All Valorant Ranks In Order, Distribution, MMR

All Valorant Ranks In Order, Distribution, MMR

Everyone loves to play games in their spare time and when it comes to riot shooting games no one beats the Valorant. Well, each game has its own ranking and rating procedure and so does the Valorant. So, if you are wondering what all Valorant ranks in order and their distribution then read this article till the end. Valorant has different ranks however you can’t directly dive into the ranked mode. In this article, we are going to discuss regarding All Valorant ranks in order, distribution, and MMR.

If you are wondering about all Valorant ranks in order then let me tell you Valorant has a total of 25 ranks. In Valorant Iron is the most smallest tier whereas the Radiant is the upper tier. To know about these tiers in detail you have to read ahead.

All Valorant Ranks In Order

All Valorant Ranks In order, Distribution, MMR

Valorant game has a ranking mode where you need to compete with others. It is one of the best shooter games. You need to find a perfect Volarant crosshair code to adjust your recoil and increase your ranking. There is a total of 25 ranks where the lowest one is Iron-1 and the top most is radiant. So, below we are going to list the names of all the 25 ranks ensure to go through the list carefully.

  • Iron-1
  • Iron-2
  • Iron-3
  • Bronze-1
  • Bronze-2
  • Bronze-3
  • Silver-1
  • Silver-2
  • Silver-3
  • Gold-1
  • Gold-2
  • Gold-3
  • Platinum-1
  • Platinum-2
  • Platinum-3
  • Ascendant-1
  • Ascendant-2
  • Ascendant-3
  • Immortal-1
  • Immortal-2
  • Immortal-3
  • Radiant

Valorant didn’t have 25 ranks back in the year 2022. Later the number of ranks was increased and the Ascendant tier was introduced. In this rating process, there is also a rating response called a match-making response. You need to work on your playing skills in order to rank up.

Valorant Rank Ditribution

All Valorant Ranks In order, Distribution, MMR

Now that u know all Valorant ranks in order let’s head to the Valorant rank distribution. The Valorant rank distribution is based on a simple yet accurate set of basic rules regarding the course of action.

In the Valorant game majorly all the players’ ranking lies between Bronze and Gold whereas only 1% of the gamers reach the Immortal rank. Moreover, the Radiant rank in the game is reserved for the top-notch 500 players of each region. Below we are going to provide you with the Valorant rank distribution for the month of October 2023.

Latest Distribution Of Valorant Rank

Match Making Rating (MMR)

All Valorant Ranks In order, Distribution, MMR

The match-making rating in Valorant is also known as MMR. Not all individuals have the same MMR. Also, MMR is hidden so there is no way you can find it. With each match, you get some RR that you can get by winning the matches.

If you lose a match your RR will also get affected and it will decrease. Once you get a 100 RR you will be promoted to the next tier. For example, if you are in Bronze 1 then you have to collect 100 RR to get promoted to Bronze 2. However, the 100 RR rating is applicable till the ascendant 3 tier and after that, the rating rules change.

Once you have crossed the Ascendant 3 tier your ratings will depend on your region. For example, if you are from Europe you need 550 RR to reach to the Radiant tier. However, you won’t lose your RR if you don’t play any match. Once you lose a match your RR will decrease and if you win a match your RR will increase. For each draw match, you will also get some additional RR.

Valorant Rank Leaderboard

All Valorant Ranks In order, Distribution, MMR

Valorant even has a leaderboard which depends on your regional location. You will get a Valorant ranking leaderboard depending on the regional location of your game. You will see the top 500 players’ names on the leaderboard. If you want to stay on the leaderboard you need to level up your game because only the top players will stay on the list. If you don’t maintain your rank you will be removed from the leaderboard.

How To Unlock Rank Mode In Valorant?

All Valorant Ranks In order, Distribution, MMR

Valorant doesn’t allow you directly to dive in the ranking mode so this means you can just install the game and dive straight into the ranking matches. To compete in a ranking match you first need to reach to the game level 20. Before episode 4, you only had to play 10 unrated matches to play rated matches however, this was not useful for newcomers and they didn’t get enough time to brush up their skills. So, now the new system is more convenient and it gives enough time to user to brush up their skills.

Is there Rank Detoriation In Valorant?

All Valorant Ranks In order, Distribution, MMR

Now you have all Valorant ranks in order, some people are still confused and they are wondering if is there a ranking decay in Valorant. So, let me tell you that just like other games Valorant doesn’t degrade you. If you leave playing for a while or you are taking a short break your rank will stay as it is. This means leaving the game won’t affect your statics however winning and losing matches on the game will surely affect it.

Wrapping Up!

By the end of the discussion, we genuinely hope that now you have got all the required information regarding all Valorant ranks in order, their distribution as well as MMR. Valorant is one of the best FPS games that you can enjoy with multiplayer. The more matches you play and win the more RR you will get and this will help you get a top tier in the game. So, this is all about all Valorant ranks in order.

If you have any queries or you want some additional information regarding the game then make sure to ping us in the comment box below. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Is rank 1 better or rank 3 in Valorant?

Ans. The higher your number is in the game the better your ranking is. If you are on the 3 rank in any tier it means soon you will be promoted to the next tier.

Q2. What is the MMR score in Valorant?

Ans. The MMR score in Valorant is a hidden ranking system that helps in player matching. It is a value that is useful in player matchmaking depending on the similar potential.

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