40 Marvelous Favorite Person Quotes and Captions for Instagram

40 Marvelous Favorite Person Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Hello favorite people. Hope you all are doing great or favorite things in your life. We, humans, have favorites in everything like favorite food, favorite cars, a favorite song, favorite sport, etc. So today we are going to talk about favorite person quotes. Yes, You heard it right favorite person quotes. Life becomes a favorite when you have a favorite person around you. Everyone has a favorite person in this world. So it is the time that you should tell your favorite person about your feelings through some quotes or captions. So friends we are providing some 40 Marvelous Favorite person quotes and captions. Hope you like it.

Here are the 40 Marvelous Favorite Person Quotes and Captions for Instagram


  1. You are my favorite person.
  2.  My heart needs you always.
  3. I don’t need any stars as my star is my favorite person.
  4. My favorite person is my best friend.
  5. I am in heaven with my favorite person.
  6. A favorite person is Toxic.
  7. Really Happiness is when we meet. # Favorite person.
  8. I love you, my favorite person.
  9. When my favorite person is around I have become a free soul.
  10. Having a favorite person is a Blessing.


“Dear Favorite Person Quotes”

Favorite person quotes and captions

  1. Having a favorite person means you are getting serenity in your life.
  2. Your favorite person can be fully different from your nature. # Opposites attract each other.
  3. A favorite person can be Grumpy.
  4. Anybody can be your favorite person # Family or friend.
  5. Favorites are always Annoying.
  6. Having a favorite person means you have a back.
  7. As momos are incomplete with Chutney likewise Life is incomplete without a Favorite person.
  8. Once your favorite person cannot remain favorite forever.
  9. A favorite person can also be a Deceiver.
  10. A favorite person is always near to heart, distance does not matter.


“Sweet Message to My Favorite Person Quotes”


  1. When there is no hope, I think about you. # My Favorite person.
  2. A favorite person can be your ideal.
  3. My favorite person is my guardian angel.# Protector
  4. Hey, darling # My favorite person.
  5. Hey god, will you get my favorite person back in my life?

15 Marvelous favorite Person Quotes given by popular personalities.


Favorite person quotes and captions


  1. All of my favorite people- People I really trust – None of them were cool in their younger years.  Taylor Swift
  2. Dogs are my favorite people.  Richard Dean Anderson.
  3. Wayne is my favorite person to work with though because ooohh, oohh, lil Wayne is just too good, He’s just too good.  Drake
  4. I am literally obsessed with Lena Dunham. She’s, like, my favorite person in the world. I follow her on Twitter; I read her every day.  Emma Watson.
  5. I love acting, Truly my favorite people are actors.  Sean Penn
  6. Don’t forget to tell your favorite person that you love them. Shirley Temple.
  7. You are my favorite person of all time, I see something more beautiful than the universe. Adel Abouhana
  8. You don’t need to sell me on anything, Wade, she said. You are my best friend. My favorite person.  Author: Ernest Cline.
  9. I don’t really have a favorite person to play with. I like to play with the player that is playing the best, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  Paula Creamer.
  10. Ryan Hansen is my favorite person on the planet. He is my discovery. I am so proud of him. Rob Thomas
  11. One person’s enemy is another person’s best friend. My favorite food might give you a rash. Deepak Chopra
  12. Donald Evans is a favorite person of mine. His worth ethic, His attitude, and his dedication really set him apart.  Joe Greene.
  13. What kind of human person has a favorite eraser?  William Golding.
  14. I think life is about falling in lover with the right person, shopping, eating our favorite desserts, and traveling a lot.  Olivia Palermo
  15. I want everyone to meet you. You are my favorite person of all time.  Rainbow Rowell.


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So Guys these were 40 Marvelous Favorite person quotes and captions. Hope you liked it. If you liked any quote among these 40 Marvelous Favorite person quotes and captions please dedicate the quote to your favorite person. We will be grateful.

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