots all over the internet that try to crack passwords through brute force. It is an automated attack that tries to crack the password by testing every possible combination. This is why it is incredibly important to have a long and secure password. A short password can be cracked in seconds whereas many more returns are required for a longer password.

But as we know to unlock the iPad, it just needs a password and it automatically locks itself in case of misconfiguration. So let’s see what are those 5 ways that will solve our problem that how to unlock iPad without Password.

How To Unlock iPad Without Password

1. Using 4ukey iPhone Passcode Unlocker

How To Unlock iPad Without Password

If you are running an iPad and unfortunately you just forget the lock screen passcode and could unlock it. No worries, this tenorshare 4ukey can unlock your iOS device password in minutes and is fully compatible with the latest IOS 15. So, let’s see, how to unlock the iPad without a password using the 4ukey iPhone Passcode Unlocker.

1. First of all, connect your iPad to the Computer.

2. In the next step, you need to do is to manually put your iPad into recovery mode so that it can be recognized by the computer.

3. To enter the recovery mode, you need to press the both home button and power button at the same time, till the restore screen shows up.

4. In case, your iPad doesn’t have any home button, then you should press and then release the volume up button and then the volume down button.

5. Then press the side button, when you enter the recovery mode successfully, let’s move to the 4ukey.

6. On the interface, click on the start button.

7. Note that removing the lock will erase the all data and you need to restore the backup.

8. Once confirmed, click on the Next button and hit the download button.

9. Now, click on the remove button, and wait for some time.

10. When it shows screen lock removed successfully, that means you could access your iPad without any limit.

11. Now simply reset your iPad and it’s done! In this way, you can easily use the 4ukey iPhone Passcode Unlocker and know how to unlock iPad without a password. 

2. Using iTunes

How To Unlock iPad Without Password

If you forget the lock screen passcode on your iPad, you will this iPad is the disabled message after entering the wrong passcode six times in a row. And the remaining time will get longer after the more failed attempts.

If we fail 10 times then iPad will be permanently disabled and requires you to connect to iTunes. Fortunately, you can still unlock it without using the passcode at all or know how to unlock iPad without a password. To do so-

1. In the first step, you need to connect your iPad with your computer.

2. It is important to put the iPad in recovery mode, so that iTunes can recognize it.

3. Next, you have the press both the home and the volume button at the same time.

4. Wait till the screen shows up black and wait for the restore screen to show up.

5. Now iTunes will detect your iPad and you will notice the option of restore or update.

6. Select the restore option and then iTunes will download the latest ios firmware for you, automatically.

7. Once done, it will start restoring as all the content and data will get erased in this process.


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3. Using iCloud

How To Unlock iPad Without Password

Okay, so you’ve forgotten your iPad lock password and don’t know how to unlock iPad without password, no worries. You are not actually to get in, but if you have set up the find my iPhone on your iPad before you have forgotten your passcode.

So, we can use an online account to raise the device and get rid of this passcode. Let’s see, how to unlock iPad without password and erase your device using iCloud to get rid of this passcode. 

1. Grab your iPad and browse the official website iCloud and from the main website, sign in with iCloud credentials.

2. In the next step, move to the ‘Find my iPhone’ application visible on your screen.

3. Now, next you will choose ‘All Devices’ from the top section and then choose your iPhone listed from the drop-down menu.

4. Now, click on the ‘Erase iPhone‘ button and then select the ‘Erase‘ button.

5. And it is done, now you can restore it. so this is how to unlock iPad without password and erase your device using iCloud to get rid of this passcode.


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4. Using Jailbreak

How To Unlock iPad Without Password

Jailbreak is another that would help you know how to unlock iPad without password. People who don’t know what a jailbreak is? So let us tell you that you guys must do your research first and see that using Jailbreak has its advantages and disadvantages.

Because it can vitiate your privacy to some extent, whenever you use it, do it wisely. If you want to remove the activation lock then you have to use it. So if you have trouble locking activation or turning off Find My iPhone then you may need to use this jailbreak.

1. So, first of all, we have to connect our laptop with your iPad.

2. So to remove it, you have to click on “Remove iCloud Activation Lock”. Then click on start and then click on the Next button.

3. So now it will detect it and install some jailbreak environment. After this, you will need a USB drive, which you have to plug in.

4. And after that again you have to give the start number from it. So after this step, the data on your USB drive will be gone.

5. After that it will install the jailbreak tool on a USB drive, and then you have to boot from your pen drive on your laptop.

6. And only after that, you will be able to install it. Now you will see some boot options on your laptop screen, and after that, you have to select the USB drive from the laptop.

7. After following the easy steps, you have to restart your laptop device, and also you have to press the F12 key.

8. After that you have to click on the hard drive ultra (or whatever pen drive you have installed), and the boot process will start here.

9. After starting the process, you have to click on OK and then on the ‘Next‘ button. Now your device will start entering recovery mode.

10. Now, click start. Press the top and home buttons together.

11. After this, release the top button but you have to keep holding the home button. And after a few minutes, it will automatically do jailbreak. This is how jailbreak will help you how to unlock iPad without password, easily. 


So we hope you know how to unlock iPad without password. The assurance lock that you have, must have been removed very well. And those people who may be facing problems with “find my app” or who had to jailbreak their logo or recover their password by erasing their data, we hope that all your doubts will be cleared.

If you found this article very informative, then definitely share it further. And if any question arises in your mind then without any hesitation you can ask us through the comment section box. And don’t hesitate to tell us in your feedback which method (how to unlock iPad without password)you will find more helpful. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our future articles.

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