How to Remove Reels From Facebook App | Try These Methods

How to Remove Reels From Facebook App | Try These Methods

Still, wondering how to remove reels from Facebook app? We are here to help! Facebook is indeed a great platform to connect with the other side of the world and is famous for adding various fun features now and then but sometimes too many things on a single platform can create a mess and once such feature has been facing mixed reactions by the users are in-app automated reel Feature. With that many people find it annoying and some others might like it as well. If you don’t like to come across a few reel videos while scrolling through the app and want to get rid of them don’t worry because in this article We will be discussing how to remove reels from Facebook, so without any further ado lets get started!

If you are an active Facebook user you must be knowing that the platform has rolled out reels, and TikTok like short videos to the platform. Back in 2020 Facebook initially rolled out Reels on Instagram and now has announced that it has started rolling out reels on Facebook for iOS and Android. Many Facebook users find it annoying and want to get rid of it. And to be honest there is no in-app option to block reels on Facebook but there are some workarounds or you can say hacks that can be used to avoid seeing reels on Facebook some of which are using third-party apps or accessing your Facebook account via a web browser. We have listed all the methods below for you to know how to remove reels from Facebook

How to Remove Reels From Facebook App?

3 Methods To Remove Reels From Facebook

As we’ve mentioned above there is no direct method to remove reels from your Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook has not officially included the method to do so. You cannot disable the Facebook reels on the app. But if you still want to Use Facebook and not get annoyed by various reels on the app then you can take some simple measures to avoid having reels appear in your feed.

These methods are the best possible way to remove reels from Facebook. So continue reading and follow the steps given in the listed methods below.

Method 1: Use Facebook in Browser

How to Remove Reels From Facebook App

This is the easiest and the best solution to avoid seeing reels on Facebook. Reels on Facebook are only available on Facebook’s Android and iOS apps therefore you can use the Facebook mobile browser to access Facebook to avoid seeing reels on Facebook.

Method 2: 3rd-Party Facebook Apps

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Another method to remove reels from Facebook is to take help from some third-party Facebook clients’ apps. Yes! There are a limited number of third-party Facebook client apps that offers its user extra customizations and features. Ans we understand when you hesitate while using a third-party app as it takes more control of your Facebook personal details than the Facebook official app does and we recommend you avoid using them until it’s too important.

There are a few recommended popular third-party Facebook client apps: SlimSocial and Frost. You can download the SlimSocial directly from the google play store and the Frost is available on Github.

Method 3: Use Old Facebook App

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This might be the easiest way to disable Facebook short videos. If you use an older Facebook version that does not support the feature then you can avoid seeing reels on Facebook. Though there are some downfalls as well. You might not be able to experience other newly added features added on Facebook that you might enjoy but if you are one of those people who cannot tolerate the annoying videos it will be worth it!

You can rid of Facebook reels on the app, by uninstalling your updated Facebook app and installing the older apk version of Facebook and Also remember to turn off auto-update as well to avoid automated updation on the app.

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How To Remove Your Own Reels On Facebook?

If you are a creator and make reels on Instagram and Facebook but do not wish people to see your reels on Facebook and looking to remove your reels on Facebook then follow the steps given below to remove your reels on Facebook.

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Step 1: Open Instagram and Log into your Instagram account

Step 2: Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

Step 3: Next Tap in the top right, then tap Settings.


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Step 4: Following that you need to Tap Privacy, then tap Reels.

Step 5: Next to Recommend on Facebook, tap to turn it on or to turn it off according to your choice.

That’s it this is how you can remove your reels on Facebook.

How To Disable Auto-Playing Reels?

If you are unbothered about Facebook reels popping up on your feed but on the other hand, you want to get rid of the auto-playing reels and short videos on the Facebook app. Then follow the steps given below to turn off the auto-playing of reels.

Step 1: Open Facebook and log into your Facebook account

Step 2: Open the menu option that’s present on the top corner of the screen with three stacked lines

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on the ‘Settings and Privacy option then click on ‘Profile Settings.’

Step 4: Following that Select the ‘media and Contacts’ option and then Click on the ‘autoplay’ option and then change the setting to ‘Never Autoplay Videos.

This is How you can Disable Auto-Playing Reels.

Wrapping up!

We hope by now you’ve learned how to remove reels from Facebook. There is no best method to do as Facebook has no official option to block reels on Facebook but there are some workarounds like using Facebook via a web browser or using an older version of Facebook to avoid seeing reels on Facebook.

Try out the methods we’ve mentioned above and let us know in the comment box which one worked the best for you. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment box below If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

Thank You For Reading!

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