Latest 7 Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List to Watch in 2022

Well, I hope you guys are fine and doing amazing work. I am back again with some new articles on the top 7 contract marriage Turkish drama series. Drama is important in life whether it is real life or reel life drama always add up some twist and turns. Every series involve great drama and this twist cheer up the audience and viewers.

The more the drama! more it will be fun for the idea to watch. Keeping this thing in mind here I am preparing a top 7 contract marriage Turkish drama series. We have watched and witnessed many plots, tragedies, and love affairs on Turkish love affairs so far. Indeed these are the main topics of the Turkish series.

So, are you guys looking for drama series? Are you searching for the Forced marriage Turkish drama series? If yes, then you are on the right track. This place is what exactly what you all are looking for. Here is the list from top to bottom.

 7 Latest Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List


1. My Home My Destiny (Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir)

Latest 7 Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List to Watch in 2022

Released dateDecember 25, 2019 –
Ratings (acc to IMDb) 6/10
Star Cast
  • Demet Ozdemir as Zeynep
  • Ibrahim Celikkol as Mehdi
  • Engin Hepileri as Faruk
  • Zuhal Gencer as Sakine
  • Sinan Demirer as Bayram
  • Senan Kara as Nermin
  • Nail Kirmizigul as Ekrem
DirectorCagri Bayrak

My Home My Destiny is the story of young and attractive Zeynep, who was nurtured by an affluent family despite coming from a humble background. Her father transfers custody of her to a wealthy family when she turns 7 years old in exchange for money and receives some.

Sakine, Zeynep’s biological mother, makes the difficult decision to accept this offer in order to give her adorable daughter the chance to attend school and live a respectable life. The TV show “My Home, My Destiny” tells the tale of a stunning girl who was raised by an affluent family while coming from a poor household. Will Zeynep consent to Mehdi or Faruk getting married? Will Mehdi and Zeynep get along?


2. Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi)

Latest 7 Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List to Watch in 2022

Released date28 June 2021 –
Ratings ( acc to IMDb)6.3/10
Star Cast
  • Gokhan Alkan as Ferit Sancakzade
  • Yagmur Tanrisevsin as Ayse Yilmaz Sancakzade
  • Merve Cagiran as Hande Varoglu
  • Toprak Can Adiguzel as Yaman Ozturk
  • Senay Gurler as Azade Sancakzade
  • Mahir Gunsiray as Adnan Sancakzade
  • Meltem Gulenc as Zumrut Varoglu
  • Riza Akin as Huseyin Varoglu
Director Yildiz Hulya Bilban

In Heart Wound, Ferit is a young man from the affluent and illustrious Sancakzade family. Since graduating from law school, he chooses not to practice law and instead works at his family’s company in Antakya.

In the television series Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi), Ferit and Ayse are caught in a challenging marriage game for six months. Ferit, will you pardon Hande? Would Ferit & Ayse succeed in convincing everyone that their love is genuine? Let’s find out after watching this forced or contract marriage drama!

3. Destiny (Elkizi)

Latest 7 Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List to Watch in 2022

Released dateOctober 23, 2021 – 30 January 2022
Ratings (Acc to IMDb)4.1/10
Star Cast
  • Sevda Erginci
  • Perihan Savas
  • Ismail Ege Sasmaz
  • Münir Can Cindoruk
  • Alayça Öztürk
  • Toprak Saglam
  • Firat Dogruloglu
  • Çagla Simsek
DirectorFeride Kaytan

Ezo is a young, attractive girl who struggles with her life. On a large Bozdagli farm, she feels imprisoned. Alongside her stepmother and father Resul, she leads a luxurious existence. A young girl named Ezo kills her biological father in the television show Destiny(Elkizi) in order to exact revenge on her mother. After killing her father Resul, will Ezo regret it? When Ezo becomes independent, will she be able to live in peace? Watch this television series right away.

4. Kuzgun (Kuzgun)

Latest 7 Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List to Watch in 2022

Released date February 13, 2019-
Ratings (Acc to IMDb)7.9/10
Star Cast
  • Barış Arduç
  • Burcu Biricik
Director Bahadir Ince

Kuzgun is an 8-year-old Kuzgun’s father is a dependable police officer. Along with their parents, brother, sister, and other family members, he has a simple but content existence. However, when his father gets dumped from the police force due to a drug scandal and betrayed by a coworker, his world is turned upside down.

Two young people are brought back together again after 20 years in the Kuzgun television series either by forces of love & revenge. Will Kuzgun be able to move on from his past and live peacefully? Will Kuzgun put Dila’s needs before his sense of revenge? Watch this contract marriage series now!

5. The Phoenix (Zümrüdü Anka)

Latest 7 Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List to Watch in 2022

Released date25 Jan 2020
Ratings (Acc to IMDb)4.1/10
Star Cast
  • Alp Navruz
  • Ceren Yilmaz
Director Serhan Sahin

The Phoenix tv series drama is a story about a beautiful girl Zumrut who wants to get married to a wealthy man Adil after the death of her lover Serhat. Adil is a middle-aged man who is the boss of the factory where Zumrut works. Zumrut and Adil organize a wedding ceremony and accepts the greetings.

After they get married officially, they are shaken by a great surprise Serhat showed up at the wedding all of a sudden. Everyone is surprised to see him because they believe in his death. While everyone seems to be really happy about him she feels remorse for her wedding decision.

6. The Promise (Yemin)

Latest 7 Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List to Watch in 2022

Released date18 February 2019
Ratings (Acc to IMDb)6.7/10
Star Cast
DirectorTerry George

The promise includes a story of a very simple girl Rehann who is an orphan and lives with her uncle. Her uncle wants her to marry his ill-mannered son Emer who hates her and Rehann also has the same kind of hatred feelings for him but because of her uncle she agrees to marry him. the story of the series consists of various ups and downs. Despite the fact that they don’t like each other in the beginning soon they start loving each other.

7. You Knock On My Door (Sen çal Kapimi)

Latest 7 Contract Marriage Turkish Drama Series List to Watch in 2022

Released date8 July 2020
Ratings (Acc to IMDb)7.5/10
Star Cast
  • Hande Erçel
  • Evrim Dogan
  • Elcin Afacan
  • Kerem Bürsin
  • Anil Ilter
DirectorEnder Mihlar, Yusuf Pirhasan

If we talk about the plot the plot of this story is quite dramatic. The girl is passionate about her education and career but due to some reasons she is unable to go abroad for her studies then a boy enters her life and offers her to marry him for two months. After two months he will arrange everything for her to study abroad.

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Wrapping up!

Here above I have mentioned the Top 7 contract marriage Turkish drama series. I hope you have gone through the whole list and finally you guys get what you want to know about the top 7 contract marriage Turkish drama series.

I hope you people like this work of mine. If you are satisfied with my work then please do let me know by commenting your views, and thoughts in the comment section. As comment sections are always available to you. Don’t forget to share with me the other things you want to know about.

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