10 World’s Fastest dog Breeds List Of All The Time (2022) | With Top Speed

10 World’s Fastest dog Breeds List Of All The Time (2022) | With Top Speed

Dogs are very loyal and obedient creatures on the earth. These are also known as the friend of a man. This statement is so true and we have seen the loyalty of these creatures many a time. There are many examples to prove this. These creatures are more than your playing buddy. There are many dogs that make good pet dogs but there are so many dogs that are not ordinary pet dogs but more than that.

These dogs are very smart, agile, and even some of these cute-looking dogs can run with speeds of more than 40 miles per hour. Isn’t this surprising that these cute creatures are very capable? If you didn’t know about such fast dogs and are looking for them, then you have arrived at the right place. Here in this article, I have compiled the list of the 10 fastest dogs in the world:

“Here is the 10 World’s Fastest Dog Breeds List (2022)”

S.No.Dog NameTop speed
1.Grey Hound45 miles per hour
2.Saluki43 miles per hour
3.Ibizan Hound40 miles per hour
4.Afghan Hound40 miles per hour
5.Vizsla40 miles per hour
6.German Shepherd39 miles per hour
7.Dalmatian37 miles per hour
8.Borzoi36 miles per hour
9.Whippet36 miles per hour
10.Scottish Deerhound35 miles per hour


Let’s Understand Briefly About these Fastest Dog Breeds In The World:


1. Grey Hound

grey hound webp

Grey Hound is also known as English Grey Hound, the greyhound is very famous as a coursing and racing dog. This breed is over 4000 years and these dogs were used in a chase down sighting their pretty good eyesight and very fast speed.

The top speed of the dog is measured at 45 miles per hour. These dogs lack the stamina for long races. These dogs make very good pet dogs and are very loving in nature. These dogs typically grow short fur in a variety of colors and shades.

2. Saluki

saluki 1


Saluki’s are sight hunters. These have great vision and they use their sharp vision to spot the prey even from great distances. And, these dogs are very fast in speed. Unlike greyhounds, these dogs are believed to be fast runners in long stretches. These are very fast and can go 43 miles per hour.

In addition to generally acting reserved around strangers, Salukis do not like rough play and enjoy quiet environments. Despite their size and activity level, they do well in apartments, although they exhibit a high prey drive and may chase smaller pets.

3. Ibizan Hound


The Ibizan hound aims to entertain its owner with hyperactive antics and endless energy, as they will often escape crates and jump high fences. The breed has a natural inclination to run when unbounded, so it is recommended owners keep a watchful eye when their dog is off its leash. Ibizan Hounds are also protective and bark only when necessary—characteristics of a great guard dog.

The top speed of the Ibizan Hound is 40 miles per hour. These are very intelligent, elegant, and agile. They are generally very quiet and bark only when necessary.

4. Afghan Hound


Another 40-mph mover is the Afghan Hound. But this one has the fur waving in the wind as they pass you at these great speeds. Tall and elegant, this pup will move as quickly chasing the small games as they will running to the couch. They love to go, and they love to relax. This great kid-friendly pup has it all.

The breed is selectively bred for its unique features in the cold mountains of Afghanistan. Its local name is Tāžī Spay. The average lifespan of the dog is about 12 years.

5. Vizsla


Vizsla’s are bred to be hunters and retrievers—historically, the breed brought fowl to its owner after the bird was shot. The breed requires tons of attention and affection, and will sometimes whine when it feels ignored. Like most dogs used for hunting, vizslas require a level of exercise, so prepare to be active.

The top speed of the dog is 40 miles per hour. The Vizsla is a medium-sized dog built like a rock. This dog can swim, retrieve, point, and can be your best friend. These are very loyal and obedient in nature.

6. German Shephard

10 World's Fastest dog Breeds List Of All The Time

German Shephard’s are generally used as guards and service dogs due to their natural eagerness to work. These are also used in police services due to their nature. They have been known to become upset when they fail to sniff out dangerous objects. The top speed of the dog is 39 miles per hour. These are very energetic and require daily exercise to fully channel their energy else they become very disastrous in nature. These dogs can be friendly around the kids depending upon their training and behavior.

7. Dalmatian


The Dalmatian is iconically known for its appearance in Disney’s “One Hundred and One Dalmatians,” and for its reputation as a firehouse dog in the U.S. Dalmatians have a natural liking for horses, which made them ideal for running alongside firefighter carriages in the early years of firefighting, as they were one of the few breeds that could keep up with horses.

The traces of this breed can be traced back to the historical region of Dalmatia i.e. modern-day Croatia. These are originally raised as hunter dogs. The speed of the dog is 37 miles per hour. These dogs inherit a high susceptibility to certain health problems, including deafness, urinary stones, and allergies, which may require frequent medical interventions.

8. Borzoi


These are also known as Russian Sighthound or Russian Wolfhound. The Borzoi dogs trace their root back to the working dogs of Central Asia. At their fastest, these dogs can run at 36 miles per hour. Despite their nature and history of being hunting dogs, these also make great domestic pets. These are very quiet and sensitive in nature.

It’s essential that Borzois get plenty of exercises and that you give them variety in terms of tasks when it comes to training, as they can easily get bored. The dogs often appear in dog shows and athletics. Borzois are selective learners, requiring the owner’s patience and persistence to train.

9. Whippet


These are also known as English Whippet or Snap Dog. The whippet is a small to medium-sized sighthound dog from England. Descended from Greyhounds, the Whippet gets its name for an outdated 17th-century term that translates as “to move briskly.” Despite being small in size compared to the other dogs, these dogs are very fast and can run at around 35-36 miles per hour.

They excel in dog sports including agility courses, lure coursing, flyball, and dock diving. They are gentle and quiet dogs. Whippets also make excellent house dogs.

10. Scottish Deerhound

Deerhound Fernhills Kendra

This ancient breed is believed to pre-date recorded history and varies little from its ancestors. Scottish deerhounds get their name from their reputation of being exceptional hunters of deer. They can go up to the speed of up to 35 miles per hour. While they may not be the fastest for racing purposes but many people believe them to be faster than their counterparts while in their natural habitat.


In the above article, I have compiled the list of the 10 fastest dogs in the world. If you are a dog lover and if this article is helpful and provides you with some information then please comment and share your thoughts. Also in the comments, suggest to us how we can improve in future articles.

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