20 Best Kdrama Sites To Watch Korean Drama For Free You Should Try In 2022

20 Best Kdrama Sites To Watch Korean Drama For Free You Should Try In 2022

Are you looking for some best Kdrama sites to watch Korean drama for free? Worldwide, Korean drama series are hugely popular, and millions of people adore watching them. And this article may be of use to you if you’re one of the many millions of Korean drama fans looking for the top Kdrama sites to watch Korean drama for free or online with English subtitles.

These websites offer Kdramas in a variety of subgenres, including family, fantasy, romance, comedy, and thriller. Fortunately, several of these websites offer English SRT or subtitles. These websites passed our tests; they are fully safe, have few advertisements, offer high-quality streaming, and have reliable download speeds.

Finding the good in the treasure trove of Korean dramas is a never-ending endeavor, whether you’re a novice or an expert. Even if we did find an excellent drama, it can be difficult to locate a website with quality subtitles. Online, a lot of websites are created. The ones with decent user flow and an easy interface are rare, though. Here are 20 places or Kdrama sites to watch Korean drama for free.


Here’re The 20 Best Kdrama Sites To Watch Korean Drama For Free


Do you enjoy watching Korean dramas, I assume? Netflix does, however, provide a sizable selection of kdramas, but in order to watch them, you must subscribe to Netflix. Don’t worry if you lack the funds to pay for a subscription. Dramas from Korea are enthralling. Once you begin watching them, you can’t stop.

They have the top actors, romances, and plotlines. Another factor is the cultural disparity. Netflix does not require payment. All of the dramas are not available on Netflix. What if despite having a subscription, Netflix does not offer the drama you want to watch? The next step is an internet search.

Here are some websites where you can watch Korean dramas online for free in order to spare you the time it would take you to search the internet for your favorite show. Yes! You can use a laptop or a smartphone to access these websites and watch dramas without paying anything. You can download content from some websites so you may watch it later.


1. AsianCrush

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

An excellent website for free Korean drama downloads is Asiancrush.com and also one of the best kdrama sites to watch Korean drama for free. They provide a huge selection of episodes and movies without charge. After that, you can always subscribe to have access to the K-variety library’s whole collection. Here you may get Chinese dramas like Youth with You Season 2 and Descendants of the Sun.

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose which show to watch. With its random button, Asiancrush has the answer. When you click it, a random K-Drama will begin streaming. In undeveloped countries, there is no free streaming website. AsianCrush is as well-liked by millions of people as Netflix and Hulu.


2. FastDrama

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

A website offering a respectable amount of drama and particularly high-quality videos is fastdrama.se. Additionally, the amount of servers guarantees that we won’t experience any difficulties when watching the drama.

If you want to watch any well-known show, this legal website, which is accessible in the majority of nations, is unquestionably an excellent option. There are no sign-ins necessary, and the free website is simple to use.

However, you cannot skip the ads that partially interrupt the drama, which knocks you out of the drama’s mood. The website is user-friendly and features easier-to-follow subtitles despite the fact that the impressive array of genres only includes a single repeated drama.


3. Amazon Prime Videos

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

Users of the popular content streaming service Amazon Prime Video can free download and watch Korean dramas with English subtitles. Prime Video has a relatively tiny selection of Korean content compared to the other websites on the list.

You can watch Korean movies on Prime Video in addition to Korean dramas. Amazon started the watch party as soon as the outbreak started. You can use the ability to watch your preferred content on OTT and on the device of a PRIME subscription.

Fortunately, the website doesn’t contain any advertising. You may even download the Prime Video app to your smartphone, addition. When away from home, save episodes to watch offline to save mobile data.


4. AnimeTV

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

The fourth option on the list, “Animetv,” is perfect for Korean anime fans and one of the best kdrama sites to watch Korean drama for free. Millions of users from around the world routinely visit this free Kdrama website. The domain for AnimeTV has been upgraded, and a new website interface is not hosted elsewhere.

This website’s ability to play Korean anime series even with a sluggish internet connection is one of its most notable characteristics. On Animetv, a number of Korean drama episodes and series are organized well.

On this website, you can watch free episodes of Naruto: Shippuden and other anime. Fortunately, the website lets visitors watch the drama without even registering.


5. Netflix

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

Undoubtedly, Netflix, a rival, has a sizable collection of Korean dramas to its credit. The subtitles on this website are simple to read and understand without detracting from the drama’s ambiance. It is possible to access this premium subscription website in practically every nation.

Although payment and sign-in are required, the website is quite reliable and is used by millions of users. Unlike other websites, this one offers drama from various Asian countries in addition to Korean. Information security on the website is uncompromised and highly desired.

The user flow is fluid, and the user interface is simple to use. The ability to download content from this website and watch it offline makes things much simpler when traveling.


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6. WeTV

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

Although WeTV is a young KDrama website, its content library is growing quickly. On this website, you may stream other Asian dramas and films in addition to Korean dramas. Tencent, the company that created the well-known smartphone game PUBG, owns and runs WeTV.

Additionally, they provide WeTV original K-dramas created by the network. WeTV also provides native apps for iOS and Android, which are available for download from the corresponding app stores.


7. KShow123

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

The TV shows and game shows on this website are well-known. Despite the fact that this website only features a small number of dramas, the subtitles are of high quality and are simple to interpret. There are no sign-in requirements and the website is free to use.

The website’s user interface is highly challenging and confusing to utilize. Although the site’s design is not appealing, it works just fine. Watching Korean drama on this website is safe and secure, just like on other websites. The highest credit will be given for maintaining strict confidentiality about the data and information about your usage.


8. Viu

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

One of the most secure sites to watch K-Drama online is Viu. There is no need to register for an account in order to access the content on VIU. They provide service in 16 nations, primarily in Asia and the Middle East. This is another one of the best kdrama sites to watch Korean drama for free.

Viu features thousands of shows, including well-known ones like True Beauty and The Lady of Dignity. The vast bulk of the content on VIU is high definition. VIU’s content library is updated frequently.


9. Viki

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

The only website having copyrights besides Netflix is Viki, which has more than 200 dramas available. A few dramas on the website have copyrights and are marketed as “Viki originals” in an effort to gain a reputation.

Unlike other websites, this one offers both paid and free options for watching Korean dramas. Simply said, the paid edition does away with ads. Although not significantly, this enhancement does enhance the overall viewing experience.

The website is completely legal and is also accessible on your phones and tablets as an app. The website, however, only allows users to stream Korean dramas; downloading is not permitted.


10. KissAsian

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

Among other websites, this one is among the best in terms of free online Korean drama material. The website’s interface is solid and intuitive, making it simple to use and comprehend. This website has a far larger collection of dramas than other sites of a similar nature.

Although the website offers a wide selection of Korean dramas, from classics to recent releases, it does not skimp on the quality of the writing. The site’s subtitles are updated virtually instantaneously and are of high quality.

Most nations on earth have access to this website, which is free to see and doesn’t require any kind of registration. If you wish to view any olden-golds, this legal website is one of the most frequently suggested ones among other Korean websites.


11. Dramago

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

Another well-known website for free Korean drama downloads is Dramago. Dragmogo.su has taken the position of Dragmogo.com, which no longer functions. It enables users to look for top and very popular drama serials, which effectively saves viewers a lot of time.

Additionally, via the button on the stream player itself, you can download Kdramas. Additionally, 5 to 7 servers are available for streaming Korean television. Last but not least, the website has a vast selection of listed serials and highlights recent Drama releases on its homepage.


12. Fix Drama

Fix Drama, formerly known as the Viewasian mirror, is the best place to watch South Korean television. You can stream Chinese, Hong Kong, and Thailand episodes in addition to fresh K dramas and movies. English subtitles are permanently incorporated in every episode and cannot be turned off.

Korean television programs can be downloaded directly from the stream player. The vast majority of films and television programs are in HD or higher. Regarding quality, it can be controlled via the player’s gear icon.


13. Kocowa

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

Other legitimate websites that provide streaming and downloading are quite similar to this subscription-based website. Only once you have paid to become a premium member will you be able to view content in high quality and have adverts disabled. Only those in North and South America can access this website.

However, the content has high-quality subtitles and fast updates. The primary benefit of this website is that dramas are uploaded within a day of their initial transmission. The most highly recommended site in the paid-subscription category is this well-known and frequently visited one.


14. FastDrama

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

FastDrama, commonly referred to as Fdrama, maintains simplicity with an easy-to-use user interface. The website makes it simple to watch Kdrama on mobile devices, televisions, and desktops. When you choose a show to view, you may be redirected to a third-party domain where the stream is available for some of the shows.

Here, the caption button actually functions. To use the subtitles option, just click the CC button, just as on YouTube. In addition, you can download Korean show subtitles directly from the streaming page on the website. To continue, select the episode and press the download button.


15. Hulu

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

If you’ve made it this far, here’s a bonus website for Korean dramas. Walt Disney owns and runs Hulu, another U.S.-based subscription video-on-demand service. Hulu offers older vintage sitcoms and TV shows in addition to current K dramas and films.

Hulu, in contrast to Kocowa, is accessible in the majority of countries and even has native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Hulu offers superb streaming performance as well as high-quality content. Despite being a premium service, a Hulu subscription is often included with other goods and services. Currently, the service is available in the US and Japan.


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16. Boxasian

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

This website has a long list of dramas in its library, just like other websites where you may watch Korean dramas. The website offers quick updates and simple subtitles. Even non-native English speakers may easily understand the plot because of how well the subtitles are done.

Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese and Chinese dramas are all available on the website boxasian with excellent video and subtitle quality. Utilizing this website is entirely legal and secure. Since the website doesn’t require sign-in, your personal information is protected.


17. Hancinema

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

This website is more of a database than a place to view Korean drama, in contrast to other websites. The website is independent and only features stuff in Korean. The actors and a summary of the plot are included on the specific drama pages, along with links to watch the dramas. There is a big library of links on this page that have excellent subtitles.

Despite only being a link-providing website, the site’s popularity is constantly growing. New and vintage dramas of every kind are openly accessible and safe. To receive updates and news, users can also sign up for the newsletter. However, the continual pop-up advertisements can be rather annoying and occasionally seem excessive.


18. DramaFire

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

The fact that this website is also available as an app is a nice addition. Its library has a respectable number of drama titles with a good variety of genres. The user interface and flow are also respectable, if not the best in the business. On this site, the ability to access content offline is seen as a special treat.

This website, among others, has updated the subtitles for Korean drama. This causes some drama’s subtitles to be out of sync or lag. The overall functionality and level of the drama, however, are comparable to those of other websites.


19. GoodDrama

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

The drama list is presented in an orderly and filtered manner on the website gooddrama. The website’s user interface and general usability are straightforward and simple enough to use. Although the website may use a few more visual aspects, it is still useful and accomplishes its goals.

Users of the website can access free content without having to sign in. The website is still safe to use even though it contains adult-rated adverts. The video is of the highest caliber and has clear accurate subtitles. Despite certain dramas having a little bit of bad audio quality, this website is chosen above others for watching Korean dramas.


20. Viewasian.tv

checkout the 20 best kdrama sites to watch korean drama for free

Viewasian.tv, which features a number of Korean shows, comes next on our list. It’s a fantastic website that showcases the best Korean dramas. The layout of the website adds up to the traditional view. It also draws a huge number of visitors each month.

It’s also one of the most dependable sources of Korean drama in some nations. Various video qualities are also available while streaming the program. Additionally, they provide their own app, which eventually keeps users informed about newly uploaded serials.

This greatly facilitates and expedites the search for the ideal drama. The website’s original uploads and subtitles make it fully safe and lawful to use. The website is free and accessible in many different countries. Additionally, there is no sign-in necessary. The scant advertising is overwhelmingly positive.


People Also Searched For-

Q1. How Do I Fix A Blocked K-Drama Website?

Ans. Due to legal concerns, several kdrama websites are restricted in numerous nations. You can use a VPN, proxy, or mirror sites to unblock these websites.

Q2. Why Are So Many Websites for Korean Dramas Being Shut Down?

Ans. Many unauthorized websites now exist thanks to the Korean dramas’ quick growth in popularity. It’s against the law to download, stream, and redistribute content that has a copyright. Producers and filmmakers have recently started to penalize services that engage in the aforementioned activities harshly.

Q3. Why are Korean dramas so well-liked?

Ans. Korean dramas are South Korean Korean television series. They resemble every other television program. They are well-liked because of their compelling, passionate, and emotional content. During the early 1990s “Korean wave,” which helped popularise south Korean culture worldwide, Korean drama began to acquire popularity. These factors, along with attractive performers, inventive acting, diverse cultures, and clean material, contribute to the popularity of Korean dramas.



These websites should have allayed your concerns. Nevertheless, we love you too much to abandon you. To further assist you, why not look through this list of the finest 20 best kdrama sites to watch Korean drama for free? These are a few of the best kdrama sites to watch Korean drama for free.

If you find it helpful or would want to share your own recommendations, please let us know in the comment box below. We hope you find this article helpful, so don’t forget to share this with your friends or loved ones, or kdrama fans. Thanks for reading!

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