How To Leave a Telegram Group Without Notifying Anyone | Leave Now!

How To Leave a Telegram Group Without Notifying Anyone | Leave Now!
 Instant messaging apps nowadays have become a major part of the day-to-day lives of many people. It is now the most preferred way to communicate with friends or family at any time, any day. But sometimes, after a while, every group becomes boring or overly annoying. Although If you don’t want to stay you can also leave a Telegram group, there’s a button that allows you to exit freely. But if for some reason, you want to leave but don’t want to come off as being rude, through this article, we’ll guide you on how to leave a Telegram group without notifying Anyone.
If you are thinking of how to leave a Telegram group without notifying anyone then try blocking a group chat to leave without being noticed, exiting the group by archiving it, leaving a group when the group is busy, etc. To know about these ways in brief read ahead.

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Facebook and WhatsApp are considered very famous and are the topmost among them. But recently, the app named Telegram has gained a lot of popularity among teenagers and ad*lts. It is all due to the company’s claim to be the most secure and privacy-oriented platform of all.
Thus, we can say Telegram is an online messaging app just like any other instant messaging app where you can send messages and data to anyone through the internet. Telegram also allows its users to form groups online and communicate with ease.
Sometimes telegram groups can really destroy your peace as they get annoyed by unnecessary messages and pictures or video Pop-ups. The groups are constantly bombarded with messages that don’t allow you to use other apps without distraction.
And when you think of leaving the group, it makes you a little bit uncomfortable with the fact that you have your own friends added to the group, and that can be a bit mean. This can portray you as a rude or unapologetic person. Many participants in the group might feel offended by this.
We are sure that even you have been in such a dilemma of whether to leave a group or not. In the end, we just don’t want anyone to get offended or hurt by our actions, right? Indeed, groups are an efficient way to connect with many people all at once, but sometimes you have to choose for yourself. So, let us find out how to leave a telegram group without notifying anyone.
Unfortunately, there is no definite or fail-proof way to get out of a Telegram group silently. As soon as you hit the exit button, the admin of the Telegram group is notified of your deed. It is announced in the group chat and every group participant can see it. Currently, there is no particular telegram method that will allow you to run silently out of the group.
Because the mischief app wants people to know that somebody has left the group. If somebody didn’t have this notification, which alerts the Admin and also the participants of the group, people may think that they might have deleted the Telegram app or some other kind of bug.
But we can say this thing for sure: telegram likes and enjoys letting the admins know concretely that you’ve left a chat. But the good news is that there are some loopholes that one can use to leave a group silently. They will be similar to the effect of leaving. We have written all of them below:-

1. Blocking A Telegram Group to Leave Without Being Noticed

By blocking the group, you can passively leave the group chat. It is a great way to get out of a telegram group chat without anyone noticing. But just by blocking the group, you won’t be leaving the group, you’ll still be part of it. It means that you won’t be able to receive any kind of notification from the group.

This technique is effective as it has the benefit of not receiving distracting or annoying notifications from the group. And above all, no one will ever be notified that you left the group. But as everything comes with a price, this time it’s your own time and energy. In other words, blocking a group can be hard labor.

It requires you to find each and every admin in the group and block them individually. It can be considered a good method when you have nobody that close to you present in the group because there will be zero attempts from the other side to message you personally and they will never find out that you actually blocked them.

2. Exiting the Group by Archiving the Chat

Another loophole to consider when you want to silently leave a Telegram group is by archiving the group chat. This is considered the best method to exit a group if the group is inactive.

This can be done by clearing the chat so that you don’t have to look at it each time you open Telegram. As it’s an inactive group and nobody sends messages within it, the chances of the group chat reappearing are very low.

How To Archive a Group Chat On Telegram?

Step 1: Open “Telegram” on your Mobile Phone

Step 2: Find the “Chat” that you want to archive.

Step 3: On your iPhone, swipe to the left of the chat. On Android, you have to “Tap and hold”.

Step 4: Select “Archive” and It’s done.

3. Leaving a Group when the group chat is busy

You can leave a Telegram group secretly without anyone in the group chat knowing when the group is really busy. This can be done by selecting the group chat’s name at the top and selecting More. From here, you can choose options like leave group. This will allow you to leave the chat without being notified.

This can work if your telegram group is busy enough to ignore your notification of leaving. You can get lucky if people ignore your notification of leaving. This is a risky method, but it’s pretty much the only way you’ll be able to leave the chat without other members noticing.

4. Muting a Telegram Group without Anyone Noticing.

Another alternative to leaving the group chat secretly is by muting the group. Even though you’ll still be part of the group chat, it works fine and is similar to the effect of leaving a group.

If you do not consider the Telegram group important and are annoyed by the messages, you can definitely do this in order to get no notification from the respective group. To do this, you’ll need to go to the group in the conversations list>tap the group name>select Mute and you are done!

5. Delete a Telegram Group Without Leaving the Group.

Another alternative to leaving a Telegram group is deleting it. It will not make you leave the group, but if you have a silent group, with no frequent notifications, then you can delete the group. Telegram groups can take up a lot of space on your phone, and deleting the group can help you make more space.

How To Delete A Telegram Group Without Leaving The Group?

Follow the instructions given below to delete a Telegram group without leaving the group:-

Step 1: Open Telegram.

Step 2: Find the chat that you want to archive.

Step 3: On your iPhone, swipe to the left of the chat. On Android, you want to tap and hold.

Step 4: Select Delete.

So, this is how to delete a telegram group without leaving the group.

How To Leave A Telegram Group Without Notifying Anyone On iOS?

Step 1: Open Telegram on your iPhone or iPad and go to the group chat screen.

Step 2: Now you need to Tap on the group profile icon following that you’ll see the list of group members.

Step 3: Find and Select the member you want to remove. You have to Do this by holding and sliding your finger to the left of the member’s name.

Step 4: This will give you three options namely: Promote, Restrict, Delete

Step 5: Now you need to Hit Delete and the member will be removed.

So, this is How To Leave a Telegram Group Without Notifying Anyone on iOS.

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How To Leave A Telegram Group Without Notifying Anyone For Android?

Step 1: Open Telegram On your Android device, and go to Group Chat.

Step 2: Now you need to tap on the Group Chat name. By doing so you’ll see all the members of the group in a list.

Step 3: Following that you need to select the member you wish to remove and select Remove. By doing so the member will then be removed from the telegram group.

So, this is How To Leave a Telegram Group Without Notifying Anyone on Android.

Wrapping Up!

I hope the article helped you know How To Leave a Telegram Group Without Notifying Anyone also I’ve shown the steps to delete a Telegram group without leaving. So, If this blog helped you successfully leave a Telegram group, please share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Is telegram a Russian app?

Ans. Though the app is founded by Pavel Durov who is a Russian, the app currently has no ties with the Russian government.

Q2. Are the calls on telegram free of cost?

Ans. Yes, if your device is connected to wi-fi then you can enjoy free calls on telegram.

Q3. Is it important to add your phone number to Telegram?

Ans. No, it is not necessarily important to use your phone number on Telegram. you can connect with anyone just by searching for their respective username.

Q4. How can I leave the Telegram group anonymously?

Ans. In contrast to silencing incoming alerts, you may turn off “Alerts,” which allows you to leave any group conversation without alerting others.

Q5. Can people see if I leave the group on Telegram?

Ans. No, When you Exit a channel, Telegram does not tell anyone.

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