How To Block Someone On Paypal | Block Unknown Requests 2022

How To Block Someone On Paypal | Block Unknown Requests 2022

How To Block Someone On Paypal or Block Unknown Requests for money. As we’ve seen in many social media platforms where you can easily block someone on their platforms if getting spam messages or anything you don’t want to happen on your phone.

I’ve seen many queries related to how to block someone on PayPal? Is it possible to directly block someone on PayPal like WhatsApp or Instagram or in a Gmail account?

So the most straightforward answer is Yes, PayPal is one of the most reliable platforms for payment and any type of transactions that can be done securely. Currently, Paypal is not allowing anyone to block someone completely. The best one can do is to disable the person’s ability to pay through the send money option. 

So, today in this blog we’re going to discuss a few things that would help you to learn How to block someone on Paypal easily.

Here’s How To Block Unknown Money Requests on Paypal?

So As I’ve mentioned above that there is no such feature on PayPal that allows anyone to block money requests on PayPal. So due to mang cyber attacks or scammers, many people get lots of money requests anonymously from across the world that they actually don’t know where they’re coming from.

So blocking them from your PayPal account may help you to stop their money requests permanently until they don’t change their account or phone number used to send these requests. Although there’s one option that allows you to block someone on PayPal who is on your contact list.


Follow the steps given below to block money requests on Paypal from your contact list:-


Step 1:- First Go to the “Send and Request” option

Step 2:- Just click on the “contacts icon” at the top of the page.

Step 3:- So simply select the “contact” that you want to remove and then click on “remove”.


How to Block Someone on Paypal with your Personal account?


So As I said earlier at the start of the article we can’t just block someone on PayPal directly like Whatsapp or Gmail account where you can directly block someone by just selecting the block option.

One of the easiest solutions that I’m gonna share with you is just not to reply to those requests. If you still getting that spam requests for the money you can contact to PayPal support center that would be the best option.


How to Block someone on Paypal with a Business account?

How to block someone on Paypal

The business account is another best option for all the PayPal users who are using PayPal for their businesses. As you’ll be provided with an option where you can select anyone to limit their payments from any specific senders. 

Below we’ve provided some of the steps that will help you to do it very easily:-

Step 1:- Simply log in to your Paypal account 

Step 2:- Go to Settings -> Selling Tools -> Click on it.

Step 3:- Then Open the “Getting paid and managing my risks” option and then select the “Update” option.

Step 4:- Then simply tap on the “Block payments” option. 


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How do I change my PayPal from friends to family?

Step 1:- Log in to your “PayPal” account and then select the “Pay or send money” option and choose whether you’re paying for services or products or just sending money to your family members or friends.


Step 2:- Simply enter the “Recipient’s email address” and mobile number, then click on Next.


Step 3:- Then Enter the amount and click the Continue Button.


Step 4:- Select the Change “Payments method” option and confirm your details of Payment and click Send Money. 


Some Frequently Asked Questions


1. What happens if someone requests money from you on PayPal?

So if someone requests money from you on PayPal, you’ll get a link in the form of email or a message with a link through which you can make payments through your wallet itself.

2. Can you cancel a money request on PayPal?

Yes, whenever you get a money Request from anyone you don’t want to send you can easily cancel their request within the app.

3. How long does a PayPal request last?

A money Request on Paypal lasts for about 14-21 Days in between you can also cancel the request if you want to.


Wrapping Up!

I hope this article helped you to you How to block someone on Paypal and also How to block unknown requests for money. Above we’ve given some Steps that you can follow to easily block someone on Paypal while reading this blog. So, if you really liked the information do share your thoughts on our comment section down below, and if it helped you to block anyone do share this article. Thank You!

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