5 Best Methods To Reverse Other People’s TikTok Video Easily

5 Best Methods To Reverse Other People’s TikTok Video Easily

TikTok was the first video-making app that was introduced to the people, and after introducing it, the audience went crazy about this app and they even started to build their career foundation on this platform. The videos these creators create have a bunch of emotions including, funny, happy, sad, or anything.

On TikTok, there is also a feature known as Reversing other people’s TikTok videos, but the point is that this feature is not known to everyone who is using TikTok. This feature might sound difficult to perform, but you won’t believe that this is a very easy feature that everybody can do. On the Internet, you will find many other ways also to reverse other people’s TikTok videos, but here you will find the easiest ways to reverse the TikTok videos.

This post will guide you step by step on how to use this feature in the right way. Have you ever tried to reverse any video on TikTok? If not then, without any further delay let’s get started.

Here Are The 5 Best Methods To Reverse Other People’s TikTok Videos


This is the easiest method that can help you in reversing other people’s TikTok videos. Here are the steps that you have to follow.

Step-1 First of all, you have to Launch the TikTok app on your respective device.

Step-2 Then, you have to tap on the + icon, you have a choice to record a new video or to select the video on which you want to try the reverse effect.

Step-3 Now, play the video at least once on your device.

Step-4 And, now that you have played the video, choose the “effects” option at the bottom of the app, there you will see the option of “Reverse”, tap on that option.

Step-5 Now, the video will be played backward on your device.

Step-6 Then, tap on the save button to save the video to your device so that you can upload it to your profile.


Kapwing is a web-based software that you don’t have to download; instead of downloading it, you can just go to the website. It is frequently used since it has numerous capabilities such as video creation, filtering, reverse video, and so on. To utilize this online software, simply follow the steps that are mentioned below.


Step-1 Firstly, go to the page of reverse video.

Step-2 On this page you will have to upload the video that you want to reverse. The video can be directly uploaded from the device that you are using.

Step-3 If you have uploaded the video, you will see the reverse speed option, in which you can select the speed of the reversed video.

Step-4 You can edit the speed of the video as per your needs and then tap on the Create button.



Among the numerous video editor apps, the bee cut video editor is the best app to edit your videos. This editor has amazing different features that will allow you to make your video enhanced and amazing by using the features such as using filters, overlaying, and so on.


Here are the steps to reverse your video-

Step-1 First of all, you have to download the app on your device.

Step-2 You can always choose the ratio in which you want to see your video.

Step-3 When, the app will direct you to import the video, import it from your device and drag it onto the timeline.

Step-4 When you will double-click on the video, a new window will appear with a reverse option. Choose an option and tap “OK.”

Step-5 The reverse effect will be applied to the video immediately and will last for the duration of the video.

Step-6 Other options in the editor can be used to enhance the video and make it appear beautiful. After you’ve finished rendering the movie to your taste, go to Export and choose the format in which you want to store it.

Step-7 Once again, tap on export, and the file will be stored in the destination location you choose.

Now, you can select the video from the folder where it has been saved, and upload the reversed video to your TikTok account.


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How To Make The Best Use Of The Reverse Effect On TikTok

In the further section, we will discuss how to use the reverse effect in the best way. So without any further ado let’s dive into the ways.


In this method, you can make a dance video of yours and implement the reverse effect on your signature dance moves. This effect will have a super raw and natural look and your audience will shout virtually “Once More.”

TikTok has already been an incredible platform for trending dance moves. So if you are a dancer, why not showcase the talent in the reverse effect, that leaves a mesmerizing impact on the viewers and they ask for more videos like this.


Imagine a video that shows the end product in the first and how it was made is shown in the last of the video, isn’t it interesting and trendy? You might not believe that this is the super cool and trendy way to grow the business by capturing the attention of the audience by reversing the video. as, when they see the end product, and after that, they are curious to know how it was made, in this way they watch the entire video.

This reverse method is mostly used by the artists so that they can show the hard work they did for that one masterpiece.


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You Can Also Reverse A TikTok Video On TikTok Itself! Here’s How?

Yes! you heard right, you can reverse the other people’s videos on TikTok itself. Let’s see how can we do this in the three easiest steps. Here are the steps-

Step-1 Record a fresh video or select the video from the device’s library. Make sure that your video has some movement so that it can be seen that this video is reversed.


Step-2 If you are done recording or choosing the video that you want to reverse, tap on the Effects button at the bottom of the screen.


Step-3 Now, here you will see numerous options of effects, scroll to the right and look for the Time effect. tap on it and you will see an option for the Reverse effect. Tap on that option you will notice that the movement in your video has been reversed. And Voila! You are done!


Wrapping Up!

So, these above-mentioned steps will surely help you in reversing other people’s TikTok videos, and believe me or not these are the easiest ways to reverse the videos on TikTok. I hope you liked the article and this might help you in solving your problems.

If you have any questions you can ask us in the comment box.

Till then Happy Learning!

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