What Is Blackout Challenge On TikTok 2023? | The Death Challenge!

What Is Blackout Challenge On TikTok 2023? | The Death Challenge!

Are you wondering about what is blackout challenge on tiktok? This social media platform, tiktok is not only popular for short videos but also various trends are getting so much hype and one of them is the blackout challenge. This trend is not something new that just pops around but also it was popular in back 2008.

But such types of challenges are harmful and become a threat to children’s life. So, many parents use age restrictions on tiktok but even that feature is not helping to stop such kinds of videos to pop up on their kid’s screens and these kids are becoming victims of such dreadful challenges.

And if you are thinking what is the blackout challenge on tiktok? then let me tell you this is kind of another trending challenge on video where you have to choke yourself until you pass out and then post this on tiktok. To know more about this challenge keep on reading this article till the end.

What Is Blackout Challenge On TikTok?

Well, you must have seen these tiktok videos and there are various viral filters that you can use to make such videos and do popular trends on tiktok. Tiktok is one such intriguing platform that will keep you stuck to it for hours scrolling through these fun and entertaining videos.

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What Is Blackout Challenge On TikTok?

This blackout challenge on tiktok is also popular as a choking challenge or passing out challenge. This blackout challenge is a popular and trending challenge on tiktok where people seems to be choking themselves with belts, and purse strings until they feel conscious due to lack of oxygen.

But this is a risky challenge that will risk your life and will leave you to death because you have to hold your breath in this challenge. You might end up dead if you are taking such kinds of challenges seriously, so I would suggest you not try these challenges.

How To Know Someone Is Trying a Blackout Challenge?

There are various symptoms to understand that someone is trying out the blackout challenge. Kids are innocent and they don’t understand what this challenge will lead to. So, in this article, we are telling you some symptoms which will help you. According to the CDC following are some of the symptoms that your kid is trying the blackout challenge.

  • Very frequent headache.
  • Clotting marks on the neck.
  • Bloody eyes.
  • The disoriented feeling after being alone.

When Did The Blackout Challenge Start?

This challenge was first started in 2008 and almost 82 people have died while attempting this challenge. This is still unknown who started this challenge and it again got hyped in 2021.

Well, experts don’t advise you to try such kinds of challenges which will hurt you and may lead to death. From ohio, a 12-year-old boy, Tristan casson is the recent victim of this challenge who died attempting this challenge.

Lawsuit Against TikTok Blackout Challenge

Many lawsuits have been filed against the tiktok blackout challenge. The death of two young girls while attempting this blackout challenge also has two wrongful lawsuits filed against it.

The tiktok official said in response that they will remove all the related content from the platform and they also added, this has never been a tiktok trend.

This blackout challenge started way before the emergence of the tiktok platform just people start doing this trend on this online platform also but was never the primary source of starting this trend.

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Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered the main topic of discussion regarding what is blackout challenge on tiktok. I hope now you have all the information regarding the blackout challenge and you won’t get indulged in such kinds of trends and challenges.

So, this is all about what is blackout challenge on tiktok. If you find this article informative then do share it with other people and aware them. Also, keep visiting Americbuzz for more such kinds of articles. Thank you for reading this article till the end.

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