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We all can share our photos and day-to-day work on various social media apps as it becomes a new trend for everyone. Internet is a vast and growing industry where we have a lot and different options available to use. Here in this article, we are sharing about a new social media platform BeReal which is a social media platform this is somehow opposite from other social media platforms. Let’s discuss  What is Bereal and What is Bereal app?  

You can share pictures of yourself and your life on BeReal, but there is a catch. Everybody is required to post at the same time, once per day. The software alerts users that it’s “time to Be Real” at various random times throughout the day. When a user launches the app, a two-minute timer begins, allowing them a finite amount of time to take a picture of whatever they’re doing at the time.

In order for other users to see how you appear and where you are when you submit a BeReal, the software takes a picture using both your front and rear cameras. According to the firm, BeReal offers customers “a fresh and unique method to learn who your friends truly are in their daily life.” The app was established in 2019 and has been downloaded 7.5 million times.


What is BeReal?

A social media platform called BeReal requires users to upload one unedited photo of themselves every day. Instead of attempting to exhibit their best selves, it is intended to encourage people to be more real.  With the going craze for this app We thought to use the app BeReal, and even though it took some getting used to, now we now really like it.

BeReal, a project by Alexis Barreyat, exhorts individuals to quit curating and show up as they are right now. This picture-based app is Instagram without editing and Snapchat without filters.

What is BeReal App?

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A social networking app called BeReal presents reality “without filters. BeReal app forbids users from enhancing their photographs using filters, editing software, or other tools. The programme allows users to take additional photos, but it also shows how many times they took additional photos before uploading.

BeReal notifies friends of your posts via push notifications as well. They can respond to your image by using a “RealMoji” to make thumbs-up or smiling faces. If a person posts after the allotted two minutes, nothing really happens, but they do snitch and say you submitted “late.” It’s okay if someone just chooses not to publish on that particular day.

They just wouldn’t be able to see other people’s posts, in that case. The novel software has gained popularity on Twitter, and so far, users seem to be rather taken with the idea. One user even claimed to have “deepened friendships” because to the “amazing” tool.

I adore scrolling through BeReal and it’s basically all my buddies sat in front of their computers, in varying levels of stress, sobbing over uni, another Twitter user said. However, many have drawn attention to the variety of bugs they’ve encountered. One complained: “I take my BeReal on time every .

One person voiced their dissatisfaction: “Every day, I take my BeReal on time. However, the silly software takes around 34 minutes to post it, making me appear reckless. not pleased.” While someone else grumbled: “One of the worst-designed apps I’ve ever used is BeReal. How can it malfunction entirely every single day.”

A third person said, “I adore typing in ‘BeReal’ on Twitter and feeling relieved that no one else’s app is working a single day.

How does BeReal app Work?

Users of the app receive notifications at odd times throughout the day asking them to post a real-time snapshot of themselves. Notably, the software enables the phone’s front and back cameras to take a photo simultaneously. Users have exactly two minutes to capture and share a photo of whatever they are doing at the time.

The user cannot view photographs of their friends if, for some reason, they are unable to do so. The app occasionally shares challenges to increase the enjoyment factor. With their friends, users can engage in an interactive session based on the images thanks to the app’s commenting feature.

Do Remember:  BeReal has an addicting quality. You might get annoyed by BeReal. You won’t become famous with BeReal. You can continue using TikTok and Instagram if you want to become an influencer. Accidents could result, especially if you’re riding a bike. BeReal, like B-Real from Cypress Hill, is pronounced “BiRil,” not bereale or Bèreal. You can try to cheat, but BeReal won’t let it.

Wrapping up

BeReal is only the most recent in a long line of popular attempts to escape social media’s pressures…via social media. In this world where there is pressure of being perfect this app is giving all of us an opportunity to showcase the real you without any hesitation. To end with this here we are wrapping up the article What is Bereal and What is the Bereal app?

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