Latest 8 Best Free Manga Websites List to Read Online Manga (2022)

Latest 8 Best Free Manga Websites List to Read Online Manga (2022)

Best free Manga Websites List: 

As the world of Japanese animation, called anime, has seen a rise in popularity over the years, so too has its graphic novel counterpart — manga. Almost every anime usually starts as a manga before getting its own show. If you’re a fan of these but are running short on cash to pick up some new books, there are great manga sites online for reading your favorite manga digitally.

The sites listed below make it easy to find popular manga or discover lesser-known series that might interest you. The manga on these sites is put up through high-quality scans, allowing anyone access to them. It’s a great way to keep up on your favorite series.

Here are the Websites where You Can Read Manga for Free | Best Free Manga Websites List

Website NamesWebsite Links

1. Crunchyroll

2. ComicWalker

3. BookWalker

4. Mangareader

5. Kiss Manga

6. Mangastream

7. Mangapanda

8. Mangapark


Let’s Understand Briefly About these Free Manga Websites List-


1. Crunchyroll

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While most well-known for its anime streaming service, Crunchyroll also provides manga lovers access to manga series. There’s lots of free manga on the site, and there’s also an app available so you can read on the go too.

To read all the manga available, you can sign up for Crunchyroll Premium for $7.99/mo. This gives you access to both the anime and manga on the site. The site also provides what it calls “simulpubs,” where you can read manga at the same time it’s released in Japan.

Crunchyroll is great for an ad-free experience if it hosts the series you’re interested in.

2. ComicWalker


Kadokawa is among the biggest manga publishers in Japan. Fed up with the scanlations, the company launched its own official service to read comics online for free. Yes, completely free.

Not all of Kadokawa’s popular titles are available here, but many are. Unlike most other alternatives, you can actually use the service without signing up. That said, registering for an account adds some cool features, like creating a library of favorites and getting notifications when a new issue is published.

ComicWalker is notable for its no-nonsense, no-strings-attached approach. This is the place to go if all you want to do is read manga without hassle. What’s more, since it works in-browser, you can read from your office desk, too.

3. BookWalker

BookWalker is a one-stop-shop for legal and official digital comics from Japan. The service now includes all the popular publishers, including Viz, Kodansha, and Yen. It’s like shopping on the Kindle store, except specifically for manga.

BookWalker features different free titles every month, but sadly there’s significantly more paid content than free content. Nevertheless, you can download the BookWalker app on your mobile device or visit the website on your PC browser. You can browse by categories, genres, publishers, or authors.

When you make a purchase on BookWalker, it’s added to your catalog for eternity, and you earn coins that can be used to make future purchases. There are also membership rankings, which are determined by how much you spend. The higher your ranking is, the more coins you can earn per purchase.

4. Mangareader


Mangareader is a free online platform that enables comic lovers to read manga online.

If you’re looking for where to read manga content online ranging from adventure, action, and fantasy among other genres without registration, this is the best place for that. Moreover, this web portal can boast of a user-friendly interface without any unnecessary features that could eventually waste your time.

There is also an integrated search feature that makes it easier for you to locate your preferred manga comic book title. Another noteworthy feature of this website is the fact that it doesn’t contain the usually sponsored ads associated with free online portals.

5. Kiss Manga

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Kiss Manga is one of the original sources of free digital manga and thus has tons of content available. This manga site is excellent if there is a specific manga you have in mind to read and can search it up on the site. You can also see popular series that others are reading.

Each manga series has some info about it on their page, and you can read each chapter on one page, so you don’t need to refresh every time. The scans are high-quality, and there are many manga series translated to English that you may not be able to find otherwise.

6. Mangastream

Mangastream 1


Mangastream has also ranked among the best manga websites that offer accurate English translations for its numerous manga readers.

On Mangastream, you won’t even be required to create an account or sign in before you can read free manga online.
There is also a search option that will allow you to find your favorite manga titles effortlessly.

Besides reading free manga, visitors to this awesome site can also discuss weekly episodes, find and recommend a new manga series to read, create picture posts of their manga collection, etc.


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7. Mangapanda

Online Manga Comics Reader Free at Mangapanda in English 1


This green-themed online manga platform comes with an advanced search option which makes it easier for visitors to read manga online. This awesome manga website offers a wide variety of fun content with 40% of its visitors from the US.

One of the most attractive features of the Mangapanda web portal is the fact that you will not have to create an account or sign in before accessing the content here. This cool web portal delivers on its promise of quality content along with quick reading.

You can use either the filter or search options to quickly locate your preferred manga – which eliminates the need to scroll manually through pages.

8. Mangapark


MangaPark is one of the best manga websites where visitors can search for their preferred online manga scans & scanlations. The manga content here is categorized according to genres for easier searching.

Some popular genres here include Action, Shounen, Comedy, Sci-fi, School life, Supernatural, Slice of life, and lots more.
Moreover, you can use any PC, Android, or iOS device to read free manga online via this web portal.

End of the line:

In the above article, I have mentioned some of the 8 Free Manga websites List which you can read for free. Please comment and tell us about your thoughts about the article and also comment on how we can improve in future articles.

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