7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

The popularity of Turkish drama is unstoppable. Moreover, the number of followers of the Turkish series is growing year by year. Though despite the huge number of annual TV series in turkey only one-third make it until the end of a season or, maybe even less.

On the other hand, there are plenty of websites where you can watch web series, Tv-Shows, and movies online for free with high-quality content and also with no Geological restrictions. But only If you won’t be able to open the website you can try these VPNs.

So, here in this article, we will list the TOP 10 Upcoming Turkish Web Series that you would definitely love to watch with your friends, family, or by yourself.


Here’s The List Of Top 10 Upcoming Turkish Web Series (2022)

As I’m sure you’re bored of looking for Upcoming Turkish web series and are excited to know what will be going to come in the future? So, below we’ve mentioned some of the best most-watched, and upcoming web series that you would love to watch.


1. Gizli Sakli

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

The combination of love, adventure, crime, and humor in “Gizli Sakl” will keep viewers glued to the screen. Naz, who has recently graduated from the police academy, resides with her mother and her uncle, both of whom play protective roles.

The police decide to send Naz and the mad officer Pamir on a covert mission when a mafia leader named Tark Kosuoglu makes the suggestion. Pamir and Naz will travel through the mafia family’s home like a newlywed couple to win Tarak Kosuoglu’s trust and prosecute him.


2. Seversin

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

Seversin tells the tale of Tolga, a young actor who is at the height of his success but dissatisfied, and Asya, a mall worker who longs to attend college. Two very different worlds clash when the paths of these two young people, who view the world as either black or white, coincide. Tolga, the admirer of young females, will pay a price for underestimating Asya, while Asya finds herself in a life she is suddenly uninterested in.


3. Icimizdeki Ates

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

The account of four young individuals who, in order to cling on to life and fulfill their aspirations, were strong, intelligent, ambitious, and successful. Young law school graduates Mert, Bahar, Hale, and Ege successfully navigate arduous elimination rounds to begin their internship with renowned attorney Doan Yener and his wife Tülin Tan.

Throughout the internship, they must avoid getting into problems. We will experience the adventures of helping them achieve their goals under the direction of Doan and Tülin. At the same time,  life challenges them with a variety of difficulties along the way, as well as what they will acquire and lose along the way.


4. Senden Daha Guzel

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

In the Senden Daha Güzel series, a female doctor from Antep and a well-known plastic surgeon from Istanbul cross paths. Comedy and romantic scenes between the two will be portrayed on TV. The Antep doctor will be given life by Cemre Baysel, while the renowned plastic surgeon will be given life by Burak elik.


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5. Ah Nerede

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]
Murat, their middle son, is a law student who also has a gambling problem and wagers on everything in life. They believe their young son Omar is a student of engineering, but he is actually a musician who performs in bars. Their eldest son, Ferit, left medical school half-aware of his family and used his father’s money to become an unstoppable philanderer.

Ferit enjoys himself like a spoilt child when girls pay him attention and are never satisfied with only one person. First dreams of marrying flirty, gorgeous, young girls who have been women all his life. He handled three separate gals in three different lanes with expertise and love prior to meeting Zehra.

Burçak, Nihal, and Sera come up with a plan of retaliation as soon as they know they have been Decoyed. They will likewise shatter Ferit’s heart, just as Ferit broke theirs. Zehra, who resides with her mother Perihan, older brother Ali, cousin Huriye, and nephew Duygu, is the mastermind behind this scheme.

Young ladies are advised by Zehra, a woman who does not trust men, to exact revenge on the offending man rather than eating one another. She is unaware of something, though. The flirty Ferit will be the target of Zehra’s vengeance, which will be her major focus.


6. Sevmek Zamani

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

Contemporary Cinderella is Firuze. She is a young woman who is working and studying, and she is smart and determined. She had a challenging upbringing and now lives quietly with her siblings and they adopted Muhsin Baba prior to meeting Kagan.

An innocent love story that appears to be her name’s initials embroidered on a handkerchief transforms into a tornado that engulfs all of her family members. She starts to float away from her safe world where she is protected and loved by the men in her family and toward the evil Kagan reality.


7. Kuruluş Osman

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]
Kuruluş Osman is the other top Turkish TV program of 2022. The history of Kuruluş Osman, also known as The Ottoman, is an account of how the Ottoman Empire was established. As “Osman Bey,” the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Burak zçivit will take the role.

As a result, viewers will encounter the Ottoman Empire’s fight for existence and its founding. The fundamental responsibility of Osman Bey, Erturul Ghazi’s son, is to transform the principality into a state. Osman Bey will face a lot of challenges in this battle. particularly the Byzantine Empire.


8. Balkan Ninnisi

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

In “Balkan Ninnisi,” which is set in Skopje, an Ottoman city that was home to Turks, Albanians, and Macedonians on one side and Macedonians on the other, two young people of diverse ethnicities try to do the impossibly difficult for the sake of their love.


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9. Gul Masali

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

It relates the narrative of Toprak, the scion of the Atabey family, one of Isparta’s most influential families, and Gonca, who discovers the enigmatic secrets of the past owing to the inheritance left to her after her mother’s passing.


10. Dünya ile Benim Aramda

7+ Must-Watch New And Upcoming Turkish Web Series List [2022]

Disney Plus’s newest TV show, Between Me and the World (Dünya ile Benim Aramda), debuted this week. In the Disney Plus television series Between Me and the World, Demet zdemir, Kerem Bursin, and Hafsanur Sancaktutan will split the starring roles.

“Between Me and the World” (Dünya ile Benim Aramda) will be produced by MF Production for Disney Plus. By the way, the new digital platform is gearing up to make an effective debut in Turkey very soon and will begin broadcasting there. Demet zdemir, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Bura Gülsoy, and Kerem Bürsin will star in this new TV show.



Above I’ve mentioned some of the Top 10 Upcoming Turkish web series. I hope you have gone through the whole list and finally you guys get What you want to know about the New and upcoming Turkish series.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy a membership on Netflix, Show Tv, or whatever platform is more convenient for you. If you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below.

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