How To Fix iPhone Screen Black But On | 6 Fixes That 100% Works

How To Fix iPhone Screen Black But On | 6 Fixes That 100% Works

Okay, so you are also unaware of how to fix iPhone screen black but on? no worries, we have got your problem. As we all know, iPhone is the best smartphone in the world and it also amazes every single person on this earth with its new and upgraded features.

You are not the first person who is facing this problem, this problem is being seen by many iPhone users. Just imagine you are sitting in the office and you get a very important call from your boss and you see that suddenly your phone screen has turned black. What would you do then?

The thought was strange, but have you ever thought that why and how this happens and how to fix it? You may feel that your iPhone model is stuck or you may have thought about fixing your phone’s network and settings or etc.

Or you might also think that water has gone inside your phone. Don’t know how many and what kind of thoughts will start coming into your mind and in the end, you will think that how to cure it. So, let’s find out how to fix iPhone screen black but on or how to fix the iPhone black screen of death issue.


Here’s How To Fix iPhone Screen Black But On?


How To Fix iPhone Screen Black But On?

It is known to all that Apple is a very big branded company, and iPhone is one of their specialties. Now that there is technology, it is not necessary that it should always be fine, technical faults can and do happen here too. For example:- how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes, how to turn off your iPhone without a power button, how to turn off and restart an iPhone, etc.

The black screen showing on the iPhone is not something to worry about too much and there is nothing to worry about. It can also be due to some technical issues like hardware/software problems. Today we will talk about those things and see how to fix iphone screen black but on.


How To Fix iPhone Screen Black But On?

1. Put Your iPhone on Force Restart

First of all, put your phone on charging for a few minutes and let it charge for some time. If the screen of your phone remains black even after charging, put it on force restart.

To do this, first of all, you press and hold the side button and both the volume up and ten buttons together for a while. Now, wait for a while till the apple icon appears.

2. Fault Of Hardware

This could be another or one of the reasons why your iPhone screen has turned black. Don’t know! That your screen has been hit by something or some kind of tremendous pressure has gone on it. To fix this issue, go to the Nearby iPhone Store and show your phone.


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3. Drained Battery

The drained battery can also be the reason for showing a black screen on your iphone. In order to fix this issue, you need to connect or attach your iphone with an adapter or any powered device and then, press and hold the home button for a while. Just for a few moments or minutes till the icon appears on the screen.

4. Restore iPhone With iTunes

How to fix iPhone screen black but on? the answer is iTunes. With the help of iTunes, you may put your iPhone on the factory settings but this will wash off all your info as well as the data. If you have the backup option then this must be good for you but if don’t make sure you must have it.

Now, firstly, connect the iPhone to your desired device, and then get going with iTunes. Now, move to the “Summary” tab, and next, tap on the “Restore” option. After clicking or going with the restore option, this will help to end your black screen death issue and will delete all your data.


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5. May Be Apps Not Working Good

If somehow, you are using any other application on your device and just after that, your device or iphone shows up on the black screen. That application ought to be the reason for the appearance of the black screen on your iphone.

In order to fix this issue, you must press the home button, two times and then immediately swipe left-right to see the recent applications list. Tap to swipe on that specific application to close it.

Now, press the home button again and try to get back to your iPhone’s home screen. At last, recheck that application again to know whether the issue is solved or not.

6. You Can Use Alternate Tools

You can also resolve this issue by using alternative tools, try mobitrix prefix. This tool will help you to fix or resolve this black screen problem. To do so:

Step 1: At first, download or install the application or tool on your computer & connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2: Once, the device confirms or is recognized then select the “Start” button.

Step 3: At last, choose “Fix Now” and then select your standard repair option. Now, Download the essential firmware package as instructed and then proceed.


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Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered how to fix iPhone screen black but on. We genuinely hope you find this article helpful as well as quite informative. Don’t forget to share this useful article with your friends and loved ones who are iPhone users.

Also, let us know, which method you like the most. For more updates on technology, apple, and other social technology like content, stay tuned and also keep checking back to Americbuzz and its future articles. Thanks for reading!

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