Complete List Of Anime Fighters Simulator Codes | Free Boosts in 2022

Complete List Of Anime Fighters Simulator Codes | Free Boosts in 2022

Are you also looking for the complete list of anime fighters simulator codes? Players of Roblox who appreciate anime combat should not miss Anime Fighters Simulator, a fascinating game. You’ll visit many anime-inspired places while playing the Anime Fighters, like Super Island, which is based on Dragon Ball Z, and Ninja Village, which is based on Naruto.

By utilizing Yen to call upon anime fighters, your goal is to assemble the strongest team on the planet! Some of the warriors, like Master Roshi, Vegeta, and Super Saiyan 2 Gohan from Dragon Ball Z, will be readily recognizable from your favorite animes. Gain access to additional planets and more anime combatants from One Piece, Naruto, and other series.

Keeping up with the most recent codes will provide you a tonne of opportunity to expand your squad quickly, whether through luck boosts to assist your drops, yen increases to net you plenty of money, or EXP boosts to quicken the leveling process. As you might have guessed, Anime Fighters Simulator is an anime-themed Roblox game where you can assemble well-known figures from various anime franchises and use them to assemble a formidable team that can defeat the bad guys on each island with an anime theme. So, let’s get started.


Here’s The Complete List Of Anime Fighters Simulator Codes


anime fighters simulator codes

The most updated list of Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator codes can be found right here. The codes in the list below can be redeemed for a number of items, such as luck enhancements and, with extremely fortunate timing, Shinys! Raid tickets and other wonderful goodies are in addition. Combine these with the greatest units you can summon to create the best Roblox Anime Fighter.

Do you frequently play the most popular Roblox anime games? For more free Roblox gaming goodies, check out our most recent lists of All-Star Tower Defense codes, Shindo Life codes, and Anime Fighting Simulator codes. To give you the most recent updates, we refresh these listings throughout the week.


Working Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

  • AFSAnniversary—Redeem for several rewards
  • Thanks900k—Redeem for several rewards (New)
  • FashionEmpire—Redeem for a variety of rewards
  • LandOfGuts—Redeem for several rewards (New)
  • Update25.3—Redeem code for a variety of rewards
  • TimeTravelTokyo—Redeem code for a variety of rewards
  • Sub2Codenex—Redeeming this code will get you a 10-minute Luck Boost
  • BronzePiece_—Redeeming this code will get you free boosts and rewards
  • WorldOfGames—Redeem code for a variety of rewards
  • OrcaPrison—Redeem code for a variety of rewards
  • ToadBoi—Redeeming this code will get you a 10-minute Luck Boost
  • sulley1m—Redeeming this code will get you Luck Boost and Damage Boost [Must Join Group]
  • 1MilFaves—Redeeming this code will get you Yen and XP Boosts
  • 800klikes—Redeeming this code will get you free rewards
  • Sub2Veyar—Redeeming this code will get you a 10-minute Luck Boost
  • RealDaireb—Redeeming this code will get you free boosts and rewards
  • HalfBillion—Redeeming this code will get you free boosts and rewards
  • otrademark— Redeeming this code will get you a Divine Fruit


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Expired Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

  • 800klikes
  • NinjaCityRaid – Two tickets
  • TheHole
  • 2k22 – Free boosts and a defense token
  • PsychicCity – Free Boost
  • NinjaCity
  • HalfBillion – Free items
  • Sub2Numerous – Free EXP boost
  • Sub2codenex – Free luck boost
  • BronzePiece_ – Free EXP boost
  • 700klikes – Free stuff
  • otrademark – Free divine fruit
  • Thanks600k – Free boost
  • ToadBoi – Ten-minute luck boost
  • 1MilFaves – Free boost
  • Sub2foxpanda – Free yen boost
  • Sub2Veyar – Free luck boost
  • IceWastes – Free merchant boosts
  • FlameCity – Free fruits and boosts
  • NewSulley750k – luck boost
  • Thanksgiving – valuable item
  • RealDaireb – Free yen boost
  • KingdomFour – Free stuff
  • 200milcrazy – luck boost
  • AlchemyLand – Super Yen boost
  • LuckIsland – free boosts and a defense mode token
  • DivineColosseum – Free boosts
  • Christmas – Free boosts and Christmas shards
  • cyclxnee – yen boost
  • SpookyIsland – boost
  • DestinyIsland – luck and yen boosts
  • SlimeyIsland – free boosts and a raid ticket
  • Nice300k – luck boost
  • EpicShutdown – free items
  • CrimesIsland – luck boosts
  • Pog400k – yen boost
  • Gold500k – best code ever
  • SorryForShutdown
  • Insane200k
  • EmptyWorld
  • ShutdownCode – boost
  • NinjaRaid – free tickets
  • SCity – luck and yen boost
  • UpdateDelay
  • Sulley300k
  • Almost100k
  • GhoulCity
  • Thanks150k
  • CurseHigh
  • Craftbug
  • 60kCCU
  • Magic100k
  • AttackOfGiants
  • Sulley100k
  • Yeet250k
  • 100kRecord
  • ChimeraIsland
  • Pog125k
  • Magic100K!
  • MegaLikes
  • ManyLikes
  • SlayerCorps
  • Awesome50k
  • Super75k
  • Lucky30k
  • EpicCode
  • SuperLikes


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anime fighters simulator codes


Q1. How may Anime Fighters Simulator codes be used?

  1. First of all, Start the game.
  2. On the left side of your screen, click the Twitter button.
  3. If the Twitter button is missing, click the arrow button that faces right to expand the menu.
  4. In the text box labeled “Enter Code Here,” type a valid code.
  5. Once you’ve entered the code, click the Confirm button to receive your free gift, boost, etc.

Q2. Anime Fighters Simulator Codes: How Can I Get More?

Ans. As always, the official Twitter, YouTube channel, and Discord are the greatest sources to find additional anime fighters simulator codes. These are all effective methods for staying current on the game and receiving any bonuses directly from the developer when they are made available.

However, if you don’t want to waste time monitoring Twitter and Discord, feel free to return to this list frequently as we’ll update it anytime new codes are released.


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Q3. Why won’t my codes for the Anime Fighters Simulator work?

Ans. Joining Sulley’s Roblox Group is your best shot at getting all of the codes to work because some of them only function there. There is a chance of inadvertently adding extra letters or numbers whenever a code is entered manually. Instead, we advise that you copy the code from this page and then paste it into the appropriate text field.

If you are certain that you did not spell the code incorrectly, it might have run out of time. If this occurs, do inform us so that we can relocate it to the part that is no longer active. Last but not least, there’s a chance you’ve already used the code, in which case you can’t use it again.



So, there were all working and expired anime fighters simulator codes. Given how similar some codes are, it is simple to implement. Please comment and let us know if any of the codes we’ve listed here don’t seem to be benefiting you. As soon as we can, we will verify them again, and if necessary, we will update this manual. Stay tuned to our future articles for more updates and thanks for reading!

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