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Top 8 Quillbot alternatives Sites List 2022 | Sites Like Quillbot

So, basically writing content is one of the best things one can do in their leisure time it can be anything like a food blog, Travel or entertainment, etc. But to write unique content you need to care about lots of things like your grammar, proper phrasing, and uniqueness. So Quillbot is one of the best paraphrasing tools that work on Ai and helps your content in re-writing.

Quillbot is one of the most reliable tools and it works so user-friendly and it can help your content look more professional but add good sentences and words. Quillbot also helps to make your content unique and also makes your content plagiarism-free. But as you all know if there is something good in a tool and on the other side it has its own Con’s.

So, today in this blog we are going to discuss some of the best 8 Quillbot alternative sites in 2022 to provide you with more choices.

Here are the Best 8 Quillbot alternatives Sites List 2022

Website Names Website Links
1. Pre Post Seo https://www.prepostseo.com/
2. Word AI https://wordai.com/
3. Spinner Chief https://www.spinnerchief.com/
4. SpinRewriter https://www.spinrewriter.com/
5. Article Rewriter Tool https://articlerewritertool.com/
6. Grammarly https://www.grammarly.com/
7. Paraphraser.io https://www.paraphraser.io/
8. Spinbot https://spinbot.com/

“Let’s understand About these Best 8 Quillbot alternatives Sites”


1. Pre Post Seo

plagiarism checker

Pre Post Seo is one of the best alternatives to Quillbot and It is a free online tool where you can write or upload your content and also rephrase it easily. You can also save your work on the drive and the best part about this app is it has no restrictions on characters like Quillbot. It has the best tool for plagiarism to check copy content.

2. Word AI


Word AI is also known as the best AI tool to help you to re-write your content and although it’s not a free tool, the features you’ll get in this tool is worth buying like while writing your content it suggests you words, characters, and keywords which you use to make your content look unique. Also, you can upload many articles at a time and it works with the same speed on bulk articles. To a quick start, you just have to create an account and buy one plan that suits you.

3. Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief Logo 600x373 1

Spinner Chief is one of the best tools to make your content unique and accurate. It’s not a free tool but if you are a beginner and if you don’t need many tools you can go for it. You can download and use it online and is the only tool that works on both perfectly. You can upload 1000’s of articles at a time and it doesn’t decrease its speed. And in the end, you can also paraphrase your content and make plagiarism-free easily.

4. SpinWriter

Spin Rewriter Paraphrasing Tool 1

SpinWriter comes up with lots of features and works really well. You can upload articles in bulk and re-write content in 1000’s variations and its inbuilt spelling and grammar check tools help your content to look more real and unique. It is a very old tool and is the most reliable tool you can go for.

5. Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter Tool is another best alternative to Quillbot and comes up with a very user-friendly layout and a very good choice at the start. Anyone can use this tool without creating an account.  Unlike Quiilbot it provides you with lots of free features that’ll help your content look more unique and natural. It automatically recorrects words and check grammar and correct it at the same time.

6. Grammarly

image graph 1

Grammarly is one of the most famous tools right now on the internet and works so well. I personally use this tool as an extension in my chrome browser and it really helps my articles to correct grammar mistakes and make them look professional.

Grammarly is a reliable tool and many professional uses this tool. Grammarly also suggests characters and synonyms which you use in your content to make it look more natural.

7. Paraphraser.io

unnamed 4

Pharaphraser.io is a free Paraphrasing tool and works on AI. It has a lot of features and is more user-friendly than Quillbot and it supports lots of languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Indonesian, etc. Without creating an account you can rephrase 1000 words and in Quillbot you only allowed 400 and that’s why I rate this tool the best alternative to Quillbot.


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8. Spinbot

Quillbot alternatives Sites

Spinbot is another alternative to Quillbot and the best choice for paraphrasing words and sentences and up to 10,000 characters on a free plan. It has a very handy pricing plan and really works well without many ads and redirecting links.



As I have mentioned some of the best 8 Quillbot alternatives (2022) are some of the best choices you can take as an alternative to the Quillnot. These are the best choices you can look at and help your content look more natural and unique. So if you liked the blog do let me know in the comment section and Tell us your experience. Thank You!

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