Checkout List of Top 6 New and Upcoming Turkish Series (2022)

Checkout List of Top 6 New and Upcoming Turkish Series

Top 6 New and Upcoming Turkish Series To Watch

Hey everyone it’s time for another article. The popularity of Turkish drama is unstoppable. Moreover, the number of followers of the Turkish series is growing year by year. Though despite the huge number of annual TV series in turkey only one-third make it until the end of a season or, maybe even less. So, here in this article, I am going to share the list of the TOP 6 New and Upcoming Turkish Series To Watch.

Here’s the Checkout List of Top 6 New and Upcoming Turkish Series (2022)





Release date  12 march 2021
DirectorCan Ulkay
CastÇağatay Ulusoy Emir Ali Doğrul Ersin Arıcı Turgay Tanülkü Selen Öztürk
ProducerOnur Güvenatam

Paper lives have grown with great excitement. The story of a young man warms up the heart. Mehmet young man who makes his livelihood by collecting papers on the street. As he is the biggest supporter in his family. One day his life takes a big turn when an 8-year-old boy Ali enters his life. He tries to reunite Ali with his life. Establishing a great love bond with him.





Release date 7 March 2021
Director Yagiz Alp Akaiden
Producer Tims & B

In the second spot, we have The Organisation which tells the story of a special union working under the National Intelligence Organisation. The agents of the successful organization have conducted a very successful, special operation in the country and in Abroad. They are not known to anyone and their identity is very confidential. There is a mystery about their past and life stories. They need to sacrifice various things to become secret heroes.




Release date 1 October 2021 ( Turkey)
DirectorKanal D
Genre Drama, Action, Romance

The series time to die consists of various famous and popular actors. A group of four friends who went to fun together decides to go camping. The story comes up with great twists and turns and it will be very exciting for the viewers to watch the story with great ups and downs




Release date 1 April
Broadcast ByTRT 1
  • Ahmet Kural as Kemal Dereli.
  • Pelin Karahan as Inci Dereli.
  • Serkan Cayoglu as Ankarali / Bereli.
  • Gulper Ozdemir as Doctor Ayse Inan.
  • Tayanc Ayaydin as Nikos Samson.

A Turkish-made TV drama called once upon a time in Cyprus makes stresses the events that happen in 1963. A period where inter-communal fights intensify. Turks and Greek live side by side in Cyprus without any problem. A merchant lives happily with his family in the idyllic geography of Iceland until like other Turkish families they are attacked by the events in the start. He became the leader for thousands of migrants on their path with his family.




Release date 8 April 2021
DirectorNadim Güç
CastDevrim Yakut, Feri Baycu Güler, Hamza Yazıcı, Hande Ataizi, Merve Polat, Nihal Menzil, Nur Sürer, Selma Ergeç, Şerif Erol, Tamer Levent and Tuğrul Tülek
ProducerOnur Güvenatam

This is the story of a beautiful young woman Nalan. The only child of a wealthy family who grew up in all luxury surrounded by the love and care of her loved ones. She graduated from the best school and started working for a company which is Turkey’s largest hotel chain and there she meets a boy. The love of two young people ends with a marriage proposal. Everything looks like a beautiful fairy tale but in the past, they had dark secrets that plunged their life into a great mess.


New and Upcoming Turkish Series


Release date March 31st
DirectorOsman Kaya
CastGörkem Sevindik, Ushan Cakir, Deniz Hamzaoglu, Asli Orcan, Burak Berkay Akgül
ProducerSuavi Doğan
GenreAction And Drama

The red series which will be broadcasted on TV shows screen looks like it will have plenty of actions. The hero will describe the joy, sorrow, successes, and disappointment of firefighters in their life. With many different emotions of firefighters who save lives. Describing their connection to each other and their profession of firefighters with different characteristics. The red truck will definitely make a name for itself through its amazing structure, which will make the audience intense and action-packed scenes will create excitement.


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Here Above I have mentioned the top 6 new Turkish series. I hope you have gone through the whole list and finally you guys get What you want to know about the New and upcoming Turkish series.

I hope you people like this work of mine. If you are satisfied with my work then please do let me know by commenting your views, thoughts in the comment section. As comment sections are always available to you. Don’t forget to share with me the other things you want to know about.

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