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So, these days many people work more and more on the internet and they don’t want their data to get leaked. Actually, lots of websites try to steal data and share their data, so if you really want to protect your data you must use some VPN or proxy websites so no one can trace your data.

So Inspired by privacy today in this blog we are going to address some of the best 15 websites to not only help your data get secured but also you can use these websites free and these websites are all really good.

“Here’s the Fastest & free Unblocked Proxy Websites Online”

Websites Names

Website Links



4. Proxy




8. ProxyScrape




12. VPNBook Proxy

13. Megaproxy

14. Zend2


Here’s a quick brief on the Top 15 Free Proxy Websites Online With Links


ProxFree is an excellent free proxy site. By using this proxy website you can hide location and there are no geological restrictions. It has four servers in Europe and Seven servers in North America.

2. FreeProxy.Win

og image is also one of the best websites for proxy and on this website, you will get 13 servers of both the UK and the US and you can choose your respective servers according to your choice. is also one of the best proxy websites well known for its free proxy servers and you can also use its premium VPN to do more with better privacy. One of the best features of this website is its advanced features which you will get free to use.

4. Proxy

207138 Proxy is also one of the best websites and it offers a free web proxy that does not store any of your databases or IP addresses for a long time. Hide. me Proxy is also one of the fastest proxy websites among all these sites.


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KProxy is also best with its ads-free browsing and totally free. One of the best features of this website is you can use extensions on the browsers you are using on your pc or laptop like internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.


proxy1 1024x501 1 is one of the good websites to see videos on youtube and other content that are geologically restricted without compromising much speed of your browser.

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SSLSecureProxy is a fast proxy website with no bandwidth limits. One of the best features that we liked personally is that any user data gets automatically deleted within 2 hours.

8. ProxyScrape

ProxyScrape is one of the best sites that boasts fast speeds and customizability. Anyone can connect to any HTTP, Socks4, or Socks5 proxy by choosing one from the lists given inside the website.

9. is also one of the good choices from these websites given but some of the problems you may face as it lacks an SSL certificate.

It’s free to use but you can access only non-sensitive content.


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maxresdefault 8 is one of the best sites where it doesn’t use automatically proxy but you can use any proxy server according to your choice and use it.


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The XRoxy website allows users to easily hide their IP addresses. XRoxy offers a wide range of unique IP addresses and locations that allow users to access any restricted content.

12. VPNBook Proxy

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This Proxy website is not much popular as others but it can provide users with encrypted connections with different IP addresses that support HTTPS.

13. Megaproxy

6 megaproxy free proxy server

Megaproxy is a free service and you can not only hie an IP address but you can hide browsers and sites that set eyes on your browsing.

14. Zend2


Zend2 is one of the best free proxy websites for popular social media platforms used by users like Facebook and Youtube. This is the best website to watch youtube videos that are blocked.

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TurboHide is one of the free web proxy services that will provide you best Ip address to hide your location and offers SSL encryption features for better privacy.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is free web proxy safe?

According to Using a proxy, the website is totally safe and millions of people use proxy websites to access content that is geological restricted or sensitive content. So you can use these websites but you never know what free websites can do with your privacy so be aware of that.

2. Is Web proxy illegal?

No, it’s totally legal for anyone to use for good work.

3. So Why are free proxies bad?

Free proxies are bad because it contains viruses that can affect your data and your sensitive content so before using any free proxy website you must check out its rating and users’ experience.


So above I have mentioned some of the free Unblocked Proxy Websites Online to make sure your privacy will not get affected by any spy website and do let me know which website helped you and please share your experience and your valuable reviews on it in our comment section.

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