How to Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi Safely Via Secured VPN

How to Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi Safely Via Secured VPN

Social media is fun and useful at the same time thus making it addictive, leading to many institutions banning it for contributing to poor productivity. So, How To Unblock Snapchat On School and use it seamlessly. Well, there are many ways to do it and the best part is that each one of them is easy to understand and follow.

Many social media websites including Snapchat have brought the world together and provide entertainment and features at the tip of the finger. Having the entire world in the palm of your hand can be informative and entertaining but it can also be addictive. It can lead to a person being glued to the screen 24*7 and losing focus. This addiction to social media is more prevalent among kids, thus leading to many schools blocking these sites. So, knowing How To Unblock Snapchat On School becomes important for kids.

The primary solution to this problem is a VPN, it will open and block sites in an instant and allow you to access them freely. The only question that remains now is to ask which one to use. If you feel using a VPN is expensive for you if you are a student then there are two other ways to access blocked sites. There is a trick including your mobile network connection and a solution including changing your DNS server. Keep reading to know more about How can you Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi.

How To Unblock Snapchat On School WiFi Without VPN

How To Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

The primary reason why schools block Snapchat and other social media sites from their WiFi is that being active on social media during school hours results in students losing focus during classes. Children losing focus results in bad grades and bad grades result in a dicey future for the child which no one wants. Also, clicking and sharing snaps inside the school property can be dangerous as well, it exposes the school to a student’s friend list which may include some unknown people who can cause harm.

Now I know that the second scenario is rare but either way schools don’t want to risk their reputation or their existence. What do students do in this situation and How To Unblock Snapchat On School? Here are two simple ways to access blocked Snapchat in school if you can’t afford a VPN subscription.

Solution No. 1 – Mobile Network Connection

If your school does not allow social media sites like Snapchat to be accessed on the campus then you can simply disconnect from their WiFi network and use your phone’s internet connection. This method is for using Snapchat on your school’s computer.

Step 1: Connect the school’s computer to the internet using your phone’s hotspot. This can be done by connecting your phone and school computer via Bluetooth tethering. No need to connect through tethering if the computer has a built-in WiFi adaptor.

Step 2: Download the Snapchat app on the computer and download Bluestacks, an emulator that allows users to android applications on Windows devices or macOS devices.

Step 3: Open Bluestacks and sign in to Google Play Store using your Google ID. It will display a library containing all the apps and games you can download through Bluestacks.

Step 4: Launch Snapchat and access it just like you do it on your phone.

Solution No. 2 – Changing Your DNS Server

Here is another simple answer to How To Unblock Snapchat On School. Mostly, schools restrict sites by imposing site blockers on only the Domain Name Server (DNS) level. This can be easily tackled by changing your network’s DNS server and changing it to a customized setting.

You can do this by changing your DNS operator from your school’s default to Google’s directory of DNSs. This will allow you to access Snapchat through their DNS which won’t restrict the app.


How To Unblock Snapchat On School With VPN

How To Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

The best bet for unblocking Snapchat on School Wi-Fi is with the help of a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. These VPNs are used to access restricted sites and apps that have been blocked by an institution, an area, or an entire country. Schools banning the use of social media on their premises is understandable but when countries like China, Iran, and some Middle Eastern areas block Snapchat then it becomes a concern.

What a VPN does is conceal your location by encrypting the traffic that comes in or goes out from your device and channeling it through an intermediary server. This prevents the network providers from forming your browser history. So it doesn’t matter which Wi-Fi network or mobile network you are using till there is a VPN in your devices you will be able to access any restricted site. So let’s learn How To Unblock Snapchat On School by selecting which VPN to use for the process.

NordVPN to Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

How To Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

NordVPN is the best VPN there is today and the best one when it comes to Snapchat. It operates with the help of an extensive network of servers that are easily compatible with Snapchat. What sets it apart is its unmatched speed and reliability.

It makes no compromises when it comes to maintaining user privacy and security.


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ExpressVPN to Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

How To Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

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ExpressVPN is another great choice, it is compatible with Snapchat on any device and can unblock any social media site. Apart from answering the question How To Unblock Snapchat On School it also positively answers the question Is this VPN safe to use?

Surfshark to Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

How To Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi 

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The best part about Surfshark VPN apart from its ability to unblock unlimited sites and provide full privacy during the process is that it’s very affordable. Thus making it an ideal choice for school-going kids who survive on limited pocket money.


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CyberGhost to Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

How To Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi 

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CyberGhost is an ideal choice for people using a VPN for the first time. It user friendly and doesn’t include any complicated procedures to connect to the network and unblock a site.

Users don’t have to strain their brains and can enjoy restricted content in full privacy. Okay, that came out wrong, what I mean is users can access restricted sites in privacy without the school authorities knowing.


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IPVanish to Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

How To Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

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IPVanish is an easy-to-use app with great speed and full privacy. You can stream any blocked site via this app without worrying about getting caught or accessing only half of the content. It is also budget-friendly making it ideal for students all over.

Private Internet Access to Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

How To Unblock Snapchat On School Wi-Fi

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Private Internet Access is a trusted network that is great for beginners. But the only downside to this app is that it has inconsistent downloading and streaming speed.


Just like there is an antidote for every poison, there is a VPN for every blocked site. Use it to access unlimited apps and sites that have been blocked and forget worrying about anyone finding out. These VPNs are safe, private, and seamless. But before solving How To Unblock Snapchat On School through a VPN do check to see if there is a need for one or not. Sometimes there are easier and more free solutions to the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cons of using a VPN on a desktop?

Desktop VPN apps are a little complicated and require more work than phone apps. They are hard for beginners to use.

How many operating systems support NordVPN?

NordVPN is a widely used VPN with operations in more than 60 countries. This VPN app is supported by Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and iOS.

Are VPNs free?

Not all VPNs are free. The basic functionality of answering the question How To Unblock Snapchat On School and offering full privacy is free but the free version sometimes doesn’t unblock all websites. The download and streaming speed may also be slow. Overcoming this shortcoming requires using a paid service.

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