How To Bye Pass YouTube Age Restrictions 2023? |7 Easy Ways To Try

How To Bye Pass YouTube Age Restrictions 2023? |7 Easy Ways To Try

YouTube is the most popular and widely used video streaming platform. Now that everyone may use the site, it’s important that they adhere to the rules that have been set up for it. Everyone, from young children to elderly people, enjoys watching videos online.

One such site that allows users to watch videos of any kind is YouTube. However, due to various restrictions, not all videos are accessible. You might be looking for answers on how to bye pass youtube age restrictions. You can avoid YouTube’s minimum age requirement in a few different methods. This article will show you how to bypass YouTube’s age restrictions so you can watch the videos you want to see.

Both young and old people like to stream youtube on Discord whilst streaming. Some videos on YouTube are not suitable for younger viewers yet may be very helpful to older viewers, despite YouTube’s policy against hosting adult-oriented content. As a result, users are able to upload such movies to the platform; however, a content warning banner requiring viewers to verify their age is displayed before they can view the video.

The use of a Google account is required in order to log in to YouTube. Signing up for YouTube without a Google account is a time-consuming process. Youtube also gives access to create money, Youtube money calculator is that tool. The thought may then occur to you that there must be a method to avoid having to log into YouTube in order to view this video.

If you’re interested in learning how to bye pass YouTube age restrictions, you should keep reading this article, till the end.

How To Bye Pass YouTube Age Restrictions – 7 Easy Methods

How To Bye Pass YouTube Age Restrictions

The most efficient method is to make a separate, adult-oriented Google account, but there are alternative workarounds available for those who don’t want to wait to make a new account specifically for the purpose of watching these films.

The below-mentioned list will show you the quickest and simplest methods that will help you to know how to bye pass youtube age restrictions including methods that don’t require you to verify your age if you’re unable to (or choose not to) sign in.

1. By Creating New Account On Youtube

google account2.0

New accounts can be made by users older than 18 years old. The amount of accounts we are allowed to have is unlimited. Unfortunately, due to age verification requirements, this is not available in Europe. Avoiding this is possible by using a US-based VPN.

An additional condition for account creation is the absence of parental controls on the computer or device being used. Changing to a new gadget is required. There is no quicker or easier way to bypass YouTube’s age restrictions than this one.

2. Download an age-restricted video from YouTube

How To Get Bye Pass YouTube Age Restrictions 2

Want to know how to bye pass youtube age restrictions? Then follow this mentioned. If you’d rather not make any adjustments or sign up for a new account. Then there are the YouTube downloaders to consider. Downloaders for YouTube are many, and they can be found on all major platforms, including Windows 10,  Mac, Android, and iOS.

This site provides a download of a YouTube app for Android. Additionally, you may read our article on the top YouTube downloaders for Windows. Online YouTube Downloaders are always an option, such as, SavefromNet, and, if you are familiar with such tools and software.

Using a website to download videos from YouTube is straightforward. Easily share your videos online by copying the URL, opening one of the sites listed above, and pasting the link into the site’s designated form. The next step is to select Download.

You can always save a copy of a video that has been hidden from public view on YouTube in case you decide you’d rather not watch it on the site.

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3. Download The Video

wjoel 1777 180403 youtube 003.0

YouTube videos that are prohibited due to viewer age can be viewed by downloading and watching them offline. Using a YouTube downloader website or program, you can get them. They won’t be downloadable on every website. To answer your question about how to get over YouTube’s age restriction, check out websites like,,, and

On these sites, you’ll need to copy and paste the URL of the movie, then wait for it to load. Download the video by following the on-screen instructions once it has loaded. You can watch the video whenever you like because it will be saved to your computer. If that doesn’t work, you can always try one of the many great YouTube substitutes available for no cost online.

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4. By Using NewPipe On Android Device

newpipe 2.0

NewPipe is a great platform to access age-restricted content. You need to download an APK file since it is not available on the Play Store. Just do what I say.

1. Open your Android browser.

2. Go to the NewPipe app’s page and download the most recent version.

3 You can Install NewPipe by going to Downloads on your mobile device.

4. Select the menu icon (three parallel lines) in the upper left corner.

5. Go to the menu and select Settings

6. Navigate to the available content.

7. To see content that is restricted to a certain age range

8. Click on the “Age Restricted” tab, then type in the name of the video you wish to watch, then play it.

5.  How to Use FreeTube to Get Around YouTube’s Age Limit

Easy Ways to Bypass Youtube Age Restriction

A copy of FreeTube must first be installed on your computer.

1. To do this, go to

2. You may get the appropriate version of FreeTube for your operating system from their homepage.

3. After you’ve downloaded FreeTube, all you have to do is Install it and follow the on-screen prompts.

4. After installing FreeTube, you have two methods to remove YouTube’s age restriction.

5. You can use FreeTube to watch the video by searching for it or by pasting the link into the search bar.

6. To Avoid Age Restrictions, Use Embed Link

embed link2.0

Changing a few letters in the URL to make it an embedded link is one of the simplest ways to get around YouTube’s age limit. Because embedded links do not have any age limitations, the video will begin playing as soon as the URL of the restricted video is converted into an embedded link.

Here’s how to use an in-text link to get around the required minimum age.

1. Throw open the restricted video on YouTube.

2. Verify the URL of the restricted video by clicking on its link. Comparable to the format of “watch?” on YouTube. v=gEX RS3 IzI

3. Should I now erase the watch in order to avoid detection due to my young age? Take out the v= and sub in embed/ in the URL. Your new URL should read: RS3 IzI

4. Once you’ve made the aforementioned edits and hit Enter, the video will begin playing.

Following these procedures, the video in question should no longer have an age restriction and be playable.

7. By Using a Proxy Site

proxy site


When you watch a video on a proxy site, the data is sent through a server that does not have the same restrictions. But proceed with caution if you decide to use any of these services. When watching anything online, it’s best to use a proxy service that encrypts your traffic so that prying eyes can’t see what you’re seeing.

This way, you won’t have to give out any personal information to access banned films or other content based on your age. Encrypted proxies can be obtained from services like NordVPN, ProxySite, and Stop Censoring Me. These services often come at no cost to the user.

To watch a video on YouTube through a proxy, all you have to do is open the website and put the video’s URL into a text field.

What Does “Age-Restricted” Means On YouTube?

While some content may not technically be against our rules, it still may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Video age restrictions may be implemented in such instances. All YouTube content and features, including but not limited to videos, video descriptions, custom thumbnails, and live broadcasts, are subject to this policy.

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Q1. Do proxy sites allow users to get around YouTube’s age restriction?

If a YouTube video is prohibited because of your age, you cannot see it without using a proxy site.

Q2. Will the VLC Player app for Android make it possible to view videos with parental controls?

Videos from any website are playable with VLC Player for Android. However, VLC Player for Android is unable to play any YouTube videos that have an age restriction.

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Wrapping Up!

We believe that this article was useful in avoiding how to bye pass YouTube age restrictions. Tell us which of the aforementioned approaches worked best for you. Feel free to post any questions or comments you may have down below.

We hope you get all the details regarding how to bye pass youtube age restrictions. Do share this article with your friends. Till then stay safe and stay healthy.

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