Top 8 Popular American Virtual Tech Companies List (2022)

Top 8 Popular American Virtual Tech Companies List (2022)

Virtual Tech companies are really taking over the market and creating its need day by day in the big industries. Even though an envisioned future of headsets and haptic gloves failed to materialize, Despite this, virtual reality has received a lot of positive press and has found a place in a variety of businesses.

According to current predictions, about 43 million individuals will use virtual reality at least once each month this year. In addition, the number of active VR users is estimated to reach over 171 million by 2020. Sure, it’s still viewed as a niche gamer technology, but it’s also shown to be useful in e-commerce, retail, medical training, employee development, technology, and non-gaming entertainment. It could possibly aid in the treatment of your anxiety. So now let’s talk about the best virtual tech companies in America.

Here are the Top 10  American Virtual Tech Companies List (2022)

1. CXR

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CXR is a digital strategy firm that was founded in 2021. Brooklyn, New York is the home of their midsize team. Digital strategy, mobile and app marketing, AR/VR creation, and corporate training are all areas where their team excels.

For a hair and beauty marketplace, CXR created a VR experience platform. The purpose of the project was to generate leads by providing users with a realistic sales experience modeled like a normal cosmetics boutique.

2. IFlexion

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Iflexion is a Denver-based full-cycle software engineering firm with over 850 IT specialists across the United States and Europe. More than 500 clients have benefited from their online, mobile, and omnichannel digital solutions since their founding in 1999.

Iflexion operates an artificial intelligence development lab and offers specialized services in data science, machine learning, computer vision, and other AI-related fields.

3. Qualcomm


Making mixed-reality spectacles slim enough for people to actually wear them is the pinnacle of their design. Qualcomm, as the leading provider of both 5G modem chips and image processing processors, might play a significant role in this. Working together, the two processors might transfer a portion of the image processing to a linked device or a cloud server, reducing the amount of processing required in the glasses.

Qualcomm developed a new processor this year that combines 5G connection with mixed-reality image processing. It also started giving a certification mechanism so that smaller eyewear companies could design their devices on those processors and then sell them with Qualcomm branding.

4. Magic leap

Magic Leap is a startup firm, which is a departure from the list of VR companies thus far. Magic Leap is concentrating on augmented reality rather than complete virtual reality. They employ 3D elements to populate the scene surrounding the user, which I find fascinating. This offers up the possibility of additional development since they might become the market leader in augmented reality.


Snap is the company that developed Snapchat, so you know these people are on the top of the technological heap. They’re masters of including aspects of augmented reality into their tech, proving they could be a top VR company. You can access different aspects of augmented reality every day, at no cost—only a phone camera.

You can place 3D models in pictures or videos of yourself or friends out on a night on the town. Namely, the famous, dancing hotdog model. People made a splash by placing this 3D hotdog in random places, even someone placing it at a funeral for a family member.



Nvidia is another company, that offers VR technology for creators and other VR companies to use to create better apps and games.

As a prejudiced Nvidia user, I believe this combination is a no-brainer for gamers and VR enthusiasts. They enable a more straightforward and smooth resolution when a player or user is in the program or app, resulting in a more realistic experience for all parties involved.

7. Sciencesoft USA Corporation

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Located in Mckinney, Sciencesoft is a provider of IT consulting and software development services with expertise in CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Data Analytics, Information Security, DMS, and other innovative fields as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things, Computer Vision, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.


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8. Bricks & goggles


Bricks & goggles are based in the Netherlands, provides commercial VR simulations of construction projects created from 3D data. Free-roaming navigation, moving components, and the incorporation of real-world items are all possibilities. Architecture, building, real estate, and interior design are some of the applications.

Marxent Labs is a 3D design and visualization company based in Kettering, Ohio. A 3D cloud platform with a 3D room designer, VR showroom, eCommerce product visualizations, and view/design in room augmented reality are among its services. It also has a pipeline for 3D content and modeling.

9. Viron IT

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VironIT was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with a regional UK office in London and a Belarus development office that specializes in mobile, web-based, and enterprise software applications, as well as software support, maintenance, and integration.

It also covers the Internet of Things, robots, and blockchain development. Android, Unity, iOS, Java, Node.JS, HTC Vive, Windows Holographic, Python, and others are among the platforms it employs for development. 3D modeling, VR app development, and MR development are examples of VR services.

10. Within

American Virtual Tech Companies

Within was founded in 2014 and is one of the most famous Los Angeles-based companies which produce such a good VR experience, Animations, films, and a lot more. It has later collaborated with CNN.


Wrapping Up!

Above we have mentioned some of the Top 10 American Virtual Tech Companies which are the most valuable and reliable companies in the USA.  All of the companies are top-rated and work differently with their innovations and VR Experiences. If you really liked the articles do let us know your reviews on the Articles. Thank You!

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