How To Save A Video From Facebook With 5 Easy Steps

How To Save A Video From Facebook With 5 Easy Steps

With video-sharing being one of the primary reasons for visiting in the first place, knowing how and where to download the video from Facebook is crucial so you can appreciate them where you are.  But there is no official way to download the video directly like many other video-streaming platforms.

So If we talk about Facebook where you can’t just directly download a video but can Save a video in the saved list where all of the saved videos will be there. There are lots of videos on Facebook which are Free and Copyrighted by the user who uploaded which is next to illegal to download. So before downloading any video you should be well aware of their Copyrighted content.

Here’s a quick guide on how to save a Facebook video to your Pc, iPhone, or Android smartphone easily just by copying a link on a third-party app or many other ways.

Does Facebook allow us to Save a Video from Facebook?

The answer to this popular question is “Yes”. Anyone can download a video from Facebook, only if it’s public and not copyrighted.

Downloading a High-quality video from Facebook in Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android is very easy you just need software where you can post the linked copy from Facebook of that video and it will be downloaded just in a fraction of seconds.

But there is one more option in Facebook known as “Save Video” where you can easily save the video inside the app and can be watched later inside the app but wouldn’t be saved inside your Pc or Phone.


How to save a video from Facebook For Android Users ( 5 Simple Steps)

On an Android smartphone, press the three-dot symbol and then Copy Link to download a Facebook video. Then copy and paste the link into a browser. Then, long-tap the video and choose Download video.


Step 1:- First Open Facebook on your Android device and then sign in on your account.

How to save a video from Facebook

Step 2:- Open the video which you want to download and then click on the three-dot icon.

Step 3:- Copy the Link from the video and then paste it to the browser which will be replaced www with basic and as a result, the URL should begin with

how to download a facebook video on Android
Credits:- Hellotech

Step 4:- Then you’ll see the option Download video, Share video.

how to download a facebook video on Android 11
Credits:- hello-tech

STEP 5:- Choose the download option and the video automatically will be downloaded to your android phone.

How to Save a Facebook Video on iPhone ( 5 Simple Steps)

To save a Facebook video to your iPhone, hit Share and then Copy Link. I would recommend you to download the MyMedia app where you can easily paste links and save video directly to your camera roll. Follow the steps and you can easily download any type of Facebook video in very less time.

Step 1:- Download MyMedia App from Apple Store.

v4 460px Save Live Videos from Facebook on iPhone or iPad Step 1.jpg
Credits:- Wikihow

Step 2:- Then after downloading simply Open the Facebook app and click on the video.

Step 3:- Copy the Link from the video and then paste it to the browser which you already download to save videos.

how to download a facebook video on iphone
Credits:- Hellotech

Step 4:-  Then select either Force download SD or Force download HD. SD is an abbreviation for standard-definition, whereas HD is an abbreviation for high-definition.
Then, choose Download the file.

Step 5:- Save to Camera Roll is the next option. The video will then appear on your Photos app.

save facebook video iPhone
Credits:- Hellotech

How to Save a Facebook Video on Computer ( Windows, Mac, and Linux)

You can easily download Facebook videos using 4K Video Downloader which is one of the greatest tools because it supports several platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and provides quality options ranging from 240p to 2K. 

Follow these steps and you can easily download videos on your computer by using the 4K Video Downloader.

Step 1:- First step you need to visit and download the 4k video downloader and then install it. 

Screenshot 2022 03 01 at 1.24.56 AM

Step 2:- Then copy the video link and then paste it to the 4k video downloader app.

Screenshot 2022 03 01 at 1.28.54 AM

Step 3:- Next step if you’re using a Mac then by tapping on the screen you’ll see the paste link option, just tap on it and you’ll different HD quality options and you can download your desired video format.

Screenshot 2022 03 01 at 1.29.06 AM

 Step 4:- Then automatically video will start downloaded after you pick the video quality you want and then you can access the video on your computer.

Step 5:- This is How it looks after you download the Facebook video on your pc.

Screenshot 2022 03 01 at 1.29.20 AM1

How to download videos from Facebook without Third-Party Apps ( Chrome)

By doing this method you can easily download videos from Facebook on chrome easily by just following the steps:-

Step 1:-  Open Facebook on your computer and then search for the video which you want to save.

Step 2:-  After Opening the video you’ll see a link on the search bar, just copy the link.

Step 3:-  Copy the Link in the chrome browser and then Tap on the video your see Save as an option.

Step 4:-  After you save the video the video will appear on your desktop.


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 Wrapping Up!

As we’ve mentioned above some of the genuine steps on How to save video from Facebook on Android phones and iPhones in HD Quality easily. If you really liked the article do let us know your valuable view and how we helped you through this info. Thank You!

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