YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

Have you encountered Youtube error 429 but don’t know what is the reason behind this error and you have no idea about its fixes? What if you are watching your comfort videos on Youtube and suddenly show error 429 ‘too many requests’? Isn’t that sound annoying?  But don’t worry! we won’t let you go through this mini heartbreak of not being able to watch your favorite videos on Youtube after having a tough day. Well, we are here to help you to fix this error.

We are here with all the best possible solutions to fix Youtube error 429 ‘too many requests. So without frittering away time, let’s straight get into the discussion and see why this error is occurring and how we can fix this.

To fix Youtube error 429, try switching to a better network connection, changing your IP address, turning off the VPN connection, clearing cache data and cookies, unable your extensions, scanning for malware software, etc. To know about these fixes in detail keep perusing this article till the end.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”

This 429 error on Youtube means that it has received too many requests from your respective device. But the question arises who has sent these requests and what are the reasons why this error is occurring? So, here is a list of some of the possible reasons that might create this error on Youtube.

  • You are using a ban IP address.
  • You are using malware software.
  • You are using a weak internet connection.
  • You may have an issue with your browser.

How To Fix YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”?

And so now, you know the possible reasons for this error 429. Here are some of the possible ways that will help you to fix Youtube error 429 ‘too many requests’.

1. Clear Cache Data And Cookies.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

Sometimes our browser may contain some corrupted or junk files which cause the error. So, try clearing the cache data and cookies maybe this fix will help you get rid of error 429 on Youtube. So here is the step-by-step guide to clearing cache and cookies on the browser.

Open browser>go to settings>tap privacy>search clear browsing data>tap clear cookies and clear cache and so you are done.

Step 1: First, open the browser on your device.

Step 2: Then go to the settings and tap on privacy.

Step 3: Then, search for clear browsing data and tap on it.

Step 4: Then, tap on clear cookies and clear cache and so you are done.

2. Unable Your Extensions.

In case you are using any ad blockers or extensions to improve Youtube efficiency then disable them, as these apps may interfere with the working of your Youtube and result in such errors as 429 ‘too many requests’. Disable any such kind of extensions and see if the problem still persists or if is it solved.

3. Give A Restart To Your Device.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

Sometimes we have too many tabs open at the back end or many apps are running in the background which interrupts the working of Youtube and results in errors like 429. In such cases giving a force restart to your device sounds like a great idea, you must try it may be it helps you to vanish this Youtube error 429.

4. Restart Your Browser.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

Sometimes our browser and Youtube may not able to communicate resulting in errors like 429. In such a case close your browser and restart it. Don’t restore the previously opened tabs and manually search for Youtube again. If the error is occurring because of a miscommunication between the browser and Youtube then this fix will help you get rid of this error.

5. Scan For Malware Or Virus Software.

Sometimes our device may contain some malware software and viruses which are interrupting the working of other apps and websites. Go for a virus or malware scan with trusted and updated anti-virus software. Maybe this can help you get rid of Youtube error 429.

6. Disable VPN Connection.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

In case, you are using a VPN connection then turn it off, because VPN covers your IP address which Youtube may find malicious activity and thus result in such kind of errors as 429 or your Youtube app may crash.

7. Change DNS Settings.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

When your DNS is not able to translate your IP address then there is a possibility that such types of errors occur. In such situations, you can change your DNS settings. Here is the step guide to changing your DNS settings:

Go to start>>tap the run option>enter ncpa.cpl>tap enter>right click internet adapter>choose properties>tap internet protocol>type and>select save and so you are done.

Step 1: Go to start and tap on the run option.

Step 2: Now, enter ncpa.cpl and tap enter.

Step 3: Then, right-click on the internet adapter and choose the option properties.

Step 4: Now, tap internet protocol 4, in the address type in the primary and in the other, and tap to save the settings.

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8. Change Your IP Address.

There is a possibility that the IP address you are using is blocked by Youtube which results in Youtube error 429. So, try altering your IP address by using a VPN connection.

9. Flush DNS Cache Data.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

If your query is still not solved then flushing your DNS cache data might help you. Here is the detailed guide to flush DNS cache data, just keep on following.

Step 1: Start by searching ‘command prompt’ on your windows.

Step 2: Now right-click on the command prompt and allow it to run as administrator.

Step 3: Then, type ipconfig/flushdns and enter and so your DNS cache data will be flushed.

10. Wait For Sometime.

Take a short break and give Youtube some time and try again after some time. Maybe this will help the app to weed out Youtube error 429 ‘too many requests’.

11. Switch Internet Connection.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

Sometimes the internet connection we are using is not strong enough to run our app smoothly which may also cause such kinds of errors. Therefore, try switching to a better network connection. If you are using Youtube on mobile data then switch to a wifi connection and vice versa.

12. Sign in Using A Different Account.

If your Youtube error 429 problem is still not solved after trying all these fixes then access Youtube using another account. There is a possibility that the problem is not with your device or browser but is actually with the account you are using.

13. Check Youtube Server.

Sometimes the app server is down or there is a technical issue in the app. In that case, visit the official Youtube account on Twitter and see if they have addressed any technical issue, if yes, then wait patiently until the error is solved. If you are the only one facing this Youtube error 429 then try other fixes to weed away.

14. Contact Customer Support.

YouTube Error 429 “Too Many Requests”: Reasons and Fixes

If none of the above fixes has helped you solve your query then try contacting Youtube customer support by sending them an email mentioning your problem with all the necessary details, so that they can reach out to you at the earliest.

Wrapping Up!

Now you have all the important regarding Youtube error 429. I genuinely hope that the above-mentioned information helped you to solve this Youtube error. If you find this article useful then make sure you share it with others also. Keep coming back to Americbuzz for more such kind of informative articles. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to share Youtube videos on Snapchat?

Ans. To share a Youtube video on Snapchat you need to open the Youtube app>tap share>tap copy link>open Snapchat>click the snap button>tap the attachment icon>paste the link>tap attach to snap and so you are done. Now you can share it as a snap or story.

Q2. How to bye pass age restrictions on Youtube?

Ans. To bye pass the age restriction on Youtube you can create a new account on Youtube, download an age-restricted video from Youtube, you can use embed links, use proxy sites, download the video, use newpipe on Andriod devices, etc.

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