50+ Tempting Momos lovers Quotes and captions for Foodies

50+ Tempting Momos lovers Quotes and captions for Foodies

Hello everyone hope all are good and healthy. So people if you are looking for Momos quotes. I must say you are on the right page. We are providing you the delicious 50+ momos lovers quotes and captions. Momos is the thing which is everyone’s favorite.

The history of momo in Nepal dates back to as early as the fourteenth century. Momo was initially a Newari food in the Katmandu valley. It was later introduced to Tibet, China and as far away as Japan by a Nepalese princess who was married to a Tibetan king in the late fifteenth century. So now lets move on towards our topic 50+ momos lovers quotes and captions.

Here are the Short Momos Lovers Quotes and Captions For Instagram

  1. “Momo’s are the love of my life “
  2. “Every day they attracts me more towards them “
  3. “My heart breaks when momo shop is closed”
  4. “I feel like it’s been a decade I haven’t eaten momos”
  5. “Either steamed or fried my love for them is endless”
  6. “I was not allowed to go out of the home so I cooked at home”
  7. “Give me one more plate of momos”
  8. “Why does this plate carry numbered amount of momos”
  9. “More Tangy the chutney is the more tasty the momos are “
  10. “Without the spicy chutney momos has no taste”

“Best Craving for Momos Quotes”

momos lovers quotes and captions

  1. “I wish I could eat more”
  2. “They look tasty but when I eat them they become   “
  3. “Cooked in heaven”
  4. “I did hard work all day so could bring thee to home and enjoy with my family”
  5. “Momos:- Meal of the day”
  6. “I broke up with those who try to eat momos from my plate”
  7. “To the people who haven’t eaten momos, how do you live”
  8. “Momos:- essence of life”
  9. “They said to eat food I said give me momos”
  10. “Restaurants who don’t cook momos why they are called as restaurants”


“Funny Momos Captions For Instagram”

momos lovers quotes and captions

  1. “After eating momos, having a momos soup gives me pleasure”
  2. “They told me eat heathy I started eating steamed momos”
  3. “I hope that momo shop will open soon”
  4. “Momos with friends is one of the  beautiful movement of my life “
  5. “They asked me in veg I said momos , Then they asked me in non veg I said momos”
  6. “Loving momos is one habit that makes us friend”
  7. “Momos are the reason for good happening in my life”
  8. “Rainy weather and hot momos are the best combinations ever”
  9. “It’s better to have a plate of momos than a relationship”
  10. “Hope that this plate of momos never end, but a sad truth it will end soon”


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“Best Momos Status”

momos lovers quotes and captions

  1. “Let’s hit another plate “
  2. “Let me refill the plate with chutney and momos”
  3. “more spicy more momos”
  4. “Eat more demand more”
  5. “Why momos are always tasty”
  6. “Eat, sleep and repeat”
  7. “I never loved something so much”
  8. “My menu has only momos”
  9. “Is momos available here”
  10. “Kind of love to momos”


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“Top momos Lover Quotes”

momos lovers quotes and captions

  1. “A plate full of happiness = A plate full of veg momos “
  2. “Who wants to have this delicious, mouth-watering spicy plate of momos”
  3. “MOMOS a perfect Chinese platter for everyone”
  4. “Cravings for Some kurkure momos?”
  5. “Steamed momos are my Weakness”
  6. “Deadly combination of rain and momos yahoooo”
  7. “A full plate of chicken momos exactly what I want”
  8. “Momos is not just food its an Emotion”
  9. “Who else is missing going out just to have momos?”
  10. “Finally I satisfied my cravings for momos”
  11. “Are you a momos lover or you are normal hahaha”
  12. “So scrumptious yummy momos”
  13. “Let’s drool together me and momos”
  14. “Craving for this meal of juicy and spicy momos?


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