How To Make Polls On Snapchat Easily? | To Fun With Your Audience

How To Make Polls On Snapchat Easily? | To Fun With Your Audience

Snapchat has always been making impactful feature updates but many Snapchat users were bummed about the fact that they cannot officially post a poll on Snapchat. Well, we have good news for you! Fortunately in the recent Snapchat update in January you can Now officially post a poll on Snapchat directly. If you are unable to figure out How to make a poll on Snapchat this guide is just for you. In this article, We will be guiding you to know how to make a poll on Snapchat and how can you Check Poll Votes and Share Results with Snapchat. So without any further ado Let’s get started.

Snapchat has grown ever since its launch and has many fun features that can help you to interact with your friends and other Snapchat audience such as Snapchat Cameo Selfie, Bitmoji, or be it be fun Snapchat GiFs they all collaboratively make your Snapchat experience more fun. Currently, Polls have been gaining popularity, as people feed in their anonymous opinions about different subjects. Just like Instagram polls you can now also make a poll on Snapchat and Share the results further as well. How? Read further to know how to make a poll on Snapchat. 

What Are Snapchat Polls And Why Do Use Polls On Snapchat?

Polls can be a great way to interact with your audience it can be related to personal questions or something funny as well. Snapchat Polls can be customized to exactly what information you want to gather, and therefore are a great tool for surveys. It can be used to find out the opinions of your Snapchat audience on various aspects of your life that you want to share.

Snapchat Polls are not anonymous but there are many other alternative websites you can use to make your Snapchat polls anonymous we have also listed a few of them in the article below so we recommend you read them till the end. So overall Snapchat polls can be a great tool for those who love to share every bit of their life on Snapchat and exhibit their Snapchat aesthetic on the platform. Now that you know what are Snapchat polls let’s get further to know how to make polls on Snapchat in the next section

How To Make A Poll On Snapchat?

Making a poll on Snapchat is super easy and fun, you can use emojis as your poll response which makes it even more interesting and fun. So to make polls on Snapchat follow the steps given below.

6 Steps To Create Your Poll On Snapchat



Step 1: Open Snapchat and from the camera interface click a Snapchat picture or you can directly choose one from the camera roll.

Step 2: Once you’ve picked the picture, from the editing menu located on the right-hand side of your screen Tap on the “Stickers” icon.

Step 3: Next from the sticker panel select the new “Poll” option from the top menu ( second last option)

Step 4: Now You can add your question in the poll’s textbox saying “Ask a question”.


How To Make Polls On Snapchat


Step 5: Once you’ve typed your question you have to choose emojis as poll responses as Snapchat poll replies are focused on emojis and By default, you get thumbs up and thumbs down as the poll options.

Pro tip- if you wish to change the emojis in the poll responses on Snapchat, you have to tap on the emoji and wait for the emoji panel to show up and from the given Options pick any emoji according to your preference.

Step 6: Lastly tap the “Story” button at the bottom-left corner of the screen to add the poll to your Snapchat story. And you are done. You can check your poll responses and share them further in your story as well.

And that’s it this is How to make a poll on Snapchat


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How to Check Poll Votes and Share Results to Snapchat?

Now that you know how to create and share a poll to your Snapchat story, let’s know how to check poll results from your profile page and share your results on your story. Follow the steps given below to Check Poll Votes and Share Results on Snapchat

Step 1: Open Snapchat and Tap on the Bitmoji icon located at the top-left corner to go to your profile page

Step 2: From your profile page press the story preview under the “My Stories” section.

Step 3: Then you have to Tap on the vertical three-dots menu icon present at the top-right corner of the screen

Step 4: Next tap on your poll question under the “Poll” section. There you go, now you can see the poll’s results.

Step 5: If you wish to share the poll responses you need to Tap on the “Send Results” button and tap “Send” from the story preview UI.

Step 6: Lastly select “My Story” and tap on the “Send” button at the bottom-right corner. And by doing so you’ve successfully shared your poll results on your Snapchat story.

Once you’ve shared your poll results your Snapchat audience can view it and you can also choose to share it with a select group of friends if you make a private story on Snapchat. That’s it this is how you can Check Poll Votes and Share Results with Snapchat.


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Third-party websites and Apps for creating Snapchat Polls

There are some third-party applications and websites that can allow you to make polls and share them on your Snapchat. A few of them are listed below:

1. PollsGo

PollsGo can be the best alternative to Snapchat Polls if you want more flexibility with your polls. You have to visit the website and create your poll to share it on Snapchat directly. You’ll be provided with three types of questions to create your poll:

  • Personal Question: Here, you can choose between eight personal questions.
  • Group Question: Group questions refer to your group’s dynamics.
  • Your Own Question: Generating your own question is probably the option you will be using the most often.

2. LMK: Anonymous Polls (App)

Another popular alternative to making polls for Snapchat is LMK Anonymous Polls App. As it is an application it comes in handy and you can directly make polls from your iOS or Android devices. This application is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. The App provides you with options to make free polls The free option includes relationship topics such as: “How long can you go without talking to me?” and “How attractive am I?” The polls aren’t anonymous but the responses are. You can also customize your polls but it comes with a price on the app at $7.99/mo. you can make your customer stickers (this is what the apps refer to as polls), add photos, have unlimited posts, and more options for the system-generated stickers.


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Wrapping up!

So we hope by now you know how to make a poll on Snapchat and how can you check the poll results and share it further on your Snapchat story with your Snapchat audience. Snapchat Polls are not anonymous but there are many other alternative websites you can use to make your Snapchat polls anonymous. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment box below and If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

Thank You For Reading!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can you create a poll on Snapchat?

Yes, With the recent Snapchat update this year in January you can officially create a poll on Snapchat. Your poll feature on Snapchat can be used by you to survey your friends.

Q2: Are Snapchat polls anonymous?

Unfortunately, Snapchat polls are not anonymous. If you wish to make your Snapchat polls anonymous you can take help from the third-party apps and websites like PollsGo or Opinion Stage to create polls and share them on Snapchat.

Q3: Can I create a Snapchat poll with text responses?

No, unfortunately, the Snapchat polls feature doesn’t accept text responses Unlike Instagram polls Snapchat Polls are focused on emojis as their poll responses. But you can rely on third-party poll maker websites to create polls with text-based responses.

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