15 Reliable Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay Well in 2022

15 Reliable Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay Well in 2022

Juveniles around the age of 12 are energetic, passionate, and somehow ready to initiate taking on new responsibilities before they grow into teenagers. Suppose your 12-year-old child is curious about going into something new, making spending money, and attaining work experience. In that case, it may be an incredible idea to enable them to find a part-time job outside of school hours. If this job is somewhere related to their passion, they will grow in this thing.

But you might be thinking that finding Jobs for women, men, or even adults is easy, but what kind of jobs can a 12-year-old do right. So, let me tell you that there is a surplus of possibilities for 12-year-olds to contribute to the community while understanding valuable skills. This article will help you explore easy jobs for 12-year-olds that pay well, provide tips on finding work and list the advantages of work at this age. Btw you can also have a look at the Jobs for 13-year-olds in our previous articles as there is not much difference between both the ages.

Most suitable forms to administer you find a job for 12-year-old:

  • Search online: View utilizing a site to help you find likely leads in your local area.


  • Post online: You may also post in regional community groups on social media, questioning if there are any jobs for 12-year-olds.


  • Ask your network: Consider asking your friends and family if they have any information for a 12-year-old. Also, you may ask if they have surplus work around the house or at their business, such as a cleaning role.


  • Create your role: If you’re searching for a role for a 12-year-old, consider offering them a job performing for you, carrying out household or garden work.


  • Do start your own business: Children may also start handling small businesses, providing useful benefits to society such as car washing or mowing lawns.

So, without wasting any time now, let’s come to our main concern. Here is the list of jobs for your 12-year-old the below:

Here’s The List Of Jobs For 12-Year-Olds

 1. Author

Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay

If you want to be a teenage writer, it’s plenty of work, but it can also be very rewarding. A book you write now could have you earning money for the rest of your life! To be a teenage author, you will need to write a book, edit the book, publish it yourself online, and then sell your book so that people can purchase it from you. It is indubitably an interesting and hectic job as it needs alot of mental energy. Still, it will for sure helps in sharpening your mind, gaining alot of knowledge, and learning new vocabulary.

2. Blogger

cover 1 1

Teenage bloggers can easily create money online if their blog gets famous and is liked by the audience. It can also be delightful to write about something you know about and are eager about. To make money as a teenage blogger, you’ll need to compose blog posts often that are impressive so that people will keep seeing your site. Then, you’ll be able to make money via advertisements and sponsors from companies. It would help if you had basic writing skills and perfection in the language you write blogs for this.

3. Logo Designer

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A teenage logo designer functions with a business to create an amazing, customised logo that will define their company. To be a teenage logo designer, you’ll have a creative and artistic mind and be very good at all directions. Many businesses are very particular about their logo because it is an important part of their business. This job is interesting, and teens love such unique creative things. Even at this age, teens’ minds are sharp, and their level of creativeness is always more than other persons because of their growing stage.

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4. Artist

pexels anthony shkraba 4442076 scaled 1

How one can forget this creative, colourful job. As teens are just so fascinated by the colours, they love doing paintings, drawing new things etc. Every teen loves holding colours and using them uniquely. Still, it just needs some perfection, and the game is over. You are done with your painting. Teens can also jointly use their brains and hands to make a beautiful perfect painting with meaning or a hidden message. This job can earn you big money if your painting demands that much and is perfect and meaningful.

5. Paper round

collection newspapers1

A paper round is an everyday job for 12-year-olds. It presents children the opportunity to remain involved, work outside and earn cash-on-hand. The prior duty of a paper delivery person is to pick up newspapers and journals from a diffusion centre and deliver them to the proper address. A paper round may deliver pamphlets, booklets or other print media to the residents. Paper rounds generally involve early starts and weekend shifts. 

6. Mobile App Developer

how to become a mobile app developer

Anyone can learn how to create mobile apps, and once you do, you could make a lot of capital as a teenage mobile app developer. You might be developing apps for businesses so individuals can find out more about them or making apps that you can either sell or get money from advertisements. Being a teenage mobile app developer can be challenging but rewarding work. To be one, you have to memorise complete knowledge, and then you can think of this job.

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7. Babysitting

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 Sitters supervise immature young children while the parents or guardians are out. Babysitters may play with the babies, help them in their tasks or learning and feed them. They may also ensure the children go to bed at a particular time. Babysitters can create interpersonal skills by communicating with children of lower age. Sticking to a program can also support 12-year-olds in learning efficient time management skills.

8. Petsitting

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 Pet sitters are generally liable for overseeing pets while their owners are away, which could be for one or two evenings a week or an extended period if the keepers are on holiday. Pet sitters may feed animals such as cats, dogs, or fish. They may also confirm the pets take any essential medication. Also, pet sitters may walk pets or allow them outside to exercise. 12-year-olds can learn to follow guidelines to keep pets safe and healthy in this role which can help them acquire skills such as attention to detail and duty.

9. Photographer

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It’s more manageable than you think to become a teenage photographer if you have a good camera and are excellent at clicking pictures! The best way for a 12-year-old to become a teenage photographer is to get unique and impressive pictures of high-demand topics and upload them to Shutterstock, where businesses and other people can buy them for projects or other works.

10. Car washing

istockphoto 147064315 612x612 1

Car washing demands that 12-year-olds clean cars and other motor vehicles to an approved standard. Car washers are responsible for using cleaning tools such as buckets, sponges or pressure hoses to secure the exterior of a vehicle is clean and free of any dirt or mud. Car washers may also polish or wax cars once cleaned. In this role, car cleaners may also clean the inside of a vehicle. They may use a vacuum cleaner to clear up dirt or clothes and grooming spray to wipe down the innards of windows.

11. Dog walking


 Dog walking needs taking pet dogs on routine walks when the lessors are busy or on vacation. Dog walking can be an enthusiastic and outdoor role. It often demands the dog walker take pet dogs to local playgrounds, beachfront or fixed dog walking sites where dogs can exercise. Dog walkers may dress the animal in the proper walking gear, such as a harness and lead.

12. Gardening


 Gardeners are naturally responsible for supervision and gardening in outdoor locations. Gardeners may mow yards or water plants. Often, neighbours, family or friends hire 12-year-olds to supply these services. Children can acquire gardening experience and agricultural acquaintance by pruning plants, planting seeds and applying weed assassins. Garden work can help 12-year-olds create resilience by functioning outside at any temperature.

13. Sports coaching

female athletes with coach

Sports coaching demands a functional mastery to teach younger children how to play sports such as football, cricket, tennis, or any other. Sports coaches may help oversee younger gatherings of children playing sports such as soccer or rugby. They may lead warm-up routines, present the sport’s rules, or help with one-on-one coaching. Sports trainers may also work for academies or neighbourhood sports teams to assist with refereeing or mediating games in the evening or on weekends. Sports coaching may help 12-year-olds gain leadership qualities. Even you can think of your career in the sports field as there are few sports that pay well.



Becoming a teenage baker is as comfortable as having friends order sweet delicacies from you that you then make and give them for their bash. Of course, you’ll need to love baking and have all the baking supplies you ought to make everything from cupcakes and cookies to wedding cakes and more additional, but if you adore baking, this is the perfect job!

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15. Cleaning

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Cleaners are answerable for wiping down surfaces, mopping floors, and general tidying tasks. Cleaners might cleanse kitchens or living spaces in a house using essential cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners and mops. A 12-year-old’s family or friends who need light cleaning around their home or business may hire them to supply this service. In this role, children can develop strong attention to detail.

Wrapping up

You know your child more than anyone else. That means you have an adorable good idea of whether a job is right for them. Some 12-year-olds are more than ready to change a diaper, show up when it’s raining, and properly put away tools. Others may need additional time to develop. The important thing is to help your child pick a job they can do well and enjoy doing.

Hope this article is helpful to you, and now you can easily choose a job for your 12-year-old that pay well. If you have any questions, do share them in the comment section.

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