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If you use Facebook for commercial purposes or you are planning to use one then you should simply be using the Facebook business manager to kick start your business small or large. It has some unique and important tools that can help you to keep your Facebook business assets organized, safe and centralized. And many of us really want to use Facebook business manager but cannot get hold of it as it can be a bit complicated for a beginner. We do get many questions regarding how Facebook business manager works and one of the most asked among all of them is How To Find Facebook Business ID? Where can we find our Facebook business ID? Don’t worry we have got you covered. In this article, We have answered all the questions regarding Facebook business account and largely on how can you find your business ID on Facebook?

If you need to find your Facebook business ID for whatsoever reason but you are unable to find it yourself this article will quickly guide you to help you out. You can find your business ID through two ways one from the Facebook business manager and the second one in the browser address bar. Both ways will help you to find your Facebook business ID just by following a few simple steps. We have listed down the steps below in order to find your Facebook business ID. So without any further ado Let’s get started:

Note: Make sure that you don’t confuse it with Facebook Ad Account

How To Find Facebook Business ID?


4 Ways To Find Facebook Business ID Easily (Business Manager ID)


How To Find Facebook Business ID In Facebook Business Manager In 2022?

This particular method includes a few easy steps to help you find out your Facebook business ID from your Facebook business manager. So follow the steps below in order to find the Facebook Business ID from your Facebook Business Manager interface in sequence:

Steps to find the Facebook Business ID:

Step 1: Open up Facebook Business Manager

Step 2: Find and Tap open the Business Settings page

Step 3: Scroll and search for Business Info and Click on it

Step 4: This will lead you to another page where if you observe your Facebook business ID will be located right at the top of the page. And that’s it this is how you can find your Facebook business manager ID in the Facebook business manager.

How To Find The Facebook Business Manager ID In Your Browser Address Bar?

This method is very much similar to that of the above-mentioned method but a lot more straightforward and easier than it. Follow The steps given below to Find The Facebook Business Manager ID In Your Browser Address Bar in sequence.

Steps to find Facebook business manager ID on the address bar:

Step 1: First you all need to Open up the Facebook Business Manager account of which you want to know the business ID.

Step 2: Following that you need to Navigate to the Business Settings

Step 3: Now there is no need to click anywhere else unlike the method given above you just need to look at the URL in your browser address bar.

Step 5: You’ll notice your Facebook business manager ID in the URL. The ID number will be placed after the URL part like “business-id=”.

And that’s it this is how you can find your Facebook business manager ID just by following a few easy steps.

What Is The Facebook Business ID?

So, if you are not yet Clear with the entire concept of what is a Facebook business ID actually let us explain it in simple words. Facebook Business Manager ID is a unique identifier connected to a Facebook Business Manager. And from this, the question arises what is Facebook Business Manager? Then to say it in simple words A Facebook Business Manager is basically like an organizer Box that helps you organize your Facebook Business Pages and Ad Accounts that are connected to a particular business. You can have access to numerous Facebook Business managers and also note that a legal entity should create only one Facebook business manager as it lets you manage and organize many Facebook pages and Facebook Ad Accounts from itself. But if you have many Facebook business managers we advise you to find the Facebook Business Manager ID that will make sure that you are in the right Facebook Business Manager account.

Why is it wise to use Facebook Business Manager?

There are many reasons for us to recommend you to use Facebook Business Manager but the most important of all is that it makes your job a lot more easily which in turn helps you to focus on other aspects of your business as well.

Adding on the entire interface is user-friendly and direct. When you log into Business Manager, you’re taken directly to your business assets on Facebook. It allows you to have access to your pages, Ads Manager, and other business-related assets without the compulsion to see your personal news feed or notifications.

Another best reason behind using is that the Facebook Business Manager helps you keep everything organized and secure. If you are one of those who manage more than one Facebook page, ad account, for yourself or your clients then it will bring you a lot of help and will keep you at ease as it can become quite difficult to oversee everything you and others are able to access.

It allows you to quickly go through all your pages, ad accounts, people who have assigned roles, and much more. So instead of having a compulsion to go through your business assets and to remove the person who no longer works for you you simply go to the People section in Business Manager and remove their access to everything in one click.

With that, you can simply assign roles to different people through Facebook business manager without letting them have access to your personal profile and similarly you don’t have to see theirs as well.


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How To Find Facebook Business Manager?

You can find your Facebook Business Manager in two main ways.

Method 1: In this method, you have to open the URL business.facebook.com and login into your Facebook account directly.

Method 2: In this method, you have to open your Facebook profile and then find and click on ‘Business Manager’ usually present in the left column.

How To Create A Facebook Business ID?

Well, you cannot create a Facebook Business ID, because it is already linked and provided when you create a Facebook Business Manager Account and then you will get a Facebook business ID from Facebook automatically that will uniquely identify that Facebook Business Manager. This means if you have already created an account on Facebook Business Manager then you already have a Facebook business ID and if you cannot find yours you just have to use the above methods to find your already existing Facebook Business Manager ID.


We hope now by the end of the article you know How To Find Facebook Business ID? and how using a Facebook business manager can help you in many ways. it can help you to organize and keep your data secure, you can manage a number of pages at a time, etc. we hope our article was helpful enough to make your life easier. if you have any other quires regarding this topic you can leave a comment in the comment box below we will be happy to help.

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