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Managing business calls from your contact number can become highly inconvenient and compromise your privacy. It also doesn’t scale when you add additional people, either. Therefore, to receive their organization a unique contact number today, many new and established business owners use software for virtual business phone numbers.

This article about the 10+ best free virtual phone number providers will identify and explore the 10+ best free virtual phone number providers available for usage by businesses.  These phone numbers are widely available right now. It might be challenging to make the best decision for yourself. However, the top VoIP phones will be reasonably priced, practical, and offered with first-rate customer service.

By examining the highest-rated cell phones now on the market, this article can help you in searching for the 10+ best free virtual phone number providers.

10+ Best Free Virtual Phone Number Providers You Should Try In 2022

Below we are going to explain in an extremely simple way the 10+ best free virtual phone number providers.

1. Google Voice: 

Google Voice

Anyone with a Google account can use Google Voice, a virtual phone service, which is free and offers all the essential telephony functions of competing products. Applications for iOS and Android devices are also included. Google Voice can be the best option for you if you’re looking for a certain phone number for your job. Because of the following features, it is considered:

1. Robotic attendant

2. Call management features

3. Add-ons and call forwarding

4. Analytics and reports

5. transcription of a voicemail

Google Voice is ideal if you have a tight budget and want each employee to maintain just one phone for personal and business use. It is one of the 15 best free virtual phone number providers.

2. Mighty Call: 

mightycall featured

Due to the reasons given below, Mighty Call has established itself as the top all-in-one virtual phone system supplier for small businesses:

1. It allows for a risk-free trial and offers unlimited calling with a long list of unlimited extensions and local and toll-free lines.

2. It permits call forwarding to any softphone-enabled device, whether a PC, smartphone, or another device.

3. You can follow your connections using the spotlight function.

4. It makes call recording possible.

5. It works with iOS and Android mobile operating systems in addition to the cloud-based online service.

6. You can use it to accept, decline, or forward calls to voicemail.

7. It supports an infinite number of extensions and area codes.

3. eVoice: 


Another well-known business phone service with international coverage, in the list of 15 best free virtual phone number providers is eVoice, which has established itself as one of the Best Virtual Phone Number Providers for the following reasons:

1. It makes video conferencing possible.

2. It offers freedom to transmit and receive essential messages and information via fax.

3. It allows you to make and receive calls, as well as listen to your voicemails, using the mobile app.

4. You may also arrange call forwarding with its help.

5. It makes rapid dialing possible and aids in call log maintenance.

6. They can use it to redirect calls to the appropriate extension.

7. It uses a variety of pleasantries to welcome its callers.

8. Users can use it to filter incoming calls and route them to the right department.

9. It also blocks unwanted calls.


1619699392 79873

The ideal users are those who desire a personalized virtual phone number that clients or customers can quickly recall. has earned the title of the best provider of vanity phone numbers. Users can choose from unlimited or pay-per-minute calling plans, and the company also provides auto-attendant capabilities.

With a straightforward user interface and a variety of call, phone, and management features, it is ideal for small enterprises and startups. It is the fourth spot among the 15 best free virtual phone number providers.

1. Interactive Voice Response features for automated attendant capability

2. personalized greetings and messages

3. Functionality for call forwarding, transfer, and blocking

4. Add-ons and call forwarding

5. Conversion of voicemail to email

5. GlobalCallForwarding: 

virtual phone number providers

Based on the reasons listed below, GlobalCallForwarding is also among the finest free virtual phone number providers for businesses:

1. This call forwarding service offers mobile, local, and toll-free numbers without any problems and is very simple to use.

2. It allows for experience and based greetings.

3. It permits effective SMS service utilization.

4. It makes call recording possible.

5. Its elegant UI offers limitless extensions.

6. It controls your account with ease, blocking access to people on the black and white lists, granting unfettered access to people on the white lists, and preventing their emails from ending up in spam bins.

7. This guarantees proper call sequencing.

8. It offers excellent customer service.

6. Vonage: 

images 3

In the list of 10+ best free virtual phone number providers, Vonage is a fantastic free virtual phone number provider for individuals looking for a ready-made alternative.

1. It includes toll-free, local, and regional numbers among its more than 50 features.

2. It enables you to launch a store using a desktop or mobile device from any location.

3. Setting it up is easy.

4. It streamlines the login process and offers a virtual receptionist and inbox.

5. You can employ queueing, logging, parking, and call-waiting, in addition, to call recording, call routing, filtering, announcing, and tracking. These features are available both company-wide and on-demand.
It has an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant.

6. You can use it to deliver extremely specific messages and count on it to rapidly answer simple inquiries.

7. VirtualPhone:


Users can get free international phone numbers at Additionally, voicemail, limitless extensions, fax capabilities, and auto-attendant features are included with corporate services. The company offers users a beginning kit for nothing or for a very low price. It is one of the 10+ best free virtual phone number providers and it is considered because of the following features:

1. Robotic attendant

2. Call-management capabilities

3. mobile applications

4. endless extensions

5. Worldwide numbers

8. Freshdesk:

images 2

For businesses looking for a quick and affordable fix, Freshdesk Contact Center’s virtual number service is the best option for the 10+ best free virtual phone number providers. Freshcaller was formerly known as Freshdesk Contact Center.

1. It is the only business that offers full call center functionality, including a multi-level interactive voice response system that routes client calls to teams or agents using a customizable call-flow mechanism.

2. The configuration of the system is entirely within your control.

3. As callers wait for an agent, the wait-queue function updates them on where they stand in the queue.

4. The custom-greetings tool can be used to inform customers of news or to promote new products.

5. A real-time dashboard and abandoned call statistics are further features.

9. TollFreeForwarding


Inexpensive virtual phone number hosting service offers 24/7 customer support. It permits call forwarding and lets you customize the voice menu’s settings. Most significantly, it gives you a local number for more than 120 locations throughout the world. It has the following features:

1. Receive calls right away after activating this free number.

2. Cloud-based tally

3. Access a number of overseas locations

10. Line2: 


Line2 is one of several small business phone service providers that can assist if you’re seeking a software voice client that functions on both desktop and mobile devices. It is considered because:

1. Small groups are able to download an app to their desktop computers or smartphones.

2. Customers can select among vanity, toll-free, and local phone numbers.

3. You can use an auto-attendant message that has already been recorded to answer calls and play music while callers wait.

4. You can use personalized hold messages to share vital company information.

5. To avoid missing important calls, you can also reroute calls based on your availability.

6. You can communicate with anyone using the feature that allows for unlimited texting.

7. With up to ten people, you can send and receive group messages and swap photos.


maxresdefault 10

It is also one of the 10+ best free virtual phone number providers. Due to the following practical characteristics, which are stated below, ranks among the top free virtual phone number providers for businesses on any browser:

1. Your original mobile number is protected, and you can receive a free personal phone number from any nation of your choice.

2. It works with Google, Facebook, and Telegram.

3. Voice call forwarding is made possible.

4. It sends an SMS as an automatic response to a voice message.

5. Faxes can be sent and received using it.

6. You can use it to forward incoming SMSs to any email address.

7. It enables you to use a virtual phone number in place of your mobile number to send WhatsApp messages.

8. It makes it possible to utilize a trip SIM.

9. It automatically keeps track of your call history.



A platform called CountryCode offers such a number without a fee. Your call might be promptly redirected thanks to it. Information like ISO, zip, and country codes are provided by this software. By activating a set of user-friendly virtual numbers with CountryCode.Org, you may create the impression that your company has offices all over the world because callers cannot tell the difference between virtual and real numbers. It has the following features:

1. User-friendly interface

2. Makes it simple to find dialing codes

3. Enables international calls to locations worldwide

13. FreshCaller: 


One of the top providers of toll-free numbers is Freshcaller. You can choose from the existing numbers or even build a unique vanity contact number. The complete call-center capability for managing calls and monitoring staff productivity is available on this platform. Since it is only available on softphones, you won’t need to buy any new hardware.

1. A virtual number that is functional in more than 40 countries

2. Options for controlling and observing the communication process

3. Adaptable telephone system

4. Facility for call forwarding and routing

14. Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 Log in to desktop network

The following reasons explain why Bitrix24 is among the 10+ best free virtual phone number providers for businesses and why it is included in the list of the Best Virtual Phone Number suppliers:

1. It supports a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and personal PCs.

2. It extends a warm welcome to all of its visitors.

3. More than 43 nations can now receive free CRM software support thanks to it.

4. With the aid of various servers or Bluetooth, it enables your desktop computer, laptop, cellphones, and tablets to connect with one another through the Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Area Network (WAN), or the internet.

5. It makes it possible to send texts using the phone’s keypad.

6. It provides for the use of an Auto Call Distribution (ACD) capability, which allows calls to be transferred to different departments in the organization. Along with that it also helps in keeping track.

15. CallHippo: 


CallHippo is an easy-to-use phone system for businesses that makes it possible for your clients to communicate with you quickly and conveniently. It offers fast integrations and incredible functionality. Over 5,000 firms worldwide, including big names like Microsoft, Intel, and Amazon, rely on it because of its excellent support system.

1. Based on prefixes and phrases, virtual numbers

2. Tools for managing calls

3. Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices

4. Call logging

5. Integrated automation

So, these are the 15 best free virtual phone number providers

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Wrapping Up

Your unique needs will determine which virtual phone number is ideal. For instance,  CallHippo is most effective for salespeople who desire in-depth analytical data that enable them to comprehend their call operations. The fact is that for each of the above-mentioned 15 best free virtual phone number providers.

You get to choose which virtual phone number offers the advantages you want. As soon as you know this, you can select the ideal virtual cell phone number for you. We really hope you like this article, If you like this article about the 15 best free virtual phone providers then do let us know and share your views by commenting in the comment section.

Till then stay safe and healthy.

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