8 Best in Segment Minecraft Texture Packs

8 Best in Segment Minecraft Texture Packs To use in 2022

Minecraft is one of the most famous Pc games for building their own ecosystem where they can build anything like houses, buildings, roads, trees, animals, and a lot more things. This game supports both single and multiplayer modes. So, there is lots of fun once you learn this game a bit. You can build your own farm where you can do farming, build highways, and a river. Currently, the default resolution of Minecraft at the start of the game is 16*16 pixels but can be improved by Minecraft texture packs.

So, basically, Minecraft texture packs help you to create a very high-quality craft and it also improves your resolutions. If we specifically talk about what texture pack is? then it is a  collection of various texture blocks, in-game items, and many more things.

Today in this blog we are going to discuss some of the best Minecraft realistic texture packs and Minecraft PVP texture packs.

“4 Best Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs”

“Let’s Get Understand About these Realistic Texture Packs”

1. Realism Extreme

CMR Extreme Realistic Resource Pack for minecraft textures 4

Realism Extreme is one of the best Minecraft texture packs which helps you to build a realistic building or woods. These texture packs help your bricks and cobblestone look more real and appealing. In this texture pack, you can your old materials and it will help you to make them look more real. To use this Texture pack you must have a high-end pc. The Ram required to use this texture pack is 8 GB at least or above with a better graphic card like RTX.

If you want to use this fantastic texture pack then go on the link above and then Get the pack, do the purchase, and get started building some cool designs.

2. MeineKraft

download 3

Meinekraft texture pack is one of the most famous Ultra Hd versions of texture pack created by Honeyball and after sometime updated by Minecraft fans which takes your mine crafting experience to next level with its fine realistic textures.

This texture pack not only helps you to create something real but also puts some beautiful colors into your creativity which enhances its design. To get direct access to this amazing texture pack you should click the link given above.


download 4

NAPP is an amazing texture pack created by Del Cieno and is not limited to some extent but also helps your every block of the Minecraft look 3D and that will make this pixel work look more real and cool. They recently updated the Napp texture pack version to a newer version which you can see in the link given above. The best part of this texture pack is it’s totally free!


download 5

LUNA HD is one of the most famous Minecraft realistic texture packs. To use this amazing Minecraft texture pack you need to signup first. This pack is not only limited to its realistic texture pack but also gives you a newer version of 3D models of bricks and blocks that makes your Minecraft more appealing. The Luna’s texture resolution is 512*512. To get access to the 32x and 62x texture pack which is free to get you can directly click on the link given aboveIf you want a higher resolution then you should buy from the same link.


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“4 Best Minecraft PvP Texture Packs”

So, basically, Minecraft PvP texture Packs are very famous when combating another person. PvP is one of the best texture packs to increase your fire connecting and fps speed.

1. Sapphire Heart 1.8 PvP Pack

Sapphire Heart PvP Resource Pack for minecraft textures 3

Sapphire Heart 1.8 PvP Pack is one of the best PvP texture packs and it comes up with custom-made brick, blocks, and GUI which is an amazing thing. It employs innovative texture optimization techniques to provide the greatest possible performance.

Pack link:- Mediafire

2. SebyGreen FPS Boost Pack

Minecraft Texture Packs

SebyGreen Fps Boost Pack is also an amazing FPS booster pack that is quite similar to most of the gfx tools players use in their mobile phones to play games on low-end devices to improve graphics and performance. So what does the fps booster pack do? It helps you to Minecraft at a higher frame rate on any low-end Pc.

Pack Link:- Mediafire

3. Cobalt x32 Pack

Minecraft Texture Packs

Cobalt x32 Minecraft PvP texture pack is one of my favorite packs which comes with the best features in it. The two things that I liked most about this pack are its custom sky and a metallic blue theme which enhances your Minecraft. So if you’re playing at a high-end pc then this pack is best suitable for your pc and if not then it will not run smoothly on your pc.

Pack Link:- Mediafire

4. NicoFruit Bedwars Pack

Minecraft Texture Packs

Nice fruit beware pack is the last very well-known Pvp texture pack very beautifully created. This texture pack comes up with very exciting features like helping Minecraft players to take their ability to the next level in beware. One of the best features is its better crosshair and some small swords. This PvP texture pack is created by one of the best YouTubers known as NotNico.

Pack link:- Mediafire


As I have mentioned above some of the best 8 Minecraft texture packs, Minecraft realistic texture pack, and Minecraft PvP texture Pack. These are all very best for all the Minecraft enthusiasts. If you really liked the blog please let me know in our comment section and We’ll be very thankful for your valuable response.

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