Find out How to Hide Likes on Twitter For Android and iPhone

How to Hide Likes on Twitter For Android and iPhone. Twitter is one of the most famous social networking services where a user can tweet anything they want without violating privacy and policies. It has a great interface and the best UI design and anyone can use it very easily. 

But as we all know Twitter can be used by anyone and so if you tweet anything on Twitter your follower and everyone who is tagged by you can see your tweet. However, some people don’t like to allow any stranger or their own followers to look at their tweets and also the likes they did. 

So if we talk about the Twitter meta then Twitter can see your sera h history wherever you liked or retweeted and that helps Twitter to show you content that you were interested in. But if you’re looking for a solution to fix this or if you want to know How to hide likes on Twitter on android and iPhone you can follow the article and in the end, you’ll get the solution.


5 Easy Steps to Hide Likes on Twitter on iPhone (2022)

Step 1:- Open the Twitter App on your Mobile Phone.

Step 2:- Then Simply Tap on the “Profile”  icon from the top left corner.

Find out How to Hide Likes on Twitter For Android and iPhone


Step 3:- Then Go to Settings and Privacy.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 18 at 9.29.14 PM 2



Step 4:- Tap on the “Privacy and Safety” Option.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 18 at 9.29.14 PM 1


Step 5:- Turn on “Protect your Tweets”.

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5 Easy Steps to Hide Likes on Twitter on Android Phone (2022)

To hide likes on Android Phone is very easy you just have to follow the given steps below:-

Step 1:- Launch the “Twitter” app on your Android Phone.


Step 2:- Then Tap on the Profile icon at the top left corner of your screen.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 18 at 9.22.02 PM

Step 3:- Select the “Settings and Privacy” Option.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 18 at 9.21.03 PM

Step 4:- Then Tap on  “Audience and Tagging”.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 18 at 9.20.55 PM

Step 5:- Turn on the “Protect your Tweets” option.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 18 at 9.21.49 PM

So this is a very simple way to hide your likes and tweets from strangers and it would only allow those people to see your tweet and likes to whom you’ve given them permission.

You can Follow more methods to keep your account safe by keeping your account Private or by unliking every tweet by yourself.

How to Private Your Twitter Account (2022)


So, by privatizing your account your ha sits own benefits like keeping your account safe from spam messages, stalkers and much more. But it will not private your account from your followers, they can still see your likes and tweets. The process to private accounts is the same as I’ve mentioned above. So, there’s no such option in Twitter to private accounts directly. 


How to Unlike Tweets on Twitter (2022)

You can easily unlike any tweets you recently liked on Twitter by just following the steps below:-

Step 1:- Open the “Twitter” app on your Phone.

Step 2:- Then Tap on the Profile icon.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 18 at 9.31.05 PM


Step 3:- Tap on the Likes option and choose the tweet you want to unlike and after tapping on it would be removed permanently from your likes section and the process won’t be undone.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 18 at 10.51.42 PM


Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I hide my likes on Twitter?

Open Setting, then Go to->  “Security and Privacy”-> “Protect my Tweets” under “Privacy.” To make your likes, tweets, and replies to other people’s tweets public only to your followers.

2. Can anyone see my Twitter likes?

Yes, Anyone can see who you liked on Twitter.

3. Does Twitter notify my followers when I private my account?

So when you private your account by tuning in to the protect your tweets option, only you’ll be aware of that and no one else would ever know that you’ve privatized your account. Although all of your followers still be able to see whom you liked and tweeted on Twitter.

Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information helped you to know How to Hide your likes on Twitter from followers on Android and iPhone (2022). As an extra guide, we’ve given some traditional methods to hide all of your likes on Twitter. So, if you really liked the article do let us know your thoughts on our comment section down below. Thank You!

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