How To Get More Flames On GAS App 2023? | An Elite Way For You!

How To Get More Flames On GAS App 2023? | An Elite Way For You!

If you read any of my previous articles on the Gas app then you must know that I mentioned that the Gas app was created to boost self-confidence among teenagers. How to get more flames on GAS app will elaborate on that today. If you missed those articles then what I mentioned was the fact that the Gas app was created for teenagers as a free space where bullying, shaming, and harassment do not exist.

It is a safe platform based on positivity and encouragement and because it is designed for teenagers there is an extra need to be cautious about the content shared on the app and report unethical behaviour. This flame becomes the beacon that carries their confidence to the sky. Now how to get more flames on GAS app?

Well, the answer to how to get more flames on GAS app is very simple, in fact, it lies in the basic function of the app. The answer lies in the polls, you open the app>create a poll>and receive a flame.

Or you can join a poll and send a flame to the person you voted for and who knows maybe your kindness will be reverted back to you. Some might vote for you and you might end up receiving a flame of your own.

How To Get More Flames On GAS App?

How to get more flames on GAS App

In a world where bullying and harassment have become rampant on social media, we need a digital space where teenagers can express themselves freely without thinking about being wrongly judged by their peers.

The Gas app is that space, here users create polls regarding anything they want to ask their peers (all positive things) and their peers “Gas them up” or hype them with their votes. Each time a person is voted in a poll he/she receives a flame as a reward.

Before we answer how to get more flames on GAS App I want to ask you do you even know what a flame means on the Gas app. To answer this question in the most simple manner, when you participate in a poll on the Gas app, the app sends you a Flame.

No, it doesn’t send you a matchbox or a lighter, it simply sends you a flame emoji. Also, what’s exciting about this flame emoji is that it’s different for everyone. For, example blue flame is for boys, a pink flame is for girls, and if the flame is purple it means that the sender is non-binary.

The more you participate in polls and the more you are mentioned in polls, the more flames you receive. Unfortunately, you can only see how many people mentioned you in a poll but can see who exactly did that. This is because the Gas app takes the privacy of its users very seriously.

You can somehow see how mentioned you in a poll if you are a God Mode subscriber but even that comes with a catch. Anyway, to answer how to get more flames on GAS App I would say open the app>join a poll>send/receive a flame.

How To Create A Poll On Gas App?

How to get more flames on GAS App

Now that you know how to get more flames on GAS App let me show you a basic way to do that. You can earn lots of flames by creating a poll and asking your friends questions about yourself. Every mention and vote will put a flame next to your name on the app and inside your heart as well.

This flame is unlike the one that burns a soul, this flame will liberate your heart from all the insecurities and doubts that grip it hard. Once you will see your friends talk good about you and profess how much they like you, your heart will melt and it will give you the confidence boost you need to excel in life. It will help you identify and accept how great you are and how much less credit you give yourself.

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How To Create A Poll On Gas App? | Step Guide

Once your heart is content then you won’t need to know how to get more flames on GAS App, but the app will still be there and will keep on sending those flames your way. Here is the method to create a poll on the Gas app, make one see how much people adore you.

Open the app>create a poll>receive a flame.

Step 1: Open the Gas app and log into your account.

Step 2: The poll questions that you would want to include are generated automatically by the app’s AI, select any of the questions for your poll.

Step 3: If you want to join a poll then pick a friend’s name and then tap select.

Step 4: If you want to add your own question to the poll, do that by tapping the + button.

Step 5: Tap on the create poll icon to form the poll.

Step 6: Select all the Gas app questions you wanted to include in the poll.

Step 7: Now start sending the poll to all of your friends on the app.

Step 8: Tap done once the process is complete.

Who Are The Top Flames On The Gas app?

Whenever a user creates a poll on the Gas app other users participate in those polls by casting their votes. At the end of a poll, the person with the most votes wins the polls and as a result, receives the maximum number of flames from the app. So, the person with the most flames is called a top flame and his name is displayed on the app.

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Wrapping Up!

Kindness is key to happiness and this stands true on the Gas app. If you want more flames, give more flames. How to get more flames on GAS App? Well, create polls and receive flames, also join polls, and engage with your peers to get to know them. Once you are connected to them, then your chances of getting voted on polls increases, and the more you get voted the more flames come your way.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to check if someone added you as a friend on the Gas app?

Ans. To check if someone added you as a friend, go check your Gas app friend list. Each person interacting with you in that list has added you as their friend as well.

Q2. How to know the name of the person who voted for you?

Ans. You cannot know the name of the particular person who voted for you unless you are a God Mode subscriber. And even then you can only see the first letter of their first name and not the full name. This is done to uphold the privacy of the users.

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