How To Turn On Profile Views On Tiktok | Here’s A Fix

How To Turn On Profile Views On Tiktok | Here’s A Fix

Tiktok API is launching day by day many new features and replacing old features and we have to keep up with its new algorithm to rank our videos high. This is actually the natural way to get more views, grow your profile and get famous. For this, you also have to keep TikTok terminology in your mind and use trending filters, and effects, do challenges, etc.

TikTok launched a profile view history feature that allows creators and influencers to see who viewed their profile in the last 30 days. So today will discuss this incredibly useful feature: HOW TO TURN ON PROFILE VIEWS ON TikTok.

What Are Profile Views?

How To Turn On Profile Views On Tiktok

Profile Views is a feature that allows TikTok creators to view the history of all the users who sneak a peek into their profile in the last 30 days. When a creator on this feature in their, other TikTok users who have activated this feature too will also be able to find when the user has viewed their own profiles.TikTok users can only see the profile view history for their own profile.

If you do not want others to see that you have visited their profile, you can always disable the profile views feature to stop revealing information related to profile visiting history.

Let Us Learn How To Turn On Profile Views Step By Step:

STEP 1: Press on the icon of three horizontal lines on the right-hand side of the screen.

STEP 2: Click on the tap and privacy on the bottom of the interface.

STEP 3: Tap privacy.

STEP 4: Scroll down to the “Safety” button and click “Profile views.”

STEP 5:Tap the key to the right of “Profile view history” to make this feature work.

Note: You can repeat these steps easily if you ever want to turn this feature off on your profile.


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What Happens When You Turn On Profile Views On TikTok?

When you turn on Profile views on TikTok, you enable a surveillance camera to keep an eye on all the visitors on your profile. Whenever any new visit creator or someone familiar revisits, you get notified about it in the Inbox.

When you get the authority to see who visits your profile through the “Profile views” function, you pay for it by making yourself visible to others when you go to their profile. You just cannot enjoy it like a one-way reflective glass where you can see who looks at your profile while shrouding yourself under an invisibility cloak when you visit others.

The “Profile views” feature on TikTok is not fancy or unique. Here you only get to see under the feature a list of usernames of every other creator who visited your profile with the most recent visitor at the very top. The list is placed in descending order up to a period of 30 days.

In this feature, you are not getting any kind of additional information like when the user visited, what he saw, how many times he visited, etc.

That is not to say the feature is too rudimentary. let’s suppose a “person A” visits your profile today, their profile would take the top place on the list. That is until “person B” and “person C” visit you after “person A”, pushing “person A” down to the third position on your profile list. However, if “person A” visit you again after some time, then they will be pushed up again from the third position back to the top one. A username will always appear only once on the profile interface v no matter how many times anyone has visited during the 30-days period.

How To Stop Someone From Viewing Your Profile Without Turning Off Profile Views:

As we already discussed, you cannot enable “Profile views” with limited functions, it is either all or nothing when it comes to its results. So, if you want to stop someone from viewing your profile or visiting others without letting them know about it, it is just impossible without turning off the feature.

There is only one way to stop someone from viewing your profile to block them. As if you block them, you can still enjoy this feature easily.

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How To Remove Yourself From One’s Profile Views List?

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The “Profile views” feature works only if it is sanctioned by both the “visitor” and “visited” creator. So, what if you turn this feature off after visiting one’s profile? Yes, that is exactly the solution to your problem you need to remove yourself from someone else’s profile views list. if you don’t want anyone to know that you visited their profile accidentally or not-so-accidentally, then, all you have to do is turn off the “Profile views” feature on your profile. However, you will also lose the ability to stalk the visitors on your profile.

An important aspect to always keep in mind is that just “Profile views” have a 30-days time range. The profile views list shows the complete list of the creators who visited your profile for a period of 30 days. If you want to hide from one’s profile views list, always keep in mind that you do not turn on “Profile views” back on until 30 days have passed again

Wrapping up…!

That’s all to know about profile views and how to pin profile views on TikTok. Hope that settles all your inhibitions about this profile views feature and also answers all your questions. Do let us know, should the users keep this feature turned on or off? What do you think? Let us know via the comments.

Thank you for reading…!

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