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Running social media apps is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, for youngsters like us this is not such rocket science but still, some of you might get difficult and you might have to look for the answers everywhere. Don’t worry we are here to provide you with all the details on how to transfer TikTok drafts to another phone?  in this post.

Talking about transferring videos is not only a necessary thing for Tiktok users but also how to pin videos on Tiktok must be important to learn sometimes too.

TikTok Drafts?

You can decide whether you want to share a video you create on TikTok immediately or at a later time. You must save it as a draught if you want to upload it later. It is probably possible that you might not be finished editing. A good video also requires great captions. you must know how to edit captions on TikTok.  The functionality makes it simple to post stuff whenever you want and are ready to do so.

Drafts can be saved and even backed up so that you can be sure they will be there for you whenever you are ready to view or work on them once more.  You must definitely be brought a brand new phone for any reason and now you might be looking for how to transfer the TikTok draughts to another phone?

How To Transfer TikTik Drafts To Another Phone?


Here, I am sharing the easy and simple 4 steps on how to transfer TikTok drafts to another phone?. Let’s have a look.

1. Open the Drafts page-

how to transfer tiktok drafts to another phone
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1.  Open the “Draft” page on your TikTok first.

2. After that TikTok profile page to do this.

3. Then click on the “Drafts” file located on your screen’s left side.

4.  . All of the videos you’ve saved to the Drafts page will appear on a new page.

5. Even though you can submit both images and videos on TikTok, anything you post there will appear as a video, regardless of whether it is a photo.


2. To save the video, change its settings.

2 5
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1. You need to start “Saving the videos” you’ve drafted on the Drafts page.

2. Therefore, “Click” each of the page’s contents one by one.

3. You will then be taken to the “Editing page”.

4. Simply tap the “Next” button at this point.

5. The “Pre-Posting” page will then appear as a new page.

6. You can change a number of settings on the Pre-Posting page before publishing the material on TikTok.
Who can watch this video and save it to the device should be your two main concerns.

7. Therefore, set the “Who may watch this video” option to “Only Me” and toggle “ON” for the “Save to device” option.

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3. On your device, save the prepared video: 

Untitled design new 3.0
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1. You may now save the video to your Gallery after turning on “Save to device” and “Who can see this video” to only me.
2. The “Post” button is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. After that, wait a short while for your post to save in your gallery.

4. Your TikTok draughts can be moved to another phone after being saved.

4. Get the Shareit app: 

ShareIt app 23999 1024x577 1

You must know how to transfer the TikTok drafts to another phone? after saving them on your current handset.

Download the Shareit app which is easily available on the play store. Use the “Shareit” app,  to transfer the TikTok videos to another phone.

Pro Tip:  On both phones, the app must be downloaded.


5. Transfer the TikTok drafts to a different phone.

Untitled design 5.0
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1. The last step in this procedure is to transfer the TikTok drafts to another phone once you download the app.

2. To install the app on each phone, simply follow the setup instructions.

3. For connectivity purposes, the instructions can ask you to grant the app access to and permission to use your location as well as the phone’s gallery.

4. So provide permission and then finish the app setup.

5. There are three icons labelled “Send,” “Receive,” and “Files” on the Shareit app’s home page.

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 How To Get TikTok Draft Backup On An iPhone?

Using iCloud is the simplest way to store files on your iPhone’s camera roll. You’ll need to go through your settings to make that happen. Follow the given below steps:

1. Go to “Settings” to backup your camera roll to iCloud.

2. After that, Select “iCloud” and then settings.

3. You should Select your photographs from that list so that you may toggle the iCloud Photos option.

4. This instantly uploads to iCloud all of the camera roll’s images and videos.

5. Make sure the phone can connect to the internet before turning on this setting. The automated “Backup” will work as long as it can.

Pro Tip: It’s crucial that your iCloud account has enough storage before proceeding. It can be purchased from the iTunes store if you require more capacity.

How To Get TikTok Drafts Backup On An Android Phone?

The procedures are slightly different if you’re using an Android phone. You’re going to use Google Drive as opposed to iCloud.  Follow the below steps:

1. Open the “Pictures app” to backup a video.

2.  Find the video you wish to upload to the cloud from there.

3. Select the “Share” symbol by tapping it.

4. You’ll see several choices.

5. You desire “Drive.” The video can then be saved to Google Drive from there.

Note:   This procedure also works for Pc. Again, the amount of storage space on your account might not be sufficient, but you can add more if necessary. Keep in mind always that you must do this for every video separately. You might use Dropbox as an option with Android phones.


Q1. Why can’t I access my TikTok draft on another phone?

The draughts will all be erased if you try to remove TikTok, and even if you try to sign in on another phone, you won’t be able to restore them. However, you can support them by using the strategy we’ve described above. Your TikTok videos will need to be saved to your phone’s gallery before being transferred to another phone.

Q2. Can I transfer my TikTok ideas to a new phone?

There is a manual method to achieve this even if TikTok doesn’t have a function that allows you to transfer your Drafts to a new phone via the app. By separately saving each piece of content in your Drafts, you can move it all to your phone’s gallery. Then, whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, copy them to your new phone using any data copying software.

Q3. How to Turn on Mute?

Muting is typically quite simple. You will often have different options for muting and silencing the call if you are using a digital phone. You cannot send any sound to the other caller if you use the mute option. By silencing them, the sounds they convey won’t be played continuously. Additionally, you can change the volume as needed.

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Wrapping Up!

Until you remove the app or lose your phone, TikTok draft preserves your videos on the TikTok app. You run the risk of losing these files if you try to remove the app because they are saved in the app’s file directory on your phone. We really hope you will like this post. If you like our efforts do appreciate it by comment below.

Do share your views with us. Till then stay safe and healthy.

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