how to turn off phone without power button

The power button is one of the most important physical controls on a mobile device. If for whatever reason you are unable to utilize the power button on your Android device and iPhone whether because it is broken or unresponsive, here are some alternative techniques to quickly boot up your handset.

The technology of your phone, like the power button, volume rocker, and even the charging connector, can fail after a few years of use. Some apps may go wild and significantly drain your phone’s battery, making it difficult to shut down or restart your device in these conditions.

The power button on your smartphone is no longer necessary because we decide to share with you some methods.  While most of this is exclusive to Android, we decide to include some ways that will help you to know how to turn off phone without power button on your iPhone.  Some android ways can also be used with some minor adjustments on iOS devices.

Accidental drops, abuse, improper handling, and subpar construction are all potential causes of the power button of a mobile device breaking or becoming unresponsive. For example, after years of use, the power button on your phone may stop responding. You can do an apple coverage check to check the warranty which will minimize your charges.

To get this hardware issue resolved permanently, one must take it to a service centre. If you’ve misplaced your phone’s power button, don’t worry; one of the alternatives provided below will do the trick. All Android devices and iPhones are supported, so don’t worry if you don’t have an Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, or any other brand.

How To Turn Off Phone Without Power Button ( Android )

Turn Off Phone Without Power Button 1

The power button on an Android device isn’t the only way to power down. While some of these procedures may be complex, they are not necessarily difficult to implement. Here are some steps that will help you know How to turn off phone without power button( Android ). Do have a look:

1. Power Off Your Phone Settings

To power down your phone, among other things, visit the settings menu. It’s possible for Android phones to have varying degrees of customization depending on the manufacturer. This is, however, a default option on every mobile device.

1. Select Preferences.

2. Look for the button labeled “Power Off” and press it.

3.  An alternate label could be used for this selection. If that doesn’t work, try looking for Turn Off, Shut Down, or Switch Off instead.

4. All of your primary preferences are now displayed.

5. The option to turn off the power can be found toward the bottom of the page.

Using this method, you can power down your phone, but you won’t be able to restart it without pressing the power button.

2. Scheduled Power Off Button to Turn Off Phone

Scheduled Power Off allows for convenient automatic off and on operation at predetermined times.

1. Select Preferences.

2. To find the option to turn off the power at a predetermined time, type “Scheduled Power Off” into the search bar.

3. Plan a time when you will not be available by phone.

You can set a timer for your phone to automatically power down, and it will do so at that time.

3. Using a third-party app to silence the phone

Third-party software is a convenient option and will help you to know how to turn off phone without power button For those looking for a less laborious method. one such easy-to-navigate app is Power Menu.

1. The Power Menu app may be downloaded from the Google Play store and launched.

2. To access the preferences menu, click the corresponding button.

3. Permit the app to access your location.

4. Restart the program and select Open Power Menu.

5. Choose the Turn off option now.

Pro Tip:  that if your phone’s battery is low, it may switch off by itself without your having to do anything. Plugging your phone into its charger is all it takes to turn it back on.

 4. Use ADB to restart an Android device.

This technique is also Android-only. Smartphone USB debugging and development must be enabled in the settings.

1. To enable developer mode on your Android device, navigate to Settings > About > Tap Build number many times.

2. The next step is to enable USB debugging in Android Settings > Developer settings.

3. Use a USB cable to link your Android device to a desktop or laptop computer. Once that’s done, a message would appear letting you know that USB debugging is active.

4. You may get Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for your computer by clicking here.

5. Open a command prompt by going to C:adb and typing cmd. (in Windows)

6. After typing adb devices, hit the Enter key.  The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of the associated phone will be displayed.

7. Enter “adb reboot” and restart the device. Eventually, the phone will reboot.

If you follow these simple techniques you will get to know how to turn off phone without a power button.

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How To Turn Off Phone Without Power Button ( iPhone )

how to turn off phone without power button

1. iPhone power off with Google Assistant or Siri

In order to power down your device, just tell Siri to do so. Siri, alas, can only lock the screen and not power down the device. Even so, this feature comes in handy when you can’t access your phone because you’re in the middle of something else (like cooking).

To lock your phone, Google Assistant can’t do it, and it can’t turn it off either. However, Google could add this functionality in the near future.

2. Go Through iPhone settings

1. To access General, simply select Settings.

2. To access the shutdown button, you’ll need to go to the top of the page.

3. The power can be turned off by tapping the button and then sliding it to the right.

3. Assistive Touch Button

Those using an iPhone can use the feature known as “assistive touch” to make use of a virtual home button. After turning it on, proceed as follows: select Assistive Touch > Device > More > If you press the restart button, your gadget will restart.

These three super simple steps help you to know how to turn off phone without power button ( iPhone ).

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How can I turn my phone back on?

Now, it is clear how to turn off phone without power button. It’s time for backup.  A power button-less iPhone shutdown was achieved by one of the aforementioned means. Is there any way to get it working again?

Because none of the buttons are operational, we have to rely on you plugging in your phone. Don’t worry about charging it back up again. When the battery is totally depleted, connect the iPhone to the cable, and the Apple logo should appear.

Be mindful that these remedies are not ideal for regular use. In order to prevent more problems, please fix your power button as soon as possible.

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Q1. How can I protect the power button on my phone from wearing out over time?

The solution is simple and obvious. Nowadays, a fingerprint scanner or FaceID is standard on most smartphones. If you want your phone’s physical power button to last as long as possible, it’s best to unlock it through this method. You can avoid using the power button altogether by activating options like “Raise to wake” or “Double tap to sleep/wake.”

Q2. Is ADB command method easy to use? 

I won’t say it’s the easiest way to power down Android devices if the power button is busted or the screen is cracked. But you can also use ADB commands to turn off and reboot your Android device into Safe Mode, System Mode, Bootloader Mode, or Recovery Mode without touching the Power or Volume buttons.

Q3. What is the best way to shut down the  Android phone?

You can power down your Android device by selecting Settings>Battery and then tapping the “Turn Off” option.

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Wrapping Up!

We trust that you can now know how to turn off phone without power button. In any case, if the switch is broken beyond repair, we recommend taking it to a certified repair shop, as buttons are typically cheap to fix.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. If you have any questions or concerns, you can share them with us.  Do share this article with friends.  For more content like this, stay tuned.

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