9 Easiest Ways on How to Mount Tv On The Wall (2022)


A TV wall mount installation can be a simple and straightforward procedure. When you’re finished, your flat screen TV will be in an elevated position, perfect for viewing from just about any angle. If you are looking on the internet on how to mount the TV on the wall. Then, in this article, I have compiled the steps on how to mount the TV on a wall:

In order to mount the TV on the wall, first of all, you must have prior knowledge of the tools required and how to use those tools. Let’s, first of all, we must know what are the tools required for mounting the TV on the wall. Here is the list of tools required:

“Here are the 9 Ways on How To Mount Tv On The Wall Easily”


S.No.Tool Name
1.Wall mount
2.Cord Cover(Optional)
3.Drilling machine and bits
4.Phillips screwdriver
5.Large sheet of Cardboard
6.Stud Finder
7.Tape measure
8.Painter’s Tape.
9.Socket wrench

These are the tools that are essential in the process of mounting the TV on the wall. The wall mount is an essential item from all of them as the TV will be hung on the wall with the help of the wall mount. A drilling machine is required to drill the holes for screws to hold the mount on the wall. You will also require the stud finder tool or app whichever is available and convenient or easy to use for you. A tape measure is also required to measure the distance. These are the tools let’s find out how we can mount the TV on the wall.

“How to mount the TV on the wall”

Let’s find out how we can mount the T.V. on the wall step-by-step.

1. Choose the right TV mount

 How to Mount Tv on the Wall

The first step while mounting the TV is choosing the right TV mount according to the dimensions and type of your TV. There are two basic types of TV mount and you have to choose which one is suitable for you. The two types of mount are the first one is to keep the TV flat against the wall. And, the second one features an adjustable swivel that allows the user to change the viewing position easily.

Both the mount have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, it is up to the user which one is suitable for their TV. We would suggest you go with a flat TV mount as it doesn’t have moving parts and is quite easy to install.

2. Remove the base from the TV

tv base webp

If your TV is attached to the base then remove the base by using the Phillip screwdriver. When you remove the base, lean the TV against the wall a short distance away from your work area. Keep the screws and the base together in case you decide you’d like to use the base again at a later date.

3. Find the Studs

stud finding webp

Once you have settled the perfect spot on the wall for mounting the TV, you will need to find the studs to mount the brack properly on the wall. Mounting your TV wall bracket to the studs provides the structural strength necessary to support a TV that could weigh anywhere between 30 and 100 pounds. Drywall alone will not support this sort of weight, so it’s essential that you anchor the TV mount into the studs.

For finding the stud location then you can use a stud finder tool or you can also use the stud finder apps which are handy and reliable for the task. Measure the mounting points on the TV while bracket to determine how many studs you need to find. For most, it will be a span of two studs, one for the left and one for the right. Depending on the specifics of your walls and your chosen TV mount, it may need to be a span of three studs. You can mark the location of studs lightly on the wall with a pencil.

4. Mark the hole position


After finding the stud location you have to mark the location, especially where the studs are. Marking the position will help you to find the location where you have to screw the mount on the wall. You can use a pencil or marker to mark the location. Double-check the location of the studs before proceeding to the next step.

5. Mark a level line

The next step is you have to mark a level line to place the position of the TV mount on the wall. You may end up a touch higher or lower than you originally intended, depending on whether you found wires or pipes inside your wall.

6. Drill the pilot holes

drill webp

The next step is to drill the holes on the wall. You can use the drill machine to drill the holes in the proper position on the wall.

7. Mount the wall bracket


Once the pilot holes are drilled, you have to use the included mounting screws to secure the wall bracket. Using a power drill or screwdriver put in the wall screws to firmly attach the bracket to the wall, with the screws going into the studs.

Generally speaking, you’ll want the screws tight enough to hold the bracket snug against the drywall, with no wiggling or rattling of the mounting plate. If the screws are sinking into the drywall or the bracket is warping in any way, you have overtightened. With the wall bracket properly placed, you are more than halfway done mounting your TV.

8. Attach the mounting plate to the TV



The next step after mounting the wall bracket on the wall is you have to use to attach the mounting plate on the TV. This is the second half of the TV mount, this mount is attached to the back of the TV. Depending upon the type of mount you are using, the two halves may be attached through a simple clip, a rail system, or even an extendable arm.

9. Attach the TV mounting plate to the wall bracket


With the above steps done, let’s proceed to the last step of how to mount the TV on the wall. The last step is you have to attach the mounting plate to the mount bracket on the wall. For doing so, firstly you have to lift the TV to proper height or even above the wall bracket depending upon the type of mount you have. You just have to slide the TV with the mounting plate to the mounting bracket on the wall.

Now reconnect all the accessories and connect the TV with the power source and there you go with your wall-mounted TV.


In the above article, I have mentioned the steps on how to mount the TV on the wall. If you find this article helpful then please comment about how you feel about the article and also in the comments suggest to us how we can improve in our future articles.

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