How To See Deleted Tweets On Twitter | 4 Effective Ways

How To See Deleted Tweets On Twitter | 4 Effective Ways

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms among all. The social media platform has about a 200million active users with that we can imagine the number of tweets done on Instagram every single minute. But what if you delete a tweet on Twitter my mistake? Or if somebody else deleted his/her tweet on Instagram? Is the tweet lost forever? And is there a way to find a way back to an old deleted Tweet on Twitter? Well in this article We will answer all your questions regarding How to See Deleted Tweets On Twitter? So continue reading to know further.

There are chances that you might end up deleting a tweet by mistake and you want to see it back, or in another case you want to see tweets deleted by others? The entire situation can be really annoying but there are a few workarounds and this article will guide you to know How can you see Deleted Tweets? So without any further ado, Let’s get started

How To See Deleted Tweets?

We have listed down some of the easiest and most effective ways for you to Find or See Deleted Tweets. This guide will help you to find and recover your deleted tweet or you can also see the tweet deleted by someone else. So let’s begin

1. You Can See A Delete Tweet By Using Twitter’s Native Advanced Search.

One can use Native App for like everything such as retrieving info safely. And in order to see or find a deleted Tweet that has been deleted from your account by mistake Native Twitter is the one for you. You just need to have to use native Twitter Advanced Search step by step as given below

Step 1: First of all download Twitter and log into your Twitter account

Step 2: Now you have to Go to your Twitter’s Advanced Search page

Step 3: Following that you need to go to the  Subheading named “People”

Step 4: Now you have to enter your username under the “From These Accounts” field. Kindly keep in mind you have to enter your username without the @ symbol

Step 5: Leading that input your start and end date search parameters Under “Dates”.

Step 6: Now you need to click on “Search”, and Twitter will then certainly display all the Tweets from the time period you chose.

Step 7: You can also search for your tweet’s keywords under the “Words” subheading. Under the “Words” Subheading, alternatively

Step 8: This will give you three options you have to click on any of them according to your wish. The options are:

All of These Words- This will display you tweets that will match your search parameters

This Exact Phrase – This will display tweets that have the same exact word and word placement as your search

Any of These Words – This will display tweets that have at least one of the words in your search.

We know that this method is having its own drawbacks and is kind of limited but does work very well and will give out precise results. And if you don’t feel like sharing personal info with third-party apps, then using Twitter’s native Advanced Search Feature can be your best friend.

2. Request A Copy Of Your Twitter Archive

See Deleted Tweets On Twitter

If you think the above method is not the best match for you then this one will be your favorite method to See Deleted Tweets. This method is wholesome and is one of the best ways to see all the deleted Tweets you’ve ever posted. Follow the steps below to request a copy of your Twitter archive in order to see deleted Tweets

How to request a copy of your Twitter archive?

Step 1: Open Twitter and Go to your Account Settings tab.

Step 2: Now you have to Go to “Content”

Step 3: Following that you’ll find an option that says “Request Your Archive.” click on it

Step 4: By doing so Twitter will compile all your data accordingly and your copy will arrive within minutes, hours, or even days depending on the volume of your data

Step 5: Twitter will notify you with a push notification once your archive is ready.

Step 6: Now you can click the “Download Archive” button in order to download all your archived data.
And that’s it is is how you can  request a copy of your Twitter archive in order to see deleted Tweets

Note: Please note that the email linked to your Twitter account should be verified and updated. Twitter usually sends a downloadable file to your email address as a backup.

Whenever you’ll be requesting your Twitter archive, Twitter will most probably send you a .zip file that contains an index.html file, this file will allow you to browse through your archives directly from your selected web browser Twitter will also send you a .csv file that you can open using any spreadsheet program


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3. By Seeing Deleted Tweets With Google Cache

Follow the steps below to see deleted Tweets via Google Cache:

Step 1: First of all you need to go to Google Search and search for your Twitter page.

Step 2: From there you have to click on the down arrow located just next to the URL of your Twitter profile.

Step 3: Following that you have to click on the “Cached” option in order to see deleted tweets from the last cached version of your profile. And not only that you can also find another user’s Deleted Tweets by using this method.

Note: Be sure that you haven’t cleared your cache on your browser. Otherwise, the method will be unable to give out better results.

4. You can see Deleted Tweets Using the Wayback Machine

Follow the steps below to use Wayback Machine in order to see Deleted Tweets:

Step 1: Open Wayback Machine to find someone’s deleted tweets and type the full URL of the particular Twitter page you wish to see in the Search bar, once you’ve done that you have to click “Browser History”.

Step 2: If you are lucky enough and the Wayback Machine has previously crawled the particular page then it will most probably produce you the screenshots of the particular page which is organized by year and day.

Step 3: You just have to select the specific Year and Day of the deleted tweet and they hunt for the tweet you wanted to see

Note: Please remember as WayBack Machine only takes screenshots which will not allow you to scroll throughout the page as you normally do on Twitter, the screenshots are taken randomly and if a tweet was deleted before the archive could crawl the page, you won’t be able to find that deleted tweet.

How To See  Deleted Tweets of Another Person?

You can see another person’s deleted Tweets by using SnapBird and Twipu.

1. SnapBird

SnapBird is a great way to see the deleted Tweets or tweets that are too old to find. This platform will help you to revisit old tweets, sort, search and order them as well as check retweets and comments. But the downside is it will not cater to you the permanently deleted Tweets and for that, you might need to use some other third-party apps to check your and other users’ deleted tweets.

Steps to use SnapBird-

Step 1: Firstly you have to Visit SnapBird’s official website.

Step 2: Then you need to Enter your Twitter account’s username and password in order to authenticate your account.

Step 3: Also note that  without your permission SnapBird will not post anything until you confirm your decision

Step 4: With that, once your account has been successfully authenticated, you’ll be able to see your deleted tweets.


Twipu is the best among all as it allows you to see and find someone else’s deleted tweets for free in just two simple steps given below:

Step 1: Open and in the search bar enter the Twitter Username of the person on the Twipu website.

Step 2: Once you’ve entered the username correctly The next thing you’ll see is the deleted tweets of entered username.

Note: This is the most simple and easy way to find and see deleted Tweets but the reliability of the website is still questionable and the information obtained from such sites is not official.

3. Screenshots

You can also find some of the tweets in the form of screenshots on Twitter or other social media platforms. There can be cases where a tweet can go viral on the internet and as it is viral many people will certainly screenshot it the source user has deleted it and post on their account and it will stay there forever. But this is entirely based on luck.

This happens when a tweet has been retweeted too many times, and some users then screenshot it or copy-paste it on their page instead of retweeting it, and as they say anything from the internet never disappears forever therefore it can easily be viewed by many even if the original source decides to delete it.

Wrapping up!

We hope our guide was helpful enough for you to see the deleted tweets from Twitter and by now you know all the 4 ways to see or view deleted tweets on Twitter. If you have any more questions regarding this kindly Leave your comments down below in the comment box we will be happy to help!

Thank You For Reading!

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