Choosing A Name For Your Business That Suits It

Choosing A Name For Your Business That Suits It

Selecting a name for your business can be quite tricky at times. You might have finalized everything in your head, but when it comes to naming the company, you cannot find the most appropriate one. No doubt, the name will reflect your brand and build its identity. A unique name can be your trump card that may help in establishing your business in the industry. But you will also have to consider the practical limitations and check whether the trademark or the domain is available. Before you finally zero in on the name, here are a few steps that you can take to reach the destination.

  • Decide what you want the name to convey

Some names of the companies directly convey what they do produce. Say, for example, if you look at the names like Trivago, Tripadvisor, or Expedia, it will automatically click in your mind that you will get trip-related advice from these companies. However, it’s not always easy to find a name that does not already exist. You can also choose a name that will showcase the values of your company, like Tesla. The company has been named after Nikola Tesla, who contributed to making and designing the modern-day AC electrical supply system. Tesla thus represents and values the world that runs on electric energy.

  • Whether you want the name to have a meaning or only a catchy ring to it

Company names like Kodak, Google, Sony, and IKEA do not have any meaning of their own. But these names do ring in your ear, are not like any other names in the market, are easy to spell, pronounce, and obviously super easy to remember. So, they were an instant hit. If anything of this sort has flashed in your mind and you believe that you can make a mark with it, then surely go ahead with that name. But if it’s the meaning that you are after, then sometimes, it can be challenging to bump on the right one. You can also take the help of an online business name creator if you want.

  • Understand the personality of your business

It is very important for you to understand what your company represents. Based on it, your brand’s identity will be created. Be clear about what you intend to do, why you want to do them, and how you will accomplish all of it. These things may sound basic, but they will give you a clear vision of your company and what you want it to represent. Once you have sorted out all of these, you are likely to stumble upon the name that will suit your company the best. How? While undergoing the process of clearing out all these notions, you will have come across various words, concepts, feelings, and ideas. And the right name will surely pop out from it.


Other techniques you can use are brainstorming, getting feedback from your known ones on a list of potential names, and checking similar domains to study how they have named their companies. Deciding a business name is not a child’s play, but these few steps can help you find success in your business name-hunt journey.


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