How To Get Instagram Wrapped For Android?

How To Get Instagram Wrapped For Android?

Hey folks! Are you trying to get Instagram wrapped on your Android devices? Well, many people are searching for how to get Instagram wrapped for Android. As Instagram wrapped is not available for Android users so they are quite disappointed by the fact and they keep searching for a way out. However, you don’t have to be worried because in this guide we are going to talk about how you can get Instagram wrapped for Android. So be sure to peruse this article till the end.

If you are wondering how to get Instagram wrapped for Android then let me tell you that currently Instagram wrapped app is not available for Android users and there is no APK version available of the app that can do the task. To get detailed information about Instagram wrapped you have to peruse this article till the end.

What Is Instagram Wrapped?

How To Get Instagram Wrapped For Android?

Instagram wrapped is a new trend that has recently popped up. After Spotify and Snapchat have shown a video recap of your activities in the year 2023, Instagram users are also eager to see their activity analysis on the app. However, Instagram doesn’t have any in-app features like Spotify and Snapchat that will show your analysis. So, you have to use a third-party app in order to see your Instagram wrapped.

There is one app named IGWrapped that can help you to see your Instagram analysis. It will show you the number of people who screenshotted your posts, and people who interacted with your profile the most. This is a fun and exciting trend to take part in. However, the accuracy of this third-party app is dicey some of the users are claiming that it is providing accurate information whereas others are saying that it doesn’t provide the exact count and it the number count keeps fluctuating.

How To Get Instagram Wrapped For Android?

How To Get Instagram Wrapped For Android?

Currently, only iOS users are fortunate enough to get Instagram wrapped as the IGWrapped app is currently available for only iOS users. The IGWrapped is now unrestricted on the App Store only. However, in the future, there is a possibility that the app will be launched in to Play Store as well but till then you have to wait for it. The Instagram Wrapped will help you the insights of your account closely.

You can see how many people have taken a screenshot of your posts, who is your closest friend on the app, and how many hours you have spent on Instagram. You will see all the closest details of your account using the IGWrapped app. However, there is also a share option that you can use to share your Instagram wrapped on Instagram and you can even screenshot it to share on other platforms.

However, these features are only accessible to iOS users because they can only get the app. Many websites claim that Instagram wrapped also has an APK version that Android users can get to take part in the trend. Nevertheless, we have thoroughly searched and found out that there is no such APK available for Android users. So, Android users have to be patient until IGWrapped also gets available to them or its APK version comes out. Till then you don’t have to believe in any kind of rumor. If there is any Instagram Wrapped app coming out for Android users we will surely update you here.

Wrapping Up!

By now we genuinely believe that you have all the important information regarding how to get Instagram wrapped for Android. Instagram-wrapped trend has been going all over the internet and people love to see their Instagram stats and share them with their friends. However, Android users are currently not a part of this trend because they are unable to get the IGWrapped app on their devices. So, this is all about how to get Instagram wrapped for Android.

If you have any queries or you want to get some additional information regarding Instagram wrapped then make sure to drop a comment in the comment box below. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Is Instagram available for free?

Ans. Yes, Instagram is available for free and most of its features are also accessible for free. However, if you want to get Meta verification on Instagram then you have to make an in-app purchase to enjoy the services.

Q2. Does Instagram have an in-app wrapped feature available?

Ans. As of now, Instagram doesn’t have an in-app feature for wrapped videos. However, you can get a third-party app named IGWrapped to get a detailed analysis of your activity on the app. The only downside to this app is it is currently only accessible for iOS users.

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