8 Real Deepfake Apps and Websites List

8 Real Deepfake Apps and Websites List for fun (2022)

So, in this modern and technological-oriented world the meaning of videography and photography has changed. With modern technology and most importantly ‘Artificial Intelligence. With the integration of A.I in this field, editing and gif-making have changed very drastically. With this integration of A.I, there is now a new genre of tech. known as Deepfake.

This deepfake tech enables the user to swap the faces in static photographs and even videos. This tech and the apps incorporated with this tech are in great demand. If you are someone who is still unaware of this tech. and is looking for the best Deepfake apps and websites. Then, in this article, I have compiled the list of the 8-best Deepfake apps and websites currently available on the internet:

“Here is the 8 Real Deepfake Apps and Websites List for fun (2022)”

S.No. App Name Link
1 Reface https://hey.reface.ai/
2 Face App https://www.faceapp.com/
3 My Heritage https://www.myheritage.co.kr/deep-nostalgia
4 Zao https://zaodownload.com/
5 Deepfakes Web https://deepfakesweb.com/
6 Wombo https://www.wombo.ai/
7 Face Swap Live http://faceswaplive.com/
8 Deepface Lab https://deepfacelab.en.softonic.com/

Let’s Understand Briefly About these Deepface Apps:

1. Reface

reface webp

Reface is an AI-powered app used to swap faces in videos and GIFs. The app was formerly known as Doublicat. The app has gone instant hit when it was released. By using this app you can swap your face with that of celebrities and popular personalities. This app is great for creating short and funny videos.

This app is a great tool for someone who likes to do this swapping stuff and is generally very creative with videos. The technology used in this app is called Reface AI and relies on General Adversarial Network. The latest addition to its feature is that now users can upload their content directly on the app. The new feature is called Swap Animation and it lets users add content other than selfies like photos of any human, animate it, and do face swap. You must give this app a try.

2. Face App

8 Real Deepfake Apps and Websites List for fun (2022)

Face App is developed by the Russian Company Wireless Lab. This app when it was released was an instant hit and this app gained exponentially after the release. This app uses neural networks to generate high-quality and realistic image transformations.

The app can transform your face to make it smile, look older, look younger, or just have fun with gender swap, along with many other exciting transformations. Tattoos, vignettes, lens blur, and background overlays are also a part of FaceApp.

In 2018, the app attracted a lot of attention from the transgender and LGBT communities because of its realistic gender-change transformations. It has also faced criticism on both social media and the press over the privacy of user data.

3. My Heritage

my heritage webp

My Heritage is a genealogy website that has an app with a deepfake feature. The startup uses a technology called Deep Nostalgia, which lets the users animate old photos. MyHeritage nostalgia feature took the internet by storm and social media was flooded with different experimental photos. This deepfake technology animates the photos uploaded by making the eyes, face, and mouth display slight movements.

4. Zao

zao webp

Zao is a Chinese deepfake technology app. The app when launched was an instant hit and it went viral in the country. It’s deep fake technology let’s the user to swap their faces onto movie character. The user can upload the videos and in minutes you get a deepfake generated video with your choice of face swapped with the characters of the movie or any other movie.

The app is only released in China and it efficiently creates amazingly real-looking videos in just minutes. The app enables users to choose from a wide library of videos and images. It’s algorithm is mostly trained on Chinese faces and hence, might look a bit unnatural on others. But is deserves to be in the list only because of this app this deepfake generated apps and websites became quite popular globally.

5. Deepfakes Web

deepfakes webp

Deepfakes Web is an online deepfake software that works in the cloud. Deepfakes Web allows the users to create deepfake videos on the web and unlike the other apps, it takes almost 5 hours to curate a deep fake video. It learns and trains from the videos and images uploaded, using its deepfake AI-based algorithm and deep learning technology.

This platform is a good choice if you want to know the technology behind deepfakes better and understand the nuances of computer vision. It allows the users to reuse the trained models so that they can further improve on the video and create deepfakes without using a trained model. The platform is priced at USD3 per hour and promises complete privacy by not sharing the data with a 3rd party.

6. Wombo

wombo webp

Wombo is an AI-powered lip-sync app, wherein users can transform any face into a singing face. There is a list of songs to choose from and users can select one and make the chosen character in an image to sing it. The app creates singing videos that have a Photoshop quality to them and hence, it seems animated and not realistic. Wombo uses AI technology to enable the deepfake scenario.

This app is for people who are more into lip-sync and such genres. You must give this a try.

7. Face Swap Live

face swap webp

Face Swap Live is a mobile application that lets users swap faces with another person in real-time. The app also allows its users to create videos and apply different filters to them and directly share them on social media.

Unlike most of the other deepfake apps, Face Swap Live does not use static images and instead enables to performance of live face swaps with the phone camera. Face Swap Live is not a fully deepfake app, but if you are looking to use deepfakes for fun, this should be the right one. The app effectively uses computer vision and machine learning.


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8. Deepface Lab

deep face webp

Deepface Lab is a graphic design utilizing the software. This software enables the user to swap faces more efficiently than others software available in the market. This not only has the feature of swapping of the face but it also helps the user in learning the technology.

It uses deep learning, machine learning, and human image synthesis. Primarily built for researchers in the field of deep learning and computer vision, DeepFace Lab is not a user-friendly platform. The user needs to learn the documentation and also needs a powerful PC with a high-end GPU to use the program.


Here in this article, I have mentioned the 8 Deepfake apps and websites list (2022). If this article helps you in finding the right app or website for you then please comment and share your valuable thoughts about the article and also in comments suggest to us how we can improve in our future articles.

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