Best ever 5 Note Taking Apps for Android to use in 2022

Best ever 5 Note Taking Apps for Android to use in 2022

Looking for the best note-taking apps for android? Yes, you are on the right page, my dear friends. Today I decided to share with you some of the Best 5 note taking apps for android to use in 2021. If you are just a student, or a professional user note-taking is such an integral part of your life. You can’t really expect to remember everything out there.

The note-taking application space has expanded pretty rapidly this last year. With the evolution of bi-directional links and rapid improvements around the way we take notes, things are changing pretty fast. Earlier note-taking used to be very simple. A note-taking app allows you to save, organize, share, and collaborate on important information and ideas in a single place.

Now there are plenty of options based for you to go through and take your notes. But then the entire list of options can get you really confused. Isn’t it? Well, today I am here to help you out. Scroll down to find out the best 5 note taking apps for Android and ios users.


List of Best ever 5 Note Taking Apps for Android to use in 2022


1.) Evernote


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The best note-taking app for 2021 is Evernote. It is known as the granddaddy of syncing note-taking apps. I am personally using Evernote for the past nine years at this point and I have to admit that it is a very powerful tool that I basically can’t get myself to break away from. It has got a pretty capable rich text editor, the ability to share notebooks with other people. It has also got tags, the ability to save searches, and a ton of different integrations with other apps.

It also features optical character recognition which means you can scan images with text and it can make that text searchable and you can also annotate images in the app as well. But for all its strengths, Evernote has some disadvantages. It is that you cannot create nested hierarchies of the notebooks. You can do notebooks and notebook stacks and that’s it. Still, Evernote is incredibly powerful, it’s available on basically every platform.


2.) OneNote


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Microsoft OneNote is probably the closest competitor to Evernote in terms of features as you are going to find similar image support, optical character recognition, the ability to annotate images. Honestly, the editor area is a lot more flexible and customizable than Evernote. Additionally, Microsoft OneNote is free, absolutely free. The only way you’d ever pay for Microsoft OneNote is you decided to upgrade your OneDrive storage.

I know a lot of people love OneNote. The drawback of this is that you cannot sort notes within your notebooks by date modified, date created, or alphabetically. You can only drag them around like they’re actual note cards or pages in a notebook. And that combined with limited tagging capabilities and the same number of organizational levels of hierarchy as you get in Evernote.


3.) Bear


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Bear is an absolutely beautiful app. But Bear is a Mac and iOs exclusive and that’s kind of a bummer as I personally use Windows on daily basis. If you are a Mac and iPhone only kind of person, Bear is definitely worth your consideration. This is primarily because unlike Evernote, OneNote, Bear has a beautiful hybrid markdown editor. And if you’re not familiar with markdown, it’s a markup language that allows you to format your text as you type by putting different symbols around your text. So for example, you can put two stars around a word to bold that word.

Now a lot of markdown editors force you to write in plain text and then you can only preview your formatted text. But bear doesn’t do that, it actually formats your text as you write. Additionally, bear also has a pretty interesting organizational system that does let you create as many levels of hierarchy as you like and they use tags to achieve this. By typing hashtags in your document and then using slashes to create additional tags beyond it, you can create your own organizational structure.


4.) Google Keep


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Google keep is a pretty nice and simple note-taking app that’s available in the browser and also on pretty much all of your devices as well. It is a very simple note-taking app. Very simple but effective formatting options and you can even change the background color of your notes to visually distinguish them.

The problem with google keep is that there only one level of tags that you can create, you cannot create a hierarchical level of basically anything, so there’s no hierarchical organization. If you’re gonna use Google keep as a note-taking app, you are going to want to rely mostly on their search function. The search function is probably pretty good. If you want a scratchpad for taking notes and setting reminders for later, Google keep could be a good bet.


5.) Notion


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The notion is a stupidly powerful note-taking app. It’s definitely the most flexible tool on the list, allowing you to layout pages, however, you want, create an infinite hierarchy organization on the sidebar and even interlink between pages easily. It’s also got a great hybrid markdown editor that’s very similar to the one you’re going to find in Bear. You cannot precisely select text if it goes outside a single block of information.

Notions can do things that no other app can do, that’s mainly because of the combination of a couple of different features. First, their table feature is actually a database feature, so every row in a table actually links to its own page. And secondly, they have got a templating feature that allows you to make basically anything into a template. It’s a great organizational app in general and very flexible. It is a pretty cool wiki-like application.


End of line-

These are the best 5 apps for note-taking which will help you a lot. I hope you liked the efforts of mine. So choose the best one and start taking your notes and make your work easier. This is not it there are more apps that can help you in making your work easier. Click here to know more!
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