Checkout 20 Free Accredited High School Diploma Online, No Cost

Checkout 20 Free Accredited High School Diploma Online, No Cost

Are you in search of a free accredited high school diploma online? If yes, then you are on the fair site indubitably. Mostly high school tuition fees are unaffordable for most people. This article will discuss free accredited high school diplomas online, from where you can get easily get your diploma for free.

Not all of them are completely free, but we assure you that they are affordable for the average adult learner; for this, there is no need to break the bank to pay your fees.

Let me clarify to you first that there is nothing to worry about, as you can easily get a diploma if you are over 18 or 21 years old. You should thank the technology that there is no need to attend high school to get a diploma physically. You can easily enroll for admission, pay fees, attend them via devices, access course material, take tests, etc.

Why Do You Need an Online Education?

There are several reasons for online education, as it is now commonly a choice for young people today. Because with the growth of technology, you can achieve a lot in your daily life.

As such, it’s better to pursue a free accredited high school diploma online. It gives you access to a lot of information. Also, it is fast and less stressful, and you can study at your leisure.

Here Is The List Of High Schools:

Free Accredited High School Diploma Online

Stanford Online High School

Stanford high school is one of the Free Accredited High School . Stanford online high school is a school located at Stanford University. They offer 155 courses for prospective students.

They also offer scholarships for adults who want to get free accredited high school diploma online. Their tuition fee range is $26,750 for full-time students, and for part-time students, it’s 15,940. You also have to pay money for books, attendance, etc.

Since you want to study for free, you have to apply for their financial aid program, which will cover your tuition fee if you are eligible for the scholarship.

You can also contact school management for fee refusal if you are in trouble for paying and are unable to clear the scholarship. For admission here, you need to pass the test to access you on your academic ability, experience, personal qualities, etc.

Indiana University High School

Indiana University High School is also on the list of free accredited high school diploma online. This online-based academic School is headquartered in Bloomington, IN. Licensed by AdvancED, this institution is highly credible and prestigious.

It boasts a rich variety of diploma programs and charges $252 per course. However, there are also some free courses available that one can take advantage of, mainly elective courses.

James Madison High School Online

James Madison High School Online provides free accredited high school diplomas online and is based in Norcross, GA.

They are accredited by advancED DEAC and the council for higher accreditation(CHEA). Here also a wide variety of courses are available.

Park City Independent Online Adult High School

Park City Independent Online Adult High School also kicks off the list of free accredited high school diploma online. Its headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it is one of the best in the United States.

It is licensed by AdvancED and works based on credits. At the same time, 24 credits are available for scholars, from which they should complete at least 6.

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University of Mississippi High School

University of Mississippi High School is the University of Mississippi. This free accredited high school diploma online is licensed by AdvancED and permits scholars at least 6.25 credits.

Here, learners are eligible to take the English Language, social science, maths, and Arts and technology. The School charges $375 for 1 unit course is $375 and $250 for a half-unit course.

Mizzou K-12 Online High School

Mizzou K-12 Online High School is among the list of free accredited high school diploma online. This School provides high school diplomas free of charge.

Mizzou K -12 Online High School is a Columbia-based online school that charges $500 per course. This online School is accredited by AdvancED. Plenty of courses are available and range some English language to World Languages.

 Clintondale Virtual School

Clintondale Virtual School is also one of the free accredited high school diploma online. High school classes here last for 8 weeks, and students from all parts of the State can easily be a benefactor.

This online School is authorized by AdvancED and tuition fees are $200 to $250 per course.

The Keystone School

The Keystone School is based in Bloomsburg, PA. They provide a standard pathway or accelerated pathway. Standard pathway means course by course, and accelerated one is for students with 12+ transfer credits.

Here it takes at least eight weeks to complete one course or sometimes twelve. Also, students typically get 5-6 credits per year.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College is a private college located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States.

Penn Foster College is authorized by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The DEAC Accrediting Commission is acknowledged by the U.S Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

Smart Horizons Career Online Education

 Smart Horizons Career Online Education is a private distance online free high school education for students. The School is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States.

The School prides itself on providing skilled certificate programs for several in-demand careers, such as Child Care, Commercial Driving, Criminal Justice, Office Management, and Homeland Security. All students graduate here with both a high school diploma and coursework toward earning a career-credentialed certificate easily.

Excel High School

Excel High School is an organization dedicated to transforming the way students learn. The Excel High School is also an accredited online high school located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a prime Minneapolis suburb in the United States. Excel High School operates like any typical high school and is fully accredited by Cognia-AdvancED.

Excel High School has a standard diploma path of 21.5 credits and full time of 4-6 courses/semester, which gets complete in 12weeks, with a monthly tuition fee of $99 for unlimited courses in Fine Arts, World Languages, Science, maths, social science, and Health.

The University of Mississippi High School

The University of Mississippi High School is also on the list of free accredited high school diploma online, which is AdvancED-SACS accredited, and NCAA accredited; the Office of the Pre-College Programs handles comprehensive, online high School. This School provides free accredited high school diploma online free for students in grades 7 through 12, allowing students to earn high school Carnegie units, double credit through the university, and a high school diploma from anywhere.

Students offer courses in various academic disciplines, including English Language, Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Business and Technology, Health and Physical Education, Foreign Languages, and other courses.

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Unit Course


1 Unit Course $375

½ Unit Course $250

1 Unit AP Course $425

½ Unit AP Course $300

Texas Success Academy

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Texas Success Academy is in the Arlington, Texas, United States. Texas Success Academy is an AdvancED and Texas Education Agency licensed body to run free accredited high school diploma online free for students. Texas Success Academy authorizes its students to take all classes only once while working at their own pace.

Students with 0 – 11.5 credits pay $1,005 for 8 months, and students with more than 11.5 credits pay $905 while $105/month for 9 months.

They offer courses in Business Information Management, Business Management, Introduction to Accounting, Plumbing Technology categories, and electrical technology.

North Dakota Center for Distance Education 

North Dakota Center for Distance Education is also an AdvancED licensed authorized, free distance education school that provides educational opportunities and tuition-free diploma courses to students worldwide. They are in the Fargo, ND. The tuition fee here for residents is $169/course and for non-residents is $250/course.

Students can choose any course given below :

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture FFA and SAE
  • Art
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technical Education
  • World Languages
  • Business Education
  • Computer Education
  • English
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • General Education
  • Health Careers
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education and Health

Orion High School

To provide the best high school curriculum and course in the country, whether that program is “brick and mortar” or online. Orion High School offers a free accredited high school diploma online free for adults. With a yearly tuition fee of $1750 for full-time classes. Orion High School mandate’s its students to complete at least 25% of the credits.

Orion is authorized by the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for grades 6-12. With this accreditation, Orion’s graduates can uninterruptedly apply and enter accredited colleges and universities both nationally and internationally.

Whitmore School Adult Diploma Program

Whitmore School is an AdvancED licensed, accredited online high School that offers free diploma certificate courses to adults. Whitmore School is situated in Morgantown, West Virginia, United States.

Students can easily earn 6 credits annually here. The tuition fee is $1499 for 12 months in the Whitemore School Adult Diploma program.

To improve their school student’s academic achievements, the Whitmore School has collaborated with several other high schools to actualize this goal.

Middleton Academy

The Middleton Academy is an AdvancED and DEAC licensed academy that provides free accredited high school diploma online in Woodbridge, VA. They act as a resource for students for teacher-led, student-centered courses that meet the State Performance Standards. Middleton Academy students are in public, private, and academic institutions.

The fees of the Middleton academy course are $325 and $200 per half-credit course.

Franklin Virtual High School

Franklin Virtual High School is a private online high school situated in Tallahassee, Florida. Its program is online-based only. Franklin Virtual High School is an AdvancED and DEAC licensed high school.

Franklin Virtual High School permits programs and services designed for both age groups perfectly, teenage and adult students. Programs of study, which are provided through distance learning, include a complete high school syllabus. Franklin Virtual High School has a tuition fee of $330 periodically.

Clintondale Virtual School

The Clintondale Virtual School is an AdvancED licensed virtual school that provides an online high school diploma that allows students from all high schools to attend a high school class in 8 weeks. Clintondale Virtual School is located in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Clintondale Virtual School programs are for students whose age is 22 and over 22. Students at Clintondale Virtual School can enroll at any time in the year to take advantage of their classes delivered online with 24/7 access. The course’s tuition fee is $200-$250 per course.

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University of Nebraska High School

The University of Nebraska High School is located in Lincoln, NE. It does perform activities with students to make school work for them. Also, it is authorized by the AdvancED and Nebraska Department of Education.

Students can submit any of the 100+ core, elective, AP & dual enrollment courses available there and an accredited high school diploma. In addition, the tuition fee for non-residents is $200 per course, and for the residents, it is $150 per course.

Wrapping up…!

All the schools mentioned over are indubitably legitimate and accredited and from there you can easily get free accredited high school diploma free. Hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any queries, share your queries there in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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